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The boundaries of the outage were Queen Street to the north, the Esplanade to the south, Bay Street to the west, and George Street to the east. According to Toronto Hydro, up to 8,000 customers were without power starting around 8 a.m. As a result, police were directing traffic at several intersections during the morning rush-hour. In one instance, emergency crews were called to 150 Cosburn Avenue after a woman drove her car through an underground garage door. It still hasna€™t been determined whether the outage was weather-related, but a large thunderstorm had rumbled through the city at that time. Hydro officials do not yet know what caused the widespread power outage to downtown Toronto, Tuesday, June 25, 2013.
As Torontonians try to stay cool on a warm night, a power outage put thousands in the dark - and without air conditioning, if they had it to begin with - in parts of the citya€™s downtown and Port Lands on Thursday night.

One hydro customer may represent an entire high-rise apartment or condo building populated by hundreds of people, or a single business. The cause of the failure is under investigation, but Bruckmueller said the piece of equipment may have overheated because of a surge in electricity usage in recent days. Hydro equipment cannot cool down when there is an increased load on the citya€™s power grid, raising the risk of a failure, Bruckmueller said. Toronto Hydro asks people to conserve energy or shift their usage to off-peak times to take pressure off the grid, especially during hot weather.
While the outage is a big inconvenience due to the heat, some people are having fun with it.
Walsh said she wasna€™t aware of the outage until her neighbour mentioned it, so she went onto her balcony and looked at the buildings below.
This screen grab of a Google map on Toronto Hydro's website shows the general area of a power outage Thursday, July 5, 2012.

After days of warm weather, overwhelming demand on the citya€™s power system may be to blame for the outage.
In those circumstances, the intersection should be treated as a four-way stop, unless authorities are on hand to direct traffic.
Air conditioners and fans have been on overdrive due to temperatures that have soared as high as 36 C. Many turned to Twitter and Facebook to make quips or post pictures as they passed the time in candle-lit rooms.

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