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PG&EA reported on Saturday night A that 2,628 customers were without power in Northwest Bakersfield. In the case of a power outage that lasts longer than 2 hours, it is a good idea to have the following supplies available in case you need to preserve your food.
In case of a long sustaining power outage, it is important that your family have an emergency preparedness kit on hand. During a power outage, it is best to stick with a flashlight as your light source instead of lighting candles throughout the home.
A battery powered radio is a great addition to your emergency preparedness kit as it will allow you to keep a track on weather updates and stay informed for any local news and alerts. You can either go to the store and buy a pre-made First Aid Kit or you can make one yourself. What Are People Saying?"Your technicians did an awesome job cleaning our two bedroom condo! A power outage affecting thousands in East Anchorage lasted for over 3 hours on Saturday afternoon.
The power outage caused scattered stoplight outages at several midtown intersections, says APD. In the 54 years since the first dock at the Port of Anchorage was finished, Alaska has changed dramatically. The body of a Ketchikan man missing since November was found Sunday during a targeted training session led by a local search and rescue group. A solar-powered airplane landed in California on Saturday, completing a risky, three-day flight across the Pacific Ocean as part of its journey around the world. Residents of the community of Whale Pass on northern Prince of Wales Island are hoping to become Alaska’s newest city. A 52-year-old Juneau man was pepper sprayed in the face multiple times during a home invasion early Saturday morning.
A group of young Alaskans has been raising money to protect the feet of those in third-world countries.
Documents that baseball historians have called the Magna Carta of the game have sold at auction for nearly $3.3 million.
Many people were in the dark Monday night in northwest Saskatchewan after an accident caused a power outage. Tribal utility managers and resource engineers will hear information on (1) key findings in the MIT Energy Initiative Report on the changes needed in the U.S.
The webinar is chaired by Jay Caspary, with Southwest Power Pool and on assignment to the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability. The two speakers are Dr.
Western conducted an Unwinding Transmission Policies webinar for 30 Native American Tribes and other interested parties Feb. Questions ranged from whether Western would be releasing a renewable request for proposals to very specific issues regarding FERC policy. This is the fourth webinar Western has held in partnership with the DOE Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs and the DOE Tribal Energy Program. Check out more, including audio recordings and presentations, in Western’s press release.
Thirty five utility groups, grid operators and renewable energy developers filled the Western Area Power Administration’s Electric Power Training Center in Golden, Colo., Feb. Seeing a flock of birds on a transmission line can be an amazing sight, and although birds can perch safely on electrical wires, colliding with them can cause injury or death.
Desert Southwest Apprentice Lineman Horacio Adriano installs line-marking devices on Western’s Prescott-Pinnacle Peak 230-kilovolt line. In January, a five-man Desert Southwest maintenance crew, led by Foreman II Lineman Ronnie Martinez, installed line-marking devices, or LMDs, on Western’s Prescott-to-Pinnacle Peak 230-kilovolt line.
DSW installed the LMDs because residents of Lake Watson were worried that the birds using the lake were colliding with the overhead ground wires, and asked Western to help.

Before installation, the line was de-energized, and crew members thoroughly inspected the overhead ground wires for damage as a safety precaution. Although Lake Watson residents have not experienced an outage from bird collisions on the Prescott-to-Pinnacle Peak line, animals are one of the main causes of power outages in Western’s territory. Western’s proactive approach to the situation, coupled with the collaborative effort between Maintenance, Environment and the community, created a win-win situation for everyone. Western’s line crew from the Cody maintenance shop string new cable on the Big George-to-Glendale Tap 69-kV line after a winter storm took down the line Feb.
The evening before, another event about 60 miles away from the downed line, probably caused by wind swinging the cables, called conductors, too close together on the Lovell-to-North Cody 69-kV transmission line, cut off the back-up power feed to the area through the Lovell Substation.
Check out the full story on how Western and the local community worked together to restore power in Wyoming at Western’s Newsroom.
The forum, sponsored by the Department of Energy and the second in a series of events, provided an opportunity for tribal leaders to interact with industry and Federal leaders, get information about transmission development in the West and learn about the latest trends in financing clean energy projects. Meeks focused his remarks on transmission expansion in the West and its impact on tribal land and shared, “When you look at our service area, we’re neighbors.
Lineman Ryan Wheeler from Western’s Redding maintenance office uses a hot stick to remove snow from a transmission line. A Western Sierra Nevada line crew heeded a call for mutual aid and assistance from a neighboring utility and customer Jan. Western’s Sierra Nevada Region Redding line crew worked closely with linemen from Trinity Public Utilities District along steep and rugged terrain Jan.
The Capital Program is an ongoing project revised annually in response to approved funding allocations for the budget year, changes in project priority, unforeseen problems with the transmission system, mandates or regulatory requirements and new contractual requirements. Fluctuations in funding make it difficult to plan which projects to carry out and at what pace to complete them.
In FY 2010, Western and its customers decided that the best way to address the ongoing funding struggle was to use prepayment funding for selected construction projects, and it has significantly helped DSW’s position. The use of pre-payment funding is beneficial to both Western and its customers and has provided a significant, and consistent, source of construction dollars since its inception.
Despite appropriated funding issues in FY 2011, DSW completed several construction and RRAD projects. With FY 2012 already in progress, all projects scheduled for execution this year are dependent on the receipt of adequate appropriated funding in a timely manner. The 10-year Capital Program is the means for identifying, prioritizing, scheduling and funding projects that directly affect Western and its customers. Taking another step toward bringing renewable energy to market, this month contractors got back to work on the Montana Alberta Tie Limited project. With 60 percent of the transmission line and substations already completed, Enbridge and RES are continuing to make progress on the line north of Marias River. Funded partially through Western Area Power Administration’s Transmission Infrastructure Program, Enbridge expects to complete the 214-mile, 230-kilovolt line in 2012. Once completed, MATL will interconnect the 189-megawatt Rim Rock wind power project, which announced its notice to proceed on construction Jan.
Half a million more people call the state home, and the discovery of oil fields affirmed Alaska’s status as a critical provider of natural resources.
Billed as the largest multicultural event in Alaska, the Ida’Ina Friendship Gathering brought together performers and artists from around the world. The Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad (KVRS) has been involved in the search for 22-year-old Justin Nathan since he was reported missing near Deer Mountain on Nov. The Ketchikan Daily News reports that the state Local Boundary Commission of Friday released its review of the petition to make Whale Pass a second-class city. CST that crews were responding to an accident which was causing power outages affecting multiple communities. CST, SaskPower posted online that customers in Beauval and any community north could expect their power restored around 3 a.m.

By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.
DOE Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, and the DOE Tribal Energy Program are offering a free, informative webinar and discussion May 30 on how utilities’ generation portfolios are changing, often faster than the grid infrastructure that supports it, and the challenges currently being faced to integrate new generation and demand (load) response technologies into a grid that was designed to operate a different way. Schmalensee is the Director of the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Dr. I appreciated [the speaker]’s organized and thoughtful approach to such a complex topic,” said Jan Bush, an environmental planner at Transcon Environmental.
22 to 24 to learn about interconnecting wind and solar energy into the bulk and distribution electric grid.
Although there was no evidence of bird collisions near the lines, DSW’s Environmental group decided to install the devices.
They are made of light plastic and reflective tape so they can easily swivel in the wind, and since they are not stationary, they are more likely visible to birds. This problem left the Big George-to-Glendale Tap 69-kV line the only power source in the area.
20 in response to the unexpectedly severe Pacific Northwest winter storm, which had extensively damaged the utility’s local transmission system. 20 through 22 to restore power to the citizens of Weaverville, Douglas City, Lewistown and Hayfork in northern California, or about 8,000 citizens. The Fiscal Year 2012 Capital Program provides both a capital investment plan, as well as a funding plan, that will ensure reliable power delivery to Western’s customers. Appropriated funds don’t carry over from year to year, which means any excess funding that is still available at the end of the fiscal year cannot be used in subsequent years. Customers prepay for transmission services, providing a source of funds to cover some of the appropriations shortfalls.
10, Renewable Energy Systems Americas employees, hired by Enbridge, got boots on the ground quickly and began remediation work on some existing structures and line near Sweetgrass, Mont. 9, NaturEner announced its plans to construct the Rim Rock wind power project, which will bring 189 megawatts of renewable energy online through the Montana Alberta Tie Limited project. Many Alaska Native dancers performed, including at the opening ceremony, which was accompanied by the loud, rhythmic beating of a drum.
Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. Schmalensee was co-chair of the recent MIT Energy Initiative report on The Future of the Electric Grid. Dr. 23 seems straight forward: A winter storm took down a 69-kilovolt transmission line north of Cody near the Park County Regional Landfill, thrusting the local utilities and the residents of Cody, Powell, Willwood, Garland and Ralston into darkness for nearly two hours. Projects that are proposed for pre-payment are first submitted for funding through the typical appropriated funding process.
DSW customers are able to see their money at work and that helps build our credibility as an organization and develops a relationship of trust and  cooperation,” said Project Manager Chris Lyles.
With the MATL line expected to be placed into service in 2012, Rim Rock will have the transmission access it needs to deliver renewable energy.
The project is expected to generate enough energy to power more than 60,000 homes and will offset more than 389,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Linvill is Director of Integrated Energy Analysis and Planning with Aspen Environmental Group and a member of the Western Grid Group. Although we haven’t seen bird causalities in the area, we agreed to install the LMDs before anything hap-pened.

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