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We hope this case study encourages more homeowners, businesses and community organisations to go solar. Please Note: The solar power system was upgraded on the 7th of July 2015 from 27 solar panels to 34 solar panels. The charts show electricity production generated by the Suntech solar panels since the 1st of October 2011.
Mean minimum temperatures in March 2016 were generally 1-2 °C warmer than normal across the Perth Metropolitan area. Across the Perth area, rainfall in January was above average, ranging from 15 mm to 30 mm on the coastal plain and 40 mm to 60 mm in the hills. Mean maximum temperatures and mean minimum temperatures were near average for most Perth suburbs in December. Rainfall was generally above average, with most of the rainfall recorded between the 5th and the 7th. Daytime and overnight temperatures were much warmer than normal for most sites in the Perth metropolitan area, while rainfall was near average. How much electricity does a 5kW inverter with 6.46kW of solar panels produce at this time of year? It was one of the warmest Septembers on record for Perth, with several sites recording their highest September mean maximum temperatures. If the blackouts continue, we will have many more customers installing a battery backup system.
Rainfall in August was near the long-term average for most of Perth, and day-time and overnight temperatures were also generally near the long-term average. Looking at the August chart, you can see very low electricity production on the 4th, 8th, 20th and 26th of August. It was a dry July for most Perth sites with below average rainfall, but near average number of rain-days.
It was the warmest June on record across the Perth metropolitan area in terms of day-time temperatures.
Rainfall in May was near average for most of the Perth metropolitan area, with a large proportion of the monthly rainfall recorded from the 16th to 18th as a result of a low pressure system and associated cold fronts. Rainfall was near average to above average across the Perth metropolitan area in April with most of the rainfall recorded in the second week of the month.
Sites across the Perth area saw seven consecutive rain days between the 7th and 13th due to a slow-moving low-pressure system and persistent cloud bands. Mean maximum temperatures for April were near average in Perth, although cooler than normal maxima was reported in the hills. Ex-tropical cyclone Olwyn moved past Perth to the east during the middle of the month and produced light to moderate rainfall across Perth.
Ex-tropical cyclone Olwyn moved past Perth to the east during the middle of the month and produced light to moderate rainfall across the Perth area. Rainfall in January was mostly below average across the Perth metropolitan area with most suburbs recording no rainfall until the last few days of the month.
The dry spell ended with thunderstorms on the 29th of January ending 61 days of no rain (29 November 2014 - 29 January 2015) which made it the equal ninth longest dry spell in Perth since records commenced in 1876.
Mean minimum temperatures were above average across much of the northern, central, and eastern WA, with a couple of sites in the Kimberley registering their highest mean minimum temperatures on record. Rainfall in December 2014 was below to very much below average in parts of western and central WA. A fire at Whiteman Park in the northern Perth suburbs burnt 367 hectares of bushland on the 14th of December. A bushfire destroyed a home and three sheds in Toodyay, about 85 kilometres north-east of Perth, on the 30th of December.
The mean minimum temperature in November was well above the long-term average and ranked as the equal ninth warmest November since comparable records commenced in 1910. October was the warmest October on record for both mean maximum temperature and mean minimum temperature since records commenced in 1910. Widespread severe thunderstorms occurred along a surface trough through southern and central parts of the SWLD on the 22nd. After a very dry start to the month, a number of rainfall events during the middle and latter parts returned rainfall totals to near average. Temperatures across the Perth metropolitan area were generally 2 to 3 °C above the long-term average, and all sites broke their previous record for the highest mean maximum temperature in August. One of the last places in Scotland to be reconnected after Tuesday’s blackout was Ardentinny at 3am on Friday morning.
Until lunchtime on Tuesday, Ardentinny village was totally cut-off with fallen trees on the main road at Glenfinart Caravan Park and at Gairletter. Part of a tree at Ardentinny Outdoor Centre fell on to the main shore road, narrowly missing a parked van and  shearing the main phone lines to residents on the northern end of the village.  Half the village is therefore without phone or broadband service. Thursday saw the first arrival of engineers from Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD).
Customers who believe they have grounds for making a claim should write to: Claims Department, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution, Inveralmond House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3AQ.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Gun owners, as soon as they purchase their own gun, face the responsibility of securing their guns and ammunition either by purchasing brand new arsenals or used gun safe.
The mechanism utilized in electronic lock gun cabinets is a keypad and an internal circuit made up of electronic components. Mechanical locks require dials to be turned in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to open the gun cabinet.
Most gun safes in Perth that have electronic locks have bigger fonts compared to mechanical lock gun containers.

When you get locked out or you forgot your combination, all you have to do is read the manual, punch in a few combinations and create your own new lock code.
Unless you write down your security code in a piece of paper and leave it under your gun locker, or share it with other people, no one will ever know your code—except you. Batteries run out and you can’t always guarantee power supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a week in your area.
During electrical failure or when any of the electric components get burned out due to power surges, it will take a lot of effort to gain access to your gun safe’s content.
If your gun safe manufacturer does not provide any alternative locking mechanism for your gun safe, the only way to open your gun container is to drill into it. AFL boss Gillon McLaughlan and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull met in Shanghai today reveal the move that will see Port Adelaide play for premiership points in China next year. The match will mark the first time an Australian rules club has played outside the Trans-Tasman.
But the move could only be made possible courtesy to Chinese property developer Gui Goujie who, through his company Shanghai Cred, is forking-out millions of dollars to Port Adelaide over three years. The league has not yet revealed which other club with make the trip to Shanghai to challenge the Power, while match venue also remains undecided. However, the international hit-out is expected to be played in April or May next year and Port will be granted a bye the following weekend to recover. The announcement comes less than a week after the clash between Port Adelaide and Essendon was televised in China.
Port also recently struck a deal with Central China Television to have a weekly Power highlights program televised. If you’re at risk of heart attack or stroke… new evidence suggests there may be a way to put the “rabbit food” away. The Victorian government is cracking down on prescription drug addicts “doctor shopping” to get high. Nine Network reporter Michael Usher has confessed the 60 Minutes crew at the centre of a botched child recovery attempt, “made mistakes”.
Solar-powered plane ‘Solar Impulse-2’ has safely completed a three-day trip across the Pacific Ocean, in one of the most dangerous legs of its trip around the world.
Despite heightened travel warnings and terrible weather conditions, hundreds of proud Australians have gathered at Gallipoli to mark Anzac Day. This bundle includes everything needed to power an S9 and Airsense 10 Series machine in case of a power outage or for travel or camping. The RPS II is a long lasting, lithium-ion battery that meets transportation regulations as set by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). The RPS II's battery charge display indicates the charge level and offers both visual display and audio alert, which may be muted, to notify when the charge is low. A unique feature of the RPS II is the Battery Coupler for ResMed Power Station (RSP) II which connects two ResMed Power Station II Batteries in series. Battery run time varies greatly based on the machine used, the pressure setting and whether or not a humidifier or heated tube are used. If you live in some of Perth’s new developments then chances are you will have an Irritrol Kwikdial control box like the one below. I can only guess that the developers picked these up as a real bargain because they are far from being the best control box on the market. Their major fault is the absence of a battery backup, so every time you have a power outage you lose your settings. If it still shows a fuse message then simply observe which station it faults on and that will be the source of the problem. This entry was posted in Common Questions, control boxes and tagged control boxes, retic control boxes perth, retic controllers, retic controllers perth, retic controllers yanchep, reticulation servicing perth by reticcontrollerman.
The display on my box looks like is fading and there is that symbol of a battery with a slash through it.
Hi – it sounds like the control box has failed or it may be that the master valve coil is the issue. The display on my Kwikdial controler-box looks like is fading and there is that symbol of a battery with a slash through it. The LED display on my irritrol kwikdial box is not visible, but the box is working, and if i press on the glass, i can just about see it. You can try resetting by putting a flat blade screwdriver over the terminals behind the cover. If you need a replacement just let me know as unfortunately there is no other option once the display is gone. We have used the installation to show Western Australians how much electricity is produced in local conditions. There are two strings of 11 x 190 watt solar panels connected in parallel, and two strings of 6 x 190 watt solar panels connected in parallel - making a total of 6.46kW of solar panels.
We have combined this data with temperature and rainfall data from the local bureau of meteorology weather station.
Rainfall was above average for most sites, mostly as a result of isolated thunderstorms in the northern and eastern suburbs on the 19th and from the 25th to 27th. Rainfall in September was in the 20 mm to 70 mm range, which is 40% to 60% below the long-term average. Rainfall in coastal plain and hills sites recorded less than 80% of their normal July rainfall. The coolest day for June was on the 22nd and rainfall was well below average for the month.
The Perth metropolitan area had the longest wet spell in April for 35 years with seven consecutive days of rain.
Bickley (closest weather station to the solar power installation) recorded 0.2 millimetres of rain for the 6th of December.

Hail larger than 20 cent coins (3 cm) and flash flooding were reported in the proximity of Boyup Brook in the South West district. Monthly rainfall totals ranged from about 50 mm to 80 mm on the islands and coastal plain, to over 140 mm in the hills. Perth Metro recorded 21 days with maxima at or above 20 °C, which is the highest number of such days in August on record for the site, exceeding its previous record of 17 days set on August last year. Along with many other parts of Scotland, severe gales early on Tuesday morning brought down power lines, mainly due to fallen trees. Local residents Jim Robinson, Guy Elder and a small team of volunteers used chainsaws to clear the Glenfinart road in atrocious conditions while local farmer David Marshall and his team cleared the road opposite Gairletter Caravan site in the late morning. Engineers could be seen throughout the village with several repairing fallen power lines between the village hall and Glenfinart Hotel.
It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that their guns are never left in the hands of children or people who may have other motives. However, choosing the right gun safe for every gun owner’s need can bring in a lot of dilemma. This is different from the one that utilizes fingerprint, since this is known more as a biometric lock.
However, there are those who feel that battery failure or an error in the electronic system compromises the security and protection of the person or household who owns the gun safe in Perth.
Again, this guarantees your security and protection, particularly when burglars or dangerous men enter your house in the middle of the night. This is perfect for visually impaired gun owners who have trouble looking at small font and would need reading glasses to read or see anything.
You don’t need to call a professional technician or lock smith to open your gun vault for you. There will always be one day, when power will go out and you can’t really say when you would need your ammunition. Again, the purpose of gun vaults is to guarantee your security and protection but in cases like this, it can be compromised. This, however, is still unsafe because the drill may cause damage to your guns or hit a bullet or ammo and cause it to explode. The move has been prompted by the out of control rate of prescription overdose deaths plaguing the state. Use the standard External Power 90 Watt Supply for ResMed CPAP and BiPAP Machines that comes with the machine to charge the battery. Use the voltage output selector on the back panel of the RPS II to change from 24v to 26 v power. A ResMed S9 CPAP machine set at a pressure of 10 cmwp without a heated humidifier has an estimated run time of 13 hours.
In fact, when I try and run a manual test, the sprinklers start to run, then the battery symbol flashes and the test doesn’t occur.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Perth Metro recorded 83.8 mm in May, which is close to average but the driest May for three years.
The first record was set in 1926 when Perth metropolitan area had 15 consecutive wet days from the 15th to the 29th of April. On the 29th and 30th of August Mundaring recorded a daily total of 70.8 mm the highest daily rainfall of the month in the Perth area, and the second wettest August day at Mundaring in 104 years of record. It was hoped that supplies would be restored on Thursday evening, however this did not happen.
There is a wide variety of gun safes in Perth depending on the make, brand, price and size and each has different features. Once a combination is entered, the circuit then decides if the sequence is correct and opens the rifle cabinet. However, electronic lock gun safe are easier and faster to open because you only have to type in the combination on the keypad.
The battery charges quickly reaching 95% of the charge in less than four hours when starting at 0% charge. The Battery Coupler Kit for ResMed Power Station (RSP) II includes both the Battery Coupler and a Velcro Strap for ResMed Power Station (RPS) II to secure the batteries to one another. Use the access panel to connect the S9 Series DC Cable for ResMed Power Station (RPS) II or Power Supply Unit (PSU) Adapter for ResMed Power Station (RPS) II to the RPS II.
I’d suggest you start with the coil as its much cheaper to replace, but be aware that you might have to replace the box as well.
This rainfall was recorded on only 4 rain days, which equals the lowest number of rain days in May at Perth Metro in 139 years of rainfall recording. The chart below (downloaded on SMA's free Sunny Explorer software) shows when the grid was shut down. Given the difficult terrain around Ardentinny and the high density of forestation, engineers are having to survey the entire network for signs of damaged cables and equipment. For instance, one expensive gun vault brand may have a vault door, metal body and electronic lock, while another cheaper brand may have the same door and make but a mechanical lock in place. In its memory, it stores the correct sequence that it recalls immediately after the code is entered into the keypad. Unless your gun safe has an internal battery, your codes can get reset and you will be automatically locked out.
If the comparison is correct and it reveals a perfect match, then the unlocking mechanism turns the deadbolts and unlocks the gun safe.

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