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Chris HellerThe Northeast is beginning to pick up the pieces of Hurricane Sandy, which raced through the area on Monday night, causing millions of customers to lose power, historic flooding and fires. New Yorkers face 3-4 days without full power and 4-5 days without subways, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.A LaGuardia Airport is extremely damaged and will remain closed at least another day, while JFK may open tomorrow. New Jersey suffered "unthinkable" damage, according to Governor Chris Christie, who was furious at people who ignored his hurricane warnings, including the mayor of Atlantic City.
As of Tuesday morning, much of the water has receded, but there are risks of further high tides to come today, and the ongoing damage is going to be enormous. Forecasted heavy rainfall, including likely intense periods of precipitation, may trigger landslides on coastal bluffs, moderate to steep slopes, and locally elsewhere on landslide-prone slopes in Maryland, northern Delaware, northeastern Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania. Looks to have been confirmed, with multiple accounts tweeting different versions of the news. Reuters reports that they are trapped in the plant on the East Side of Manhattan — presumaby the same one that saw an explosion earlier tonight. Serious flooding in Coney Island, with reports that ambulance workers are struggling to get to the hospital.

At least 200 firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire that started in Breezy Point, Queens.
The entire borough is underwater and hundreds of people are being evacuated, according to Jeanne Baratta, chief of staff for the Bergen County executive. Bloomberg tells people to stay away from powerlines, says one person died from stepping in a puddle near a downed line. Bloomberg guesses it will be 3-4 days till the power is back online; 4-5 days till the subway is back.
New York's one of the greatest walking cities around - we spent most of our time pacing up and down the avenues and streets! The famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, situated on the corner of 6th Avenue and 55th Street in Manhattan. Indiana first created the design for a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art in 1964, it was also used on an 8 cent US postage stamp in 1973. Many 'official' versions of the sculpture can be seen over the US, although Indiana forgot to register copyright for the work (doh!) so he's been well and truly ripped off ever since, with the design being widely reproduced.

Black-and-white mosaic memorial to John Lennon in Central Park, set in a 2.5-acre landscape called Strawberry Fields.
Lets read what some actual METEOROLOGISTS are saying about the impact of this thing - as opposed to a bunch of ill-informed panic merchants on conspiracy forums. The fun tram ride to Roosevelt Island was back in service after an incident on September 2, 2005, saw more than 80 people were trapped on the tram for over 90 minutes after a power outage. AA construction crane collapsedA from a Midtown building, and the front fell off a building in Chelsea.A And there's crazy flooding. New taxi rules are in effect, letting cab drivers pick up multiple passengers and letting livery cabs and limos pick up off the street.

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