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UNNATURAL DISASTER  Despite evidence that the Environment Agency, the lead flood defence body, is dangerously under-resourced and struggling to cope, David Cameron’s government is saying goodbye to a further 1,700 EA staff by October 2014 - about 14 per cent of the 12,000-strong workforce. The deluge spawned an unnatural disaster as pared back, cash starved emergency response services – from firefighters, to coastguards to council clean-up staff and frontline flood defence workers at the Environment Agency – found too few were being called on to do too much. The fire service has lost nearly 20 per cent of its budget since the coalition government came to power. Preparation is key in disaster mitigation, but the current government has only prepared our emergency response system to fail. For non-emergency workers, if in doubt, don’t go out – get advice from your union first. INFECTIONS Flood waters are likely to be contaminated by sewage, creating a risk of infections.
It advises all workers who may be exposed to mould and fungi to avoid breathing dust (fungal spores) generated by mouldy building materials, crops, and other materials, consider using a suitable disposable respirator, and consider discarding all water damaged materials.
Potential health risks include the serious infection Weil’s disease (leptospirosis), which in some instances can be fatal. CHEMICAL HAZARDS TUC advises that chemicals stored on business premises can be affected by water. Some common workplace substances, like peroxides or alkali metals, react violently with water or even moisture, and can give off toxic gases or can combust spontaneously or explode.
Chemical hazards may also make their way out of the workplace and in to someone else’s.
EXHAUSTION Emergency response workers may be required to work extended shifts for weeks at a time, in very harrowing conditions. DROWNING An obvious risk, but one people are likely to under-estimate, as even strong swimmers will struggle to cope in fast-moving water. HEAT Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are serious, possibly deadly, problems which can arise even in cold weather as workers undertaking arduous work wear layers of protective clothing and sometimes other personal protective gear like respiratory equipment. TRANSPORT High winds and floods are a combination that place transport workers at greatly increased risk.
HIDDEN HAZARDS TUC says people should not attempt to walk or wade through floodwater to get to work. EMPLOYER SUPPORT Employers should offer extra support to staff whose homes are partially submerged or who are at risk from floodwater, the TUC says. RETURN TO WORK Before any return to work in buildings hit by floods, the TUC advises that union safety reps should meet employers to check first that workplaces are safe.
NIOSH Hazard Based Guidelines: Protective equipment for workers in hurricane flood response, NIOSH, USA.

Guidance for managing worker fatigue during disaster operations, National Response Team, USA. Major floods present predictable risks to over-stretched emergency responders or those who find their place of work or neighbourhood under water. Working within their conventional content management system, the Environment Agency has put together a great example of integrated, task-focussed digital engagement to help business owners prepare for flooding.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. However, with some places already recovering from flood, The Red Warriors are hoping they can train together once again, but admitted that the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium will take time to reopen.
According to Kelantan’s team manager, Azman Ibrahim, the stadium will take about three to four weeks to fully recover, but he believes it will be fully functional before the Super league kicks off in February. Speaking to Utusan, Azman said “The team has not trained since Christmas day, and we are hoping to be back on the field soon. Meanwhile, for two other east coast states, Pahang and Terengganu, they can breathe a sigh of relief as the flood has not had any effects on their preparations.
For the Malaysia Cup and FA Cup champions Pahang, their training sessions have been taking place mostly at the gymnasium and futsal centre due to the bad weather.
Coach Zainal Abidin Hassan stated that it did disrupt their early planning, but they managed to figure out a way to work around it and are now focusing on players’ fitness before the players go back to on the pitch training. The Turtles have managed to carry out training and their preparations for the new season have gone as planned as their area is not affected by flooding at all. But whether they are baling out or just wading in to work, they face potentially deadly risks that can only be minimised with preparation, protection and resources. The Environment Agency, which has already shed 1,150 jobs since 2009, is set to lose another 1,700 by October 2014. It may be a while before the records are broken again, but major floods are still a real threat to life and the economy in less extreme years. Below are the major risks union safety reps should make sure are covering in that floods and work agreement. Most cases of sickness associated with flood conditions are brought about by ingesting contaminated food or water. Emergency response workers can be exposed to their droppings and urine during flood remediation work, particularly when working in or near sewers, ditches, ponds or slow moving rivers.

Proper protective clothing to prevent skin contact and cuts is crucial in potentially contaminated areas. Risk assessments should consider potential chemical exposure and reaction problems before workers are put in danger. Tree removal should only be undertaken by properly trained and equipped specialists and tree surgeons.
Fatigue can increase the risk of injury due to inattentiveness and also makes workers more vulnerable to stress-induced illness and disease. Symptoms include uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, memory lapses, frequent stumbling, drowsiness, and exhaustion.
They should consider allowing staff to use showers and washing facilities at work as well as giving affected workers time off to cope with the problems they face. No building should be re-occupied until it has been properly inspected and a risk assessment undertaken. The landing page, promoted via Twitter and Facebook, uses headings and short, action-focussed text to direct people to some genuinely useful tools, such as a postcode-based flood map, checklists and email alerts. Some material published here is cited from third parties, who retain copyright and licence their work under their own terms.
They present predictable risks to over-stretched emergency responders or those who find their place of work or neighbourhood under water. Clean-up workers developing flu-like symptoms should tell the doctor they may have been exposed.
Water damage to stored chemicals or to electrical services can increase the risks of fire.
Fife council was prosecuted in 2013 after school janitor Craig Davies lost his toe while cutting back the branches of a tree in a school yard that had blown down in high winds.
Emergency responders should avoid lone working, and should have access to suitable flotation and other safety equipment. Emergency responders must be provided with appropriate protective gear and be allowed frequent breaks in warm dry conditions to allow the body to warm up.
Even in very shallow water there can still be many hazards underneath the surface, such as uncovered holes. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus.

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