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On Monday, Xbox Live Gaming Servers were taken offline by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, with a hacker group known as Lizard Squad taking responsibility.
The attack took place on Monday at 8.37pm EST, and was followed shortly by a tweet from Lizard Squad, taking credit for the incident. Xbox Live users in turn tweeted Microsoft about the outage, complaining about not being able to access their account.
Lizard Squad has previously taken responsibility for DDoS attacks on the Sony PlayStation Network, the game Destiny, and “several EA games” (as yet unnamed). Report on the DDoSing if you have to, but for the love of god don’t give these attention seeking morons what they want (ie attention). Linking to their tweets is quite possibly one of the worst things you could be doing in this scenario.
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The latest in a drawn out of series of personnel departures from Xbox, Multerer posted on Twitter that he would be leaving the company for "something new". Multerer joined Microsoft full-time in 1997, according to his LinkedIn profile, and had remained there since. Needless to say, he has had a very significant role in nearly every key aspect of Microsoft's console development over the years. The online play component of FIFA 15 is at the moment down for a number of users and it seems that EA Sports is currently looking at what is causing the problem and aims to fix it as soon as possible, although no ETA has been offered for now. The official Twitter account of the game thanks gamers for their patience but does not say what percentage of the community is currently affected.
The issue does not seem to be linked to any problems with the Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network services, which are required to power the FIFA 15 multiplayer. EA Sports needs to deal with the issue as fast as possible in order to make sure that the Ultimate Team mode fans can play their matches and make trades without any disruption. At the moment, the studio is implementing the winter transfers that took place in the real world into FIFA 15, aiming to make sure that team rosters are as close as possible to the ones used by the biggest teams in Europe. A new patch has not been officially confirmed for the football sim, but Team of the Week packages are delivered every Wednesday.

UPDATE: EA Sports says that all FIFA 15 online modes should now be online and working well. As is almost always the case when leaving a job, Multerer did not specify what his new position would be, though it is also possible he has not yet decided. In 2000 he was asked to lead online development for the original Xbox, eventually resulting in what we now know as Xbox Live. He later transitioned to XNA programming language development, helping indies get their games published on Microsoft's consoles. Multerer was involved of Xbox 360 OS development, and a key part of creating the Xbox One's architecture.

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