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You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space.
Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here).
We all know that we need to take steps to be prepared in an emergency.  But just as we need to have fire alarms, 72 hour kits and a safe place to meet our families in cases of emergencies, we also must have strategies in place to protect our families legally in times of emergencies. Citizens, local governments and the federal government alike were not prepared for the devastation because they used history as a template for future events.
The mantra leading up to a natural disaster, from local authorities and even from many experts is to stock up on candles, food, water and batteries and have enough for at least three days. The manual has not been updated to account for an antiquated infrastructure and power grids and it does not consider the financial conditions of cities and the country as a whole. Emergency shelters are not stocked with food, water or other essentials while large generators sit idle due to maintenance problems. There is currently a debate in Washington DC as to whether or not to allocate funds for the cities and citizens affected by super storm sandy, this is months after the storm. The following is a list of recommended supplies, tools and materials and it is not a comprehensive list.
Store and operate your generator where it is protected from rising waters, rain, snow and other damaging conditions.
Never operate a generator in an enclosed area to include crawlspaces, garages, and carports or near any openings into the home.
It is recommended you have a generator capable of handling up to 7,000 watts of surge to ensure you can operate a refrigerator, heater or water pump at the same time. Have all-important documentation concerning your house or apartment packed protecting them from water and other damage and where they can be can be carried with you even if you have to evacuate to a shelter.
Know where all emergency shelters are located in your area and know the evacuation routes out of your area. Follow all mandatory evacuation orders because if you fail to leave you may be trapped and emergency responders may not be able to reach you.
Regardless of which component of my work I share with them, I know that I’m likely to get one of the three following responses. 1- Boring and useless: When I see this expression I feel about as sexy as Michael Moore in an American flag printed Speedo. So really, why does the term emergency preparedness cause such abrasive and caustic responses?
This is why I’ve come to loathe “emergency preparedness.”  It’s an ineffective approach to helping people get prepared. Successful preparedness only happens when you can actually relate to the reality of a scenario in which you would need to be prepared.  Admit it.
Here’s the reality of things.  When I come home from a long day and I’ve got less than 40 minutes to get ready for my next appointment, freshen up, and prepare a meal for my husband. Murphy's Law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." and usually at the worst possible moment. But if what's happening in the world does not convince them to try and help themselves, I don't think anything I say will make a difference. When I first looked into food storage and eating from the pantry, I was amazed that people said they went to the cupboard and made a meal from what they had. I can just imagine my medical bills after MRI,Cat scans a week in the hospital and 3 months in an Extended care unit. One thing about hitting Rock bottom, You got no where to go but up or sideways.I swore to myself never again. If nothing else my food storage and our goals for self sufficiency will make retirement easier. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment.
With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods. Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans. The most recent super storm that ripped along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States left death and destruction in its wake.
Many cities and communities are struggling financially and this plays a role in recovery efforts.
The ad hoc repairs always seem to be just enough to get a city or community to the next disaster.

The number of items you might possibly need would fill several garages so you have to prioritize and realize that if you currently live in an apartment or house you will already have many of the essentials needed.
Obviously if your area is susceptible to a storm surge or heavy flooding it is assumed you will evacuate but otherwise rivers and streams may cause a few inches or feet of water to be present and equipment must be above the floodwaters.
Use the proper gauge extension cords and if you have a standby automatic generator make sure, the local power company is aware you have one. Remember that law enforcement will be stretched thin and response times will be prolonged so consider home defense when preparing for an emergency. The people who think I’m crazy are wondering why Martha Stewart was put in jail and yet somehow I’ve managed to stay on this side of the bars.
I like to apply that motherly advice towards knowledge in the world of preparedness—the only thing worse than being ignorant is knowing the wrong information. Why does it have the ability to divide loved ones as powerfully as abortion rights, gun rights, and political beliefs?  The answer is actually quite simple.  And if you want to be more successful in influencing others that you care about to jump on the preparedness band wagon, you’ll embrace what I’m trying to teach you today.
You’re more likely to get someone to believe that human beings descended from apes than you are to get them to believe that they need to have a year’s supply of food and water on hand.  Such an apocalyptic scenario is completely unrelatable to most, which is why they truly think that people who believe in the need for emergency preparedness are crazy. Even YOU didn’t jump on board at first with some of the scenarios I’ve mentioned above.  Some of you haven’t embraced all of them yet either.
Utility bill rising 700% over a period of three months.  Learning your oldest son struggles with depression. When the nearest hospital, or grocery store is 50+ miles away on a gravel road, you have to learn to plan ahead. I have always done that, when things were on sale I always bought a few to last me til the next time. I felt I had a friend that could walk me through step by step and understood what I was feeling.
Much lower than average debt, patted myself on the back that I wasn't like those other idiots.
As a teen my parents were divorced, we lived with my Dad who went into such a depression that from age 15-18 we had no power, gas or much of anything and a parent who went to work and slept and not much else. I don't want debt, bills or to have to worry if I can feed my kids or have a roof over their heads. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar. The storm has also shown that politics and bureaucracy played a role in the reaction time and recovery efforts of the government. In other words, the government assumes they will have boots on the ground within three days of a disaster. The super storm was not categorized as a hurricane because it was not considered hurricane strength. To make matters worse, these people actually tend to be the ones who actually put the word CRAZY in survivalists. Sure you can enjoy the entertainment of science fiction movies, but  you don’t believe in this stuff, right? Us “crazy folks” are simply further along in our mental process than others whose idea of stress is when the mean girl doesn’t get voted off of “The Bachelor.” Understanding this will help you to be more successful in helping others with their preparedness efforts. Did you get one of those nice little letters sent out from social security on your monthly benefits. I wanted to take a bath by myself with no help, to comb my own hair, to make a small pot of coffee and pour myself a cup. My brothers and I all with no vehicle and a 7 mile hike to the nearest store or gas station had to fend for ourselves. The take away from all this is that you as a citizen may very well be on your own for days, weeks or even longer in the event of a natural disaster. This of course is no longer true and has been proven such from recent and not so recent events.
The items are not disaster specific because you will need most of the supplies, tools and materials during any crisis.
You may very well be at work when disaster strikes and you need to know where your children will be located and how to pick them up. Because no matter what I do, I simply cannot prepare and properly anticipate how much they hurt.  I remember having a “diagnostic test” done.
Can I take a dinner over to her--tonight?  Now you see?  THAT is a realistic “emergency” to me. When you’re discussing preparedness with others, leave the term “emergency preparedness” out of the conversation.

He still works has several seasonal jobs, volunteers, active in civic groups though he is retired. We were so excited one night to find a can of pork and beans and an old stale box of crackers, we were allowed to burn our trash there so were cooked the can of bean over the garbage fire and ate it with stale graham crackers. If you prepare for the worst you won't be disappointed or caught off guard and if the worst doesn't happen then you may end up pleasantly surprised. Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice.
You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started.
Your heart and mind are still maturing and resolving how you’re going to handle such a scenario.  Your consciousness simply cannot solve a problem that it cannot accept as being real. Can I get through it all without biting my husband’s head off because I’m tired and hungry?  Can I actually cook something nutritious and stay on budget without having to purchasing expensive, processed garbage?  Can the food be tasty enough that the woman and her family don’t later ignore me at church? Make their thoughts about preparedness more about self-reliance, independence, and adaptability to change.
Now I have a lot more and have included home canned chicken, beef, pork, hamburger, spaghetti sauce, southwestern pulled pork, as well as home canned meals, beef stew, beef bourgonion (sp?) chicken al la king, sweet and sour pork, as well as home canned vegs and fruits. Several of the ole boys at the VA hospital did tell me they were glad to see me walk away even with a "Walker" Cause they expected me to be carried out horizontal. I'll render unto Caesar things that are Caesar, but if the government defies the document I swore to protect and defend. As an adult my husband once lost his job while I was pregnant and a stay at home mom to our 5 & 1 year olds we ended up having to move in with a friend and go on welfare just to survive.
I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending. During the procedure I had literally prayed that Heavenly Father would just take me then and there instead of me having to endure it any longer.
Kudos to you for making it plain that it isn't crazy to want to be sure you can make it through all those little crises.
Conversation continues as the awkward phase between two strangers commence in an effort to create a new friendship.  Every great relationship has to start somewhere, right? To encourage their more advanced mental preparation, give them realistic “what if” scenarios to mull over. TEOTWAWKI can take a backseat to just wanting to be sure I don't have to struggle through the next snowday power outage.
I’m sure you can all relate to this process of socializing.  I love it…until I hear “the” question. Whole grain wheat and rice, sugar and salr, as well as home dried vegs well you get the idea.
The only emotion that you want to bring into the conversation is that of the sincere love and concern you have for the well-being of the person you’re talking to.  Keep in mind that the very word “emergency” garners panic, chaos, and fear.  Who in the world wants to be prepared for THAT? I stock up for my DD and SIL who don't get it and for my SisterIL and her DH, who also doesn't get it. Discovering that the pillar of your church and community is really a drug dealer and a sexual predator.  Your minimum mortgage payment doubling while your home’s value plummets to 70% of your existing loan. I don't think most people have the mind set to be prepared, they just think it can never happen to them and God help the rest of us when the day comes that it does. Good luck with your efforts to help others prepare and to advance in your own preparedness efforts. THESE are all realistic “emergencies” to be prepared for so that you can minimize the stress and strain and make it through with the maximum amount of peace possible. THESE are emergencies we can overcome and conquer in strength and dignity with some preemptive steps of preparedness. If folks will begin to think of preparedness in terms of realistic scenarios then their mind and heart can tackle such battles mentally and physically. Every crisis which is averted and every one of life’s scuffles that we make it through, allows us to be prepared for bigger and better.

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