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Yes, there may be 10 guys standing in the middle of the road, waiting for a phone call to do something. Reminds me of a study which found the average office worker does 3 hours a day of actual work. So, during events like this, if a lineman hears an engine, he has to go on a hunt to find it. Somebody wrote a letter to a Sydney paper complaining that every time the train he was in passed some rail workers they were leaning back on their shovels.
It had to be pointed out to him that there wasn’t much future in working on the rails when a train ran over them. If it were up to the people doing the work, the road would be shut down completely, so they could work a lot faster.
If you find yourself driving through construction everyday, help everyone, find another way to go. COLUMBIA - MU announced Monday the university’s School of Medicine has been ranked among the top 10 graduate schools for family medicine. AUDRAIN COUNTY - A weak tornado touched down in rural Audrain County near Laddonia and Farber Tuesday evening. MARSHALL - The Heart of America Athletic Conference awarded two Missouri Valley college student-athletes in golf and tennis. COLUMBIA - An overnight power outage in west Columbia had some residents without power and some with flickering or dimming lights.
An official with Columbia Water and Light confirmed the outage, but the cause has yet to be determined. A traffic light at the corner of Woodward and Canfield was among many that were blacked out because of a thief. A lone thief triggered a power outage in Detroit that darkened dozens of traffic lights, lofts and office buildings and parts of Wayne State University this weekend, the Motor City Muckraker has found. The theft occurred at a power station at the beleaguered Detroit Lighting Department, police said, provoking the third major city power outage in about a year. Traffic lights on busy intersections at Woodward and Cass shut off for several miles, from Warren to downtown, Friday evening, causing near crashes with cars and pedestrians as some cars zipped through the darkened lights on a night with heavy Tigers traffic.
At lofts in Midtown, frustrated residents prepared for yet another power outage, some packing up their belongings and heading out of town.

State officials say a power outage disabled telephones and computer systems in the Arizona Department of Economic Security Data Center for almost four hours. Friday’s outage also limited internet access for State Capitol mall employees of the Department of Corrections and Department of Education. The DES and state Department of Administration are implementing recovery procedures to restore all systems by Friday afternoon. Please note that the Federal Tier claims are faxed in, scanned, and must be followed by a call from the claimant to DES if they are to be processed. The state Senate wants to get tougher on protesters who block traffic on the way to political events.
Note most polls have the race very close in the popular vote, and with Obama leading in electoral college. A driver leaving an upscale subdivision stopped to ask if the power would be back by Wednesday night. Jay Nixon began his mental health initiative in 2015 in order to establish more resources for people suffering from mental illness. Others waited for the outage to end, rejoicing when electricity finally resumed Sunday morning. Canfield Lofts, on the corner of Woodward, residents were locked out because the front and side doors, operated with electricity, wouldn’t open. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations. Here are sources of maps that indicate real time power outages in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Officials say internet connections have been restored for both the DOC and the administration department. According to Carlene Coleman, Mortgage Foreclosure Manager for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, the mortgage group handled 406 cases last year with a 77% success rate in preventing foreclosure. The state report says TransCanada’s new route avoids the environmental sensitive Sandhills region. TransCanada also has alleged that if protests delay the overall project, it could cost the company millions of dollars.” Perhaps TransCanada should sue in a secret NAFTA court? That’s how much garbage-infused water is pumped out of a single 20-acre cell every year in Moretown Landfill.

So let me repay all the favors you gave the Gulf Coast back then by helping you get your rebuilding plan going as you helped us get ours on the right track. That leaves 1.5 million residents fortunate enough to be enjoying comforts such as light and heat. Obama senior adviser Axelrod says no–and made a bet with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday that he would shave his moustache of 40 years if Obama failed to win those states. Obama is a left-leaning technocrat who habitually breaks his promises and is eager to assume near dictatorial powers in the realm of national security. They are most likely working 18 hour shifts, dealing with electricity that can and does kill people.
If the lineman restores power to a house like that there is an explosion on the pole and one less lineman.
That decision moved the state’s pipeline oversight toward a department responsible to the governor and away from independently elected officials. He has little regard for the Constitution or the recklessness of the precedents that he’s setting. The average net rating for the Republican Party in this series is -13, whereas the average for the Democratic Party is +.3. He’s a right-leaning technocrat who unapologetically breaks his promises, is eager to assume near-dictatorial national-security powers, and has little regard for the Constitution. The Bush and the Obama administrations have failed to praise and make famous as an exemplar anyone who fought within the lenders to stop their endemic fraud” (William Black).
Silver was predicting an approximate 50.3 percent of the two-party vote share for Obama, but shifts of as large as 1 percent of the vote could happen at any time. Yet if their opponent wins, each is on record affirming that he is empowered to spy, detain and kill in secret, and wage war without Congress.
What if the weatherman told you there was a 30 percent chance of rain — would you be shocked if it rained that day?

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