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At least one Arizona resident is preparing in the right way for any natural disaster that comes his way. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. Well, today this new incredible Paleo Cookbook is finally available to be shipped right to your door for FREE!
That's right - as a special launch promotion, we're offering our brand new Paleo fat loss cookbook to you for free (Chef Pete lost 60 lbs using these recipes!) - All you have to do is just cover a small shipping cost (international shipping is a bit more). With Poplar Bluff and Butler County being in an earthquake zone, Poplar Bluff City Manager Heath Kaplan has made disaster preparation a city priority. One of the many items discussed at Monday night’s meeting of the Poplar Bluff City Council was the idea to get a “Disaster Recovery Plan” in place for Poplar Bluff and Butler County. City Manager Heath Kaplan explained he had recently attended a disaster preparation meeting held at Three Rivers College and local officials are exploring a plan to unify Poplar Bluff and Butler County emergency dispatch to better serve in disaster situations. Kaplan said this is the perfect time to begin this unification because of updates in the city’s communications programs that will be coming.
Jeff Shawan, Emergency Coordinator for Butler County, also spoke at Monday night’s meeting, and stressed the need for both the city’s and county’s priorities to be on public safety.
Beyond just 911 service concerns, though, Shawan said the bigger issue has to do with the safety of the entire region in the case of a major disaster, especially in the case of a major earthquake. Both Shawan and Kaplan noted this type of plan will also likely be eligible for a lot of federal dollars for emergency management and planning. Kaplan says he would like to have a new emergency services center in place by mid 2015, and he says combining dispatching services for Poplar Bluff and Butler County is the first step in that process.
Shawan commented that unification of services has been favored by first responders for a long time. As a matter of fact, the EMS and Paramedic programs at Three Rivers has just been awarded a renewal of their five-year certificate of accreditation from the  Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in Jefferson City. The City Council will deal more with the unification of city and county dispatching services at their December 29th voting session. A recent survey sponsored by the American Red Cross and FedEx showed that approximately 70 percent of small businesses do not expect to experience a disaster, and half of those surveyed do not have an emergency response plan in place. Of course, every business owner wants to avoid disasters and emergencies as they threaten the health of their employees and their business. One of the most important disaster preparation tips for businesses and facility managers is to create a good emergency response plan. Businesses and facility managers should purchase safety equipment necessary for disaster preparedness.

If an emergency or disaster occurs, the ability to communicate with emergency officials, customers, employees, vendors and suppliers is essential for businesses and facility managers. The Red Cross offers an excellent Ready Rating program that is designed to help business and organizations better prepare themselves for disasters and emergencies.
The US Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) has laid out a mission plan and practical steps for Americans to be prepared against any possible terrorist attack, natural disaster, man-made disaster, pandemic disease or other threat to our survival.
Emergency Supply Kit: One of the most fundamental aspects of disaster survival is preparing and building an emergency supply kit for you and your family. Local Emergencies: In your town or city, find out where to go in case of a natural disaster. Post-storm insurance claims: If the disaster is fierce, you may be filling out a lot of forms for FEMA or a state agency to refund claims on your insurance policies. Surviving any kind disaster requires preparation, but many businesses and facility managers fail to put an emergency plan in place. Once you commit to making preparedness a top priority, it’s important to start with a hazard vulnerability assessment, as stated by the Red Cross. These plans describe the steps your business will take to protect the office and employees before an emergency, during an emergency and after an emergency.
Standard office safety equipment includes smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, defibrillators and first-aid kits. While protecting life and limb is essential, to plan for business continuation, backing up important business data is also crucial to the health of the company.
Businesses can join for free and take the Red Cross Ready Rating Assessment, which evaluates their current ability to withstand emergencies, protect lives and maintain their operations.
For more than six years, she has specialized in medical writing, drawing upon her previous medical experience in emergency care, private home healthcare and geriatric care. Closer to home, we’re in the onslaught of fires raging and destroying homes and land. This is the kit that should include necessary items like dry food items, water, freeze-dried items, flashlights, batteries, portable radio (battery or crank), breathing masks. Are there designated local shelters, like high school gyms, churches, city sports arenas and other fortified buildings to move to in case of fires, hurricanes, tornadoes or other storms?
So make sure everyone has cell phone contacts for each other, or better yet, a few pre-paid phone cards, in case cell service goes out. To ward off fire disasters, clean up all the loose branches and remove dried-out or dead trees in your immediate vicinity.

So before disaster strikes, move your insurance policies to a safe, dry location to have those documents ready after a storm. This involves researching potential emergencies that could impact local businesses and facilities. Depending on the business, certain industry-specific supplies may be useful for industry-specific disaster safety as well. A few useful communication tools include text message alerts, a calling tree and implementing an emergency number.
Take time to identify documents and records necessary for the basic function of the business, and then use data backup tools to store that information securely.
This assessment also provides important information that will help businesses pinpoint any obstacles in their current plan and make improvements to their disaster preparation plan. But FEMA’s tips have been well tested through many disasters over the years, so they worth heeding. You might even want to have two of these, one more portable for the car and the other in a home-based emergency kit. Start by gathering information on the types of disasters most likely to occur in the region. This committee should develop a written plan that offers information on how the business will respond when a medical emergency or disaster occurs. Safety equipment should be easily accessible, and employees should be trained to use these tools. Practicing your current plan will also help bring to light any updates that need to be made to make the plan more efficient. Local emergency management agencies will offer businesses a hazard vulnerability assessment that is geospecific and will bring to light the hazards your company is most vulnerable to. In the case of extreme winds, try to secure loose items like bikes, kids’ toys and other patio furniture, so they are not blown into your home when disaster strikes.

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