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We at Plymouth Veterinary Hospital are (of course) primarily concerned with keeping our patients safe in the face of disaster. Store those items in a bag, backpack, or satchel so that they are easily accessible at all times.
The next important step to disaster preparation for your pets is locating where you can go with your pet, or at least where you can take your pet if you end up somewhere that doesn’t allow them.
Having a friend or family member local (in case of personal emergency) or more than 30 miles away (in case of wide-spread disaster) that can take your pets in a pinch is also a great way to stay prepared.
Store all these shelter and boarding possibilities on a list with their names, locations, phone numbers, and boarding requirements.
Finally, in case of an emergency that requires immediate evacuation of your home such as a fire, it’s imperative that you make it known there are pets in the home. Disaster preparedness is imperative for all those big and small emergencies that you hope will never happen.
Chiba Prefecture, being surrounded by the Japan Trench and the Sagami Trough, is in a geographical position that makes Chiba strongly influenced by severe earthquakes that originate in the sea.
Earthquakes which pose a threat and could severely affect the Chiba area in the near future are: the Tokai Earthquakes that originate along the Suruga Trough, huge earthquakes that originate either along the Sagami Trough or the Boso Peninsula (magnitude eight class), and earthquakes occurring directly beneath the south Kanto Area that includes Chiba Prefecture (magnitude seven class). Complete the form to the right to access a complimentary 20-question assessment from Gray Stone Advisors.
Page Content?At the TAC Pre-Legislative Conference last August, more than 100 audience members listened as a panel led by Bandera County Judge Richard Evans discussed incident management response communication in Texas.
The first step in the communication process is establishing a relationship with the local Texas Department of Emergency Management District Coordinator (DC). Secondly, the group recommended making sure county’s own local plans are updated and complete. Several of the seminar’s attendees acknowledged they weren’t familiar with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
All participants agreed that exercises and practices using the local plan to identify points of failure are the second most import part of developing a communication system between the county and the state. Judge Evans wrapped up the story-telling part of the session by reminding county judges in attendance that county emergency management is ultimately their responsibility, as the disaster declaration process begins with them. TDEM recently updated the “Texas Emergency Management Executive Guide,” which covers most aspects of the state and local relationship in an emergency and beyond.
We have prepared a list of items to keep on hand in a bag or satchel that is ready to go at any time (a “Bug-Out Bag”).
Make sure that your pet is collared AND harnessed (harnesses are more difficult to slip out of when your pet enters a high anxiety situation), or secured in their carrier. Use a NON-retractable leash when you are escaping an emergent situation; it is more difficult to control your pet when using a retractable leash, and your likelihood of injuring yourself on the thin string is high.

Waste bags, litter pans, litter, poop scoop…whatever your pet needs to do their business when out of the home. Any and all medications, supplements, and pilling assists (Pill Pockets, Lean Treats, Pet Piller). Another good tip is to attach a baggage tag to the bag with your immediate information in case it becomes lost.
Contact local boarding facilities to see what their requirements are to accept your pet as a client. Limiting the amount of effort you have to put in to emergency decisions lowers your anxiety in the situation and increases the chance that everyone in your family will be safe and secure.
You can do this by placing a safety pet alert sticker or decal on the front of your door or front window, marking the number of pets inside. However, should the unthinkable happen, you’ll be beyond grateful you took the time to ensure your fur-baby’s safety.
Natural disasters, severe network and physical security breach, and local emergencies can cause devastating disruption to you vital business processes.
Evans and his fellow speakers — Bastrop County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Fisher, Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) District Coordinator Jack Doebbler and Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) Disaster District 12 DDC chair Capt.
Doebbler told the audience that the district coordinator is the county’s conduit to Austin and the State Operation Center (SOC). Most emergency operations occur at the local Council of Government (COG) level but up-to-date county plans are essential to a positive total outcome, speakers said. Developed by first responders and emergency management professionals, NIMS is a standardized response plan applicable to any emergency situation — federal, state or local. Fisher said he felt comfortable taking the initial actions he felt necessary at the beginning of the Bastrop firestorm because of the relationships honed and knowledge gained by running planned exercises and what-if table top scenarios. Besides helping in the delivery of physical assets, such as equipment and personnel, the state’s communication system helps facilitate the triggering of programs aimed at everything from instituting economic stabilization measures to other programs for helping the county look after the health and welfare of its citizens.
In 2006, the National Association of Counties published the document “National Incident Management System (NIMS) Guide for Government Officials,” in which the training requirements for response involvement are outlined.
They should have tags easily identifying them and providing their microchip ID (if applicable).
Ziplock baggies can save a lot of space in the bag, and canned diets (in small, 5.8oz containers) stack nicely. Plymouth Veterinary Hospital also sells the Adaptil and Feliway pheromone sprays to apply to toys or blankets to provide additional comfort.
This should give you and your pet’s names, contact information, current veterinarian information, current vaccine status, any medications your pet is currently on, and contact information for a friend or family member. Make sure to keep those requirements in the emergency bag at all times (and update whenever your pet is updated at their vet).

In some cases, businesses simply don’t know where to start when devising their DR plan. The disaster districts are constituted by local governments and the TDEM district coordinators and are where major planning and funding issues regarding local events are hashed out, Schulze added.
NIMS establishes the framework and architecture for reacting to an event and communicating effectively throughout the process. Since staff can change at any point in the communication loop, the panel recommended repeating local exercises often. If you have a cat in a carrier, a blanket is a great idea to keep them calm when you are in a busy area like a shelter or safe zone. You can also have a copy of your pet’s most recent physical exam, proof negative fecal and blood work for extra security. In most cases, there are roles for elected county officials within the county NIMS hierarchy. It’s a lot easier getting to know the person on the other end of the phone or radio before a crisis hits than in the middle of the storm. We never know what kind of a disaster we’ll be facing or when, but if we’re prepared ahead of time no event is too big for us to handle. Also, contact local human shelters to see if they allow pets, if they have any restrictions on pets (size, breed, vaccine status), and if they have a limit on how many pets you can bring with you.
It should also include the purpose for the DR plan and different levels of the scope of damage related to disaster. We’ve gathered the best tips around to help you and your beloved pet get ready for any emergency and have put them into one list. A Team Leader for Recovery should be assigned to each group and should report to the Disaster Recovery Lead who will keep each group organized and on task.DR Call TreeThis should include a list of contact information for each team leader.
Remember, if you are prepared you will be in a better situation to help everyone around you in an emergency. This could be virtually anywhere from a bunker to a warehouse off-site of your main facility. To keep your bottom line above the red, and keep vital processes in motion, be sure to have an effective back up and recovery plan designed by an IT company who specializes in DR.Practice, Adapt, AdjustAs your business grows and changes, be sure to adapt your sample disaster recovery plan accordingly. Practice scenarios with staff and continue to train employees on their responsibilities during and after an emergency.For more information of designing a DR plan that includes crucial system and data backup and recovery, please contact the experts with Invenio IT.For further assistance please contact a Technology Strategist646-395-1170Like what you read?

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