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Most Californians and Angelenos have herd of the historic 1906 earthquake of San Francisco that had over 3000 fatalities. Earthquakes have been seamlessly apart of California culture since tribal man first set foot here. Many major cities are often built above these sedimentary basins, since they are formed through mountains and rivers. Over the last few weeks, smaller 4-5 Richter earthquakes have been felt across the United States and Southern California. A couple weeks later, a couple students were temporarily transferred to my middle school because they lost their houses and moved in to their relatives.
We immediately started the 1 month long emergency live cast, hoping to help as much English speakers in Japan by providing the accurate and immediate information about the earthquake. This is what you need to know to get ready for the major earthquake in Japan & modern cities. Know your neaby school, parks or community buildings in your neighborhood (Evaculation center, ?????? or ????) and the one near your workplace.
If you live in a city, there must be designated evacuation area within 1km radius of your home or workplace.
Even if you are just traveling in Japan, just remember to go to neaby community buildings or park to evacuate.
In the major city, it may take up to 7 to 30 days to restore major inforstructure such as electrocity, water and gas. Buy a portable radio & research the frequency of NHK Radio 2 of your area, STRONGLY REDOMMENDED over the Internet radio method. Try to carry your student ID, employee's ID or business cards, so that if you're unable to speak, someone else can identify you and try to help you to lead the right place.
The disaster voicemail service (Saigai Dengon Dial, ???????????? or ????????) is emergency service provided by NTT West & East (the dominant Japanese telecommunication company). If you friend or family left the voicemail, you will be able to hear their 30 seconds voicemail, and exchange the information. But you have  to make sure you tell each other that you will use "171" in case of natural disaster.
If you have multiple house phone or cell phone numbers, make sure to discuss with your friends which number to use. To be honest, if you encounter major earthquake, you won't be able to do anything no matter how strong you are. If your house is safe, or agency declars that your house is safe, you should stay your house to make a room for who really lost the place to sleep.

If you need to evaculate away from home, LEAVE A NOTE on the door of your house or the entrance of the apartment. When you leave a note, you may want to write down where you are going, or tell them to call 171.
In case of major emergency, the rescue workers will priotize the injury from serious to light. If the disaster was occured during summer, the government may have to conducr cremation before the body start decomposing.
If you happened to believe in non-Budhist religion, and saw bodies at the evaculation sites.
As the Editor-in-chief & Producer of YokosoNews, Katz wants to show Japan to the rest of the world. A year ago Sunday, the March 11 Japan tsunami flooded highways, tossed boats and cars, and leveled cities.
A year ago this week, a tsunami wave crashes over a seawall in the city of Miyako, Japan, shortly after a devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the region. A year after the Japan earthquake, a seawall in Miyako shows few traces of having been breached by a tsunami.But it's what people can't see that may be the most worrisome legacy of the March 11 earthquake.
Extinct in Stockholm less than a century ago, the rebounding rodent is damaging the city's treesa€”and at the same time charming locals. Peek at Jupiter through binoculars and you should also see its icy moon Europa, thought to host a global ocean that may support life. A list of recent earthquakes, the current record droughts, reports of giant hail and climate-changing warm arctic air. I have updated the list of significant earthquakes to the end of 2011 and added an interesting graph showing a definite trend to an increase in earthquake frequency and intensity. For the last two years, for reasons climatologists do not yet understand, a strange pocket of warm air has lingered over the Arctic, Douglas said, making the dead of winter a full 10 to 20 degrees warmer than normal in Greenland and northern Canada. On top of all that, a general rise in global temperatures has boosted levels of water vapor in the atmosphere by four percent, Douglas said. These have been called hydro-meteors or ice-falls, but more lately aptly named Megacryometeors. FORT WORTH, Texas (Reuters) - It's official: 2011 was the driest year on record in Texas, according to the National Weather Service. That won't surprise Texans who lived through a year in which wildfires roared through the Lone Star State, cattle went thirsty and many Fourth of July fireworks shows were canceled.
The prolonged Texas drought is to blame for devastating agriculture and livestock losses, estimated in the billions of dollars.

The historic drought has killed as many as half a billion trees, not including those that died in wildfires that scorched some 4 million acres in 2011, the Texas Forest Service has reported.
Dubbed the Northridge Earthquake, it measured a 6.7 on the Richter scale and caused some of the longest ground disturbances to date. The San Andreas fault line is one of the largest in the world and is responsible for most seismic activity in Southern California, conceiving thousands of small earthquakes annually. However, Los Angeles sits on top of a sedimentary basin, a geological complex structure that alters the way energy travels through the earth. Wind and rains crash into mountains for hundreds of thousands of years, eroding sediments into fine grain rocks, that are carried by rivers and water into large forming basins. These knowledge and experience could be useful not only to the people in Japan, but also to the people all over the world. The agencies recommend people to prepare at least 7 days worth of food and drinks to prepare. If you see the fire, check the building structure and smell of gas first to decide whether you want to try to cease the fire. If you just broke your bone, and have no life threatening risk, you may not be treated right away. Even if your loved one was stuck under rubble, if there is no sign of life, the rescue workers will leave you alone.
Please try to teach Japanese volunteer how to take care the ritual according to your religion. The warmest year on record was 1921, when the average temperature was 67.5 degrees, the weather service said. The quake was estimated at 20 seconds long and was felt from distances up to 220 miles away. Southern California earthquakes have almost a folk-lore standing, every year we seem to hear the worst one is yet to come, and that this one will be the largest and most destructive than any we have witnessed. But the city officials were debating if they should conduct the cremation on the ground of elementary school. Seemingly, making an earthquake 100 miles away, where the fault is located, feel directly under the city. When Earthquakes in Southern California, do hit these sedimentary basin cities, the worst destruction costs will come with them.

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