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A power outage (I should say power outages – plural) is one of the most common results of a severe winter storm.
A house without heat will get cold rather quickly – depending on how well your home is insulated.
Tip: If the temperature inside the house drops below freezing, turn on (slightly) every faucet inside the house so that water is trickling out into the basin.
If you don’t already have a flashlight with LED technology, then you should make the switch. However those of you (including me) who have well water, you WILL NEED a generator to power the pump (unless you’ve rigged up an alternative method to withdraw the water). A big part of basic preparedness is being in the habit of keeping plenty of food in the house and rotating through it on a regular basis. You don’t need to eat all your food in the refrigerator in a long winter snowstorm power outage. Apartment living in many Government housing high rises would not have a place outside without it being stolen I assume. How will you handle the cold in something like a nuclear winter that lasts for 12 months or longer?
Now that Iran is putting its ICBMs in Venezuela with Russian warheads on board, who is really safe? I’m sure that many of you enjoy a cup of coffee (or a few) during the morning or day. This past summer I had my Panelboard replaced since it was a Federal Pacific and labeled a Fire Hazard.
Rick, go for a Paloma on demand type water heater, way more efficient than a tank type even if it is gas. RickS-Hopefully your sub-panel includes an interlock switch or transfer switch so that it is not possible to backfeed generator power into your main panel and on to the outside power lines. Back to coffee: if you have an auto-drip and the power is out, just measure out one pot of cold water into a pot on your camp stove.
I use a generator to run the basics like the fridge,TV a couple of lights etc but have found that small LED stickup lights in the bedrooms and bathrooms are a huge help. I’d like to list a few other things that make life easier for me during power outages. If you cant handle not having electricity for a cpl of days then articles like these are not gonna help you. After living through the big storms in florida and moving back to the east coast I’m very good at preparing for storms and one of the first things I do because we have a well instead of city water, I fill up buckets so that you can flush the toilets.
After years of working through various iterations of backup power (22 kw battery bank, Prius running 6 and 4 kw UPSs, 12 kw LPG genset, several smaller inverter-generators), I always recommend a 2-pronged approach.
At least once a year though, I find myself in a situation where I do wish I had a kit all ready to go. So that’s all it takes for a little more peace of mind when it comes to Summer storms.
I think a couple of coloring books, crayons and a deck of cards is probably also a good idea….
I ca print a copy of this and I will give a copy to my friends and or Municipality for them to distribute a copy to the community. After my husband left for work, the computer and TV abruptly flickered off on its own, and the room was silent again. Although I had grown up for a season in a one room cabin without utilities or indoor plumbing, the bulk of my experience was volunteering for several years at an 1800’s living history museum. Once or twice a week my family would put on our pioneer clothes, load up the car with supplies, and spend the day on the prairie cooking from a wood stove or open fire, sewing, reading books, and fanning our faces from the front porch. We learned to appreciate the hard work involved in gardening, collecting firewood, and cooking and cleaning from scratch.
We endured the primitive lifestyle and 100 degree weather because we knew it was temporary. My high efficiency washing machine was traded in for a heavy duty top loader and I hung a clothes line. I continued using my automatic coffee machine, but kept the stove top percolator on standby. Imitating our ancestors who prepared for emergencies and the change of seasons, I too took advantage of the seasonal sales at the farmer’s market and grocery stores, stocking up on bulk and dry goods, canning my own soups and meat, and taking advantages of the holiday clearances.
As I faced my 2nd power outage that morning, I realized my helplessness was due to my dependency. Although I was inconvenienced that morning, I was equipped and capable of stepping back into the 1800’s. The thought crossed my mind that if I could still experience helplessness even though I was prepared for the long term, I could only imagine the feelings of hopelessness for those who are inadequately prepared for the short term.
Living by the motto to not focus on the problem but to look for a solution, this is how I would approach my original itinerary. Flipping a switch — I would open curtains and use natural light, take most activities outdoors, and after dark, we would use flashlights, candles and oil lanterns.
Stuffing a washing machine — Clothes are easy to clean by soaking in a large bucket and hand scrubbing with a bar of soap. Connecting with family and friends through Internet —Like many people, my relatives and friends are spread throughout the world. Checking my online store — A long term power shortage would create difficulties for my home based business. Running my sewing machine — Although I love my sewing machines, I also enjoy sewing by hand. Recharging my Kindle Fire — Although I love reading from my digital book, as well as the instant gratification of purchasing and downloading, I knew early on to stock my book shelves with real books. When I read about massive power shortages in other places, the long gas lines, and the empty store shelves, I am reminded of how dependent our society has become. My question is: Are you empowered enough to face a short or long term power shortage, or will you too be left feeling powerless? There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I agree in this day and age of instant gratification it’s hard to be without phone, internet, tv when the power is out. Power outages ( especially at night) are a fun opportunity for flashlight tag, glow stick baths , shadow puppet theatre and snuggling with a good book. Tags: bucket, emergency food, emergency water, first aid, hygiene kit, survival kit, tools. Food and Water: The food and water in this kit will comfortably provide you with adequate nutrition for 72-hours without access to additional supplies. Light and Communications: In the event of a power outage caused by you’ll have independent access to your own means of lighting and communication with the outside world. Hygiene and Sanitation: When in a disaster situation it is useful to have access to hygiene products.
First Aid: These first aid items can assist with minor injuries and protect against serious health concerns in disaster circumstances. Other: These items are useful for stress relief and activity in strenuous or challenging circumstances.

This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. For a more permanent or long-lasting solution to charge your cell phone without grid-power, the following solar charger will do the trick. Similar to the previous Anker product, their solar charger uses USB ports to charge your cell phone or other devices. I have an emergency weather radio with a hand crank and solar panel that can charge a cell phone. What would you recommend as a good Battery-Charger (AA, AAA, C, D and so on)to go along with this Solar Power? For the ability to also charge batteries like the C or D size, you need to use a battery charger that accepts a 12-volt input (such as by way of a car-adapter socket or other matching connector pairing). Had a power outage a couple months ago, plugged my ipad into it and charged it, seemed to do ok, didnt charge it 100% but only had it plugged in for 5 hours, think it would take a couple days to chrge 100% from a low charge. Yes sir, you can hook the battery packs together to get more power, they sell jumpers of sorts for connecting them, i ie it, recharge the batteries for my head lamps with it, can get AAA batteries and an adapter for the module.
Have many of their products from charging wires to battery back up, i also have a blue tooth keyboard for my phone and ipad. I only seem to use my cell phone about once a month if that, so it always seems to be dead when I need to us it.
If you have a generator or some source of house current you can use a transformer to get to 5V for USB charging.
The Anker brand is one of the best and it has the highest number of 5 star reviews I’ve seen, and the least number of poor reviews.
Everyone who has a basement full of canned goods and a survival garden started somewhere.  We will help get you started. The top of the pyramid is for stocking the smallest amount of food for the shortest amount of time.
This pyramid will keep you from spending time and money on preps that, while they may be useful overall, are pointless to you right now.  How much of a 50 pound bag of flour or rice will you use in a 3 day long power outage? If you are new to prepping, or you are experienced but find your supplies jump all over the map, start by stocking enough food and supplies for a 3 Day Emergency. If you have a typical local situation, such as a major snow storm or power outage, you won’t be one of the people raiding the grocery store. Be sure to include at least 1 gallon of water per day, per family member, and something to cook on, Forge Survival Supply has several types of survival stoves. Remember that the extended survival food supply is going to need regular cooking supplies to be stocked, such as oil, flour, sugar, spices, etc.
You will have to have stocked bulk supplies of staple foods for cooking, like flour, wheat, sugar, and canned goods. The perpetual food supply is for total collapse from which there is no coming back or voluntary off grid living indefinitely.
If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. Heavy snow or ice accumulating on tree branches can rapidly weigh down trees until limbs begin breaking off, some of which may land on power lines and take them down too. Too many people are not prepared at all, or wait until hours before the onset of predicted weather. Not only do YOU want to stay warm, but your water pipes inside the walls of your home need to stay above freezing. This will keep the water moving through the pipes and will slow down (or possibly eliminate) bursting pipes from frozen water.
Without a furnace (needs electricity to run) you have very limited options – but you need to consider them.
They stay lit for MUCH LONGER and the technology has come a long way during the past few years. They will provide LOTS of hours of light, and they’re perfect for simply setting on a table or hanging somewhere. A NOAA weather radio will provide advance warning to severe weather and is useful in winter and summer (all seasons). You can put your food in a cooler inside or outside depending on the temps outside, and pack it with ice or snow from the storm. It will help keep the freezer and fridge cold and it can provide drinking water when they thaw. This backfeed can be lethal to linemen working in your area, since transformers work in either direction. Then when it is close to boiling, carefully and slowly add the water over the coffee grounds in the basket.
You can get them at the dollar store,they run on AA or AAA battery’s and give enough light to move around,get dressed etc.
I keep a charged usb battery in my apartment to recharge the headlamp plus my Kindle and cell phone. Better off you just curl up in a ball in the corner and wait for the National Guard to come and save you.
I’m just putting everything together into 2 plastic tubs that can easily be tossed into back packs on the way out of the house, or into the trunk of the car. You want it somewhere that you can access easily when it’s dark and the power is out, not up in the back of a bedroom closet on the third floor! I can even prepare it in a color coded so that I will know what to color I will pick up if I needed something in my kit or survival bag.
Here are sources of maps that indicate real time power outages in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. The first time was at two in the morning when a nearby fuse or transformer blew causing a power outage. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the house soon became alive with overhead lights, bacon on the stove, a hot shower, and the screech of my ironing board as I unfolded it and plugged in the iron.
For years I had been stocking up on candles, oil lanterns, and imagining life without electricity and instead of feeling prepared, I was paralyzed and rooted to my couch. Walking into our modern day home we were greeted with air conditioning, plush furniture, computers, TV, fast food, the refrigerator, microwave, the faucet, and a toilet that flushed—it was pure luxury. After an exhausting day on the farm, we’d reward ourselves by stopping off at the convenience store or drive-thru for an ice cold soda pop.
But at the same time, the bouncing back and forth into the 19th Century was a nudge to not take my privileges for granted. Depending on how serious the power outage is, banking systems could be down, forcing us to prioritize what gets paid.
I would not be able to correspond online with customers, use my printer, and list merchandise. With a massive power outage and no access to the Internet, it is important for my family to have immediate access to medical, veterinary, dental, gardening, plant identifications, old recipes, prepping, spiritual, and leisure books.
For several years, she homeschooled her kids at an 1800 living history museum, while she cooked from a wood stove, taught primitive life skills to the public, and ran a home based sewing business. However for us there are bigger issues, like not having water because we’re on a well.

They will be a valuable resource when you find yourself faced with navigation, transport, personal protection, or shelter troubles. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. One is a power storage device which is capable of multiple uses to recharge your cell phone, and the other is a solar charger – which obviously requires sunlight to do its job. This technology recognizes what type of device is connected to it, and charges it at the appropriate specifications automatically. As an example, one reason that I bought mine is to use during the trips when I off-road at various fishing destinations where cell reception may be weak (which thus causes the cell phone battery to drain quicker as it uses more power to lock in a signal). This also means you need to use a solar panel which outputs 12-volts with sufficient power (20 watts seems reasonable). If you stack the power packs that goal zero sells you can power the phone or ipad or whatever pretty well, the battery packs are basicly 4AA rechargeable batteries, the pair that i have plus the guide 10 panel charge the ipad up and let me use it just like it was plugged into the wall, secret is to just not let it get too low. Well done, even for ME to be able to understand it.(Yeah, I am a slow learner the older I get, or so it appears). Most have diesel generator backup, but in a prolonged crisis diesel availability will be limited. The Survival Food Pyramid will get you started stocking food in a logical, simple, and economical way. The idea being that someone who is completely new to prepping can start with a cheap and easy goal and build (downward) from there. On further trips to the store, add a few food items to your 3 day cache each time and you will soon have enough to survive for several weeks.
You will also need larger water containers to support not only drinking and cooking, but hygiene.
A large fuel supply, or alternative cooking method will have to be used, and hunting if it is available. You must have a self sustaining food supply, like a garden with heirloom seeds and large hunting area. Strong winds may accompany a winter storm and will also take down trees, wreaking havoc on the power grid. In my estimation, your water pipes will be okay for 24-48 hours without home heat (more or less depending on your outside temperatures) because it will take significant time for cold to penetrate fully (and this is assuming that the outside temperature is well below freezing). Every member of the household needs a flashlight and you should also consider a few battery operated lanterns. Eat any perishable food that may be in your refrigerator during the first 12 hours – otherwise these foods may become unsafe to eat.
It would also likely destroy your generator as it tries to power other houses in the neighborhood.
Most often, the worst that happens is that we lose power for a few hours and we get a few big branches down in the yard, but even then, having a few supplies nearby would be really handy and comforting too. I’m keeping it in a cupboard in our master bedroom, which is right off the living room and easy to get to whenever we need it.
Soon I’ll be fully prepared and maybe even a little excited to see how well we do when the first power outage hits this year.
Other than the backyard solar light glowing, the entire neighborhood was cast into darkness. This meant no more decorations taking up needed shelf space because it looked cute, or placing all my dependency on an electrical cord. Some options are to locate Internet access away from home, have a landline telephone as a back-up, or access the Internet through a smart phone. My best plan of action is to place my store on “vacation mode” if I had temporary access to the Internet. While waiting on power to be restored, I could use my time wisely by building inventory with what I had. Our ancestors spent time together sharing stories, reading together, and playing musical instruments. I can honestly say I have never in my life owned a dishwasher, electric can opener, coffee maker, cell phone, or even a blender.
During the time of hurricane Sandy, I recall reading articles describing how people were desperately looking for ways to charge up their cell phones for communications with loved ones (the cell towers were still operating due to their independent backup power systems – which is always a top priority during an outage). The portable power source can do anything DC from 3v-12v can recharge from a vehicle or ac in a house and has a light built in. Buy a 3 day supply of food for you household (be sure to get things with a long shelf life) and place it somewhere other than your pantry. You will also have to have an alternative water source such as water collection, filtration, and recycling.
A power outage is typically restored within the time it might take to really freeze up a house. Many of them will have several hundred calories each, and are also convenient for a preparedness kit. It also helps to use bottled water or icepacks to freeze them outside if temps are below freezing at night and above freezing during the day. I go through power outages every winter and have found how to live close to normal when they happen. If my usb battery runs out, I have a fully charged 210 amp hour deep cycle battery in my vehicle with a 2000w inverter. In a worst case scenario, there will be no access to online banks, credit cards, or savings accounts. It is a great peace of mind to know that my family and friends were listening and prepared, if or when we lose all contact. Our ancestors took advantage of bad weather and off seasons, by catching up on mending and other demands. This is why I firmly believe its important to look at many available options and practice using them so you know what you’re doing when there is truly a problem. It requires connectivity to other systems including land lines and the systems of other carriers. Ideally, the best plan of action is to always be stocked up on food, water, supplies, and prescriptions for the long term. Our ancestors connected through the mail, telegraph, word of mouth, getting to know their neighbors, and spending time with their family.
Oddly enough, the first time I had ever used a computer in my life was when I was 23 because I was married to my husband and he had 2 of them.
I think about how foreign technology was to me then and now I think the internet will be the most difficult thing for me to give up. I get almost all of my information online and stay in touch with friends and family with the internet. No problem though, I just made my coffee quickly and easily on my Jetboil in the morning and cooked on my Biolite in the afternoon.
I actually looked forward to making my little fire each evening while I cooked my dinner and boiled water for coffee.

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