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HomeCommunityGarden Grove Unplanned power outages in Orange County as of Saturday morning, Oct. Shelley most enjoys visiting and finding out about local businesses to write business profiles that allow our communities to learn more about their local businesses and the people who own and run them. OC Breeze by emailReceive a summary of the day's news from northwest Orange County in your email inbox first thing every morning. Southern California Edison troubleman Don Lawler communicates with fellow troubleman Richard Montecito as they work to fix the power outage underground at the intersection of Civic Center Drive and Flower Street, Santa Ana. A power outage forced hundreds of jurors, court employees, and lawyers out of the Orange County Superior Court courthouse at about 9a.m.
Southern California Edison troublemen Don Lawler, right, and Richard Montecito work to fix the power outage at the intersection of Civic Center Drive and Flower Street, Santa Ana.

Santa Ana police officers monitor an intersection in front of the Superior Courthouse after a power outage was reported in downtown Santa Ana. A power pole was knocked down by a car on Bay Street east of northbound Newport Boulevard early Wednesday morning. Stolen kauri gum seized in raid - Northern Advocate - Northern Advocate NewsSeptember 22, 2015 - 9:26 PM New Zealand Herald Police have discovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen Kauri gum in a central city business in Whangarei. No regrets after MasterChef elimination - Entertainment - NZ Herald NewsSeptember 22, 2015 - 1:31 AM New Zealand Herald And then there were three. Yogi Berra, Yankee Who Built His Stardom 90 Percent on Skill and Half on Wit, Dies at 90September 23, 2015 - 2:46 PM New York Times - Bruce Weber A mainstay player on 10 Yankee championship teams who as a manager led the Yankees and Mets to the World Series, Berra may have been better known for his bumbling yet wise way with words. If you own or manage a business in our coverage area and would like to invite Shelley to write a business profile, let us know.

Sunday night, is the first since 1982 that's also a supermoon as well as a blood moon.
He added that although it looks much nicer that way, it's a lot harder to fix when it breaks. The outage left several people stuck inside an elevator at the courthouse, but they were quickly freed by Santa Ana firefighters.
Anthony Bertagna said power was out at the Santa Ana Police Department for about 30 seconds and then a generator was activated.

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