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VAUGHAN, ON, July 31, 2014 – PowerStream today released a comprehensive internal review of the utility’s response to the 2013 Ice Storm, identifying areas of strength as well as those that require improvement.
The 27-page report, independently assessed by Navigant Consulting Ltd., included a list of actions items to be completed no later than March 31, 2015.
The purpose of the review was to enhance PowerStream’s emergency restoration and communication efforts and therefore the report focused on external communications, customer care, emergency restoration and capital asset management. Provide recommendations for the “hardening” of PowerStream’s distribution grid to make the system more resilient to extreme weather events. On December 21-22, 2013, a significant ice storm moved through Southern Ontario causing over 500,000 customers to lose power including 92,000 in PowerStream’s service territory. PowerStream is a community-owned energy company that provides power and related services to more than 365,000 customers residing or owning a business in communities located immediately north of Toronto and in Central Ontario. You may qualify for $30-$50 off your electricity bill with the Ontario Electricity Support Program.

MARKHAM, ON, Thursday, June 19, 2014 – Reconstruction of twelve broken and three damaged hydro poles on Warden Avenue in Markham continued overnight Wednesday. PowerStream Lines department crews have been working at the site around the clock making the area safe, setting new poles, stringing overhead conductor wire, installing switching equipment and other accessories as well as repairing damaged overhead and underground lines to customer locations. PowerStream, ably assisted by its vendors, contractors and York Regional Police, at 11:30 am today has the northbound lanes of Warden Avenue back in service and open to traffic. Motorists in 25 vehicles who were trapped under the fallen wires and broken poles remained inside their vehicles until emergency responders confirmed the lines were de-energized and they could safely exit their vehicles. PowerStream employees restore electricity after a hydro pole was knocked down on Major Mackenzie Drive early Thursday, Feb. Thousands of hydro customers in Markham were without power for a few hours after a pole and wires were knocked down early Thursday morning.
Later in the morning, an outage affected about 1,100 customers in Markham due to an issue with a transformer station.

Work is expected to be completed by this evening, and power is also expected to be restored to three remaining buildings at that time. 10,000 customers were switched to alternate feeds and their power was restored within two hours.
PowerStream power line technicians restored power to all but three of the remaining 3,000 customers by 2:30 am on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

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