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A tractor-trailer crash clogged traffic today for evening commuters in the eastbound lanes of state Highway 14 near Evergreen Boulevard. A tractor trailer crashed into barricades on state Highway 14 near Evergreen Boulevard Monday as heavy rain and thunderstorms hit Clark County. Thousands of residents lost power and vehicle crashes slowed the evening commute Monday as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms struck Clark County and other parts of the Portland metro area.
About half an inch of rainfall was recorded Monday evening at Pearson Field, said Steve Pierce, a Salmon Creek resident, Columbian weather blogger and president of the Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society. During the storms, the Washington State Patrol reported several vehicle spin-outs on highways around the county, Trooper Will Finn said.
The driver slammed on the brakes, and the tractor-trailer jack-knifed across all three lanes. Finn said he wasn’t sure why traffic stopped prior to the crash, though he said it was raining heavily at the time. Earlier Monday, a non-injury, multiple-vehicle crash also slowed traffic in the northbound lanes of the Interstate 5 Bridge. During heavy rain, WSP recommends slowing down, giving enough following distance between vehicles and leaving room for emergency responders at crash sites.

The weather system on Monday was caused by a mix of cold upper-level air and daytime heating, Pierce said.
The storm system will remain over the area today, but the showers should be less severe because the system is moving east, Pierce said. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 at Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Barrow, Alaska, December 2007. A computer outage caused by a blown power supply canceled flights and stranded passengers booked on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air on Saturday, March 26, 2011. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-4QB landing at Vancouver International Airport, May 22, 2008. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 on departure from San Diego International Airport, February 4, 2011. The Horizon Air Oregon State University-themed CRJ-700 at Portland International Airport, February 16, 2008.
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport viewed from 1,500 feet altitude, looking north, March 10, 2009. Recycling plastics is a win-win scenario for automakersAs automakers turn to plastics and composites to trim weight and increase the safety of their vehicles, they’re also taking advantage of plastics recycling in the manufacturing process.

As the tractor-trailer traveled uphill in the right lane, its driver apparently noticed too late that traffic had stopped, Finn said.
He described the storm as moving like a pinwheel over the metro area, causing reoccurring downpours. During college he worked at the International Arrivals Building at JFK in New York, while also logging time for his private pilot's license. The vehicle then swung back into the right lane and hit the barrier on that side of the highway, knocking sections down a hill, Finn said. Joel has written articles on travel and tourism, air transport and airport operations, and noise pollution.

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