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If you are unprepared, earthquakes can damage your most expensive personal property including entertainment equipment. Any shelving or fittings that hold entertainment equipment are liable to fall and cause damage to valuable stereos, TVs and computer equipment.
To begin, make sure that any shelves holding entertainment equipment are firmly bolted to either the floor or wall. Even when using earthquake gel and fasteners, it is a good idea to place heavy electronic equipment on lower shelves, tables or on the floor itself. During an earthquake, there can be electrical surges that are capable of damaging any electrical appliance that is plugged into an outlet.
In case there are damages due to an earthquake, make sure there is insurance to cover losses.
To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. The relatively moderate earthquake that struck the city of Christchurch in February surprised many with its destructive power. Compared to theA earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti, the scale of disaster in Christchurch may seem small. The Christchurch earthquake followed a larger magnitude 7.1 quake in Darfield, New Zealand, in September 2010 that was less destructive and did not cause any deaths.
One key lesson regarding the unexpected intensity of the Christchurch quake may have to do with the city's foundations.
Profound changes in building codes are getting evaluated for the next generation of structures in New Zealand, ideas that may influence cities in the United States and the rest of the world that face similar hazards. An extensive severe weather outbreak is targeting the central United States, with the highest risk on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, into Wednesday, April 27. A new study, conducted by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, suggests the volcanic activity related to the plate-tectonic movements could have triggered climate changes in Earth's history.
A large landslide triggered by heavy rains has killed at least 16 people in the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, officials said.
After Atoyac River that disappeared when a huge sinkhole opened up on February 28, 2016, two more rivers in the mountains of the Mexican state of Veracruz are suffering the same fate. Severe thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rainfall and very large hail have been sweeping the states in northeastern India, since April 18, 2016. A very large earth crack opened on Britain's Jurassic Coast after heavy rains caused thousands of tons of earth to give way on April 13, 2016. Southern and Eastern India are struggling with the consequences of severe drought caused by an early season heat wave and the lack of relief from monsoon rain. Earthquakes strike suddenly, violently, and without warning at any time of the day or night. Although there are no guarantees of safety during an earthquake, identifying potential hazards ahead of time and advance planning can save lives and significantly reduce injuries and property damage. Make an Emergency Communication Plan:  Identify a contact such as a friend or relative who lives out-of-state for household members to notify they are safe. If you are in danger from falling objects, and you can move safely, crawl for additional cover under a sturdy desk or table. If there is low furniture or an interior wall or corner nearby, and the path is clear, these may also provide some additional cover. Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as light fixtures or furniture. Identify an inside corner of the room away from windows and objects that could fall on you.  The Earthquake Country Alliance advises getting as low as possible to the floor. If you are outdoors when the shaking starts, move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. If you are in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly and safely as possible and stay in the vehicle.

Once safe, monitor local news reports via battery operated radio, TV, social media, and cell phone text alerts for emergency information and instructions.
Learn about the emergency plans that have been established in your area by your state and local government. A& M Insurance NewsletterPlease enter your email address in the field below to sign up for our newsletter.
With the news that the death toll from the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake is expected to top 300, many are thinking about our own history of devastating earthquakes in the United States and considering the risks from future quakes. I share this link in the hopes that reading the article might help those who live in earthquake risk areas make a greater effort to be prepared for such devastating quakes by ensuring that they have earthquake kits and earthquake supplies and that they take other precautions before an earthquake hits. I have noticed in the past several years of working in the emergency preparedness field, that many people in the United States tend to discount the significance of disasters that happen elsewhere in the world. Let this latest terrible earthquake remind us of the need to have a comprehensive earthquake kit if we live in areas with a risk of earthquakes. As dozens are reported killed and many more injured in the February 22, 2011 New Zealand earthquake, we are reminded by this dramatic aerial video footage of the devastation that can accompany such strong earthquakes. No government in the world is prepared to immediately meet the needs of all of its people after a major disaster.
This is just another reminder of the need to be prepared for earthquakes here in the United States. During severe weather, emergency workers might need at least 72 hours to open roadways and restore utilities. Read All Secure Survivor StoriesPersonal stories from survivors of major emergencies or disasters (share your own story below). Bug Out Bag on A Year After the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, Are You Any Better Prepared? George O'Toole on Over 590,000 Lives Secured with Emergency Kits and Disaster Supplies! The selection of a weak Magnitude, a 24 hour delivery on a worldwide list would result in an avalanche of emails (each earthquake will generate an E-mail). As we have decided not to use a control panel or password, the parameters of your subscription can only be changed by canceling your subscription (link in each Email we send). We will not share your E-mail with anyone else, it will be used only for earthquake alerts.
Please make sure that you are white listing our emails as otherwise they may be deviated to your spam folder.
Volcano news by volcanologist Janine Krippner and Armand VervaeckVolcano news from all over the world. The nature of contemporary thinking is that it searches for ‘state of knowledge’ imperatives and, as a natural consequence of the Christchurch experience, metropolitan centres throughout NZ are rushing to revisit and re-strategize their short, medium and long term plans, and they are recognising that there is little, if anything, that exists in contingency planning to rebound from a Christchurch type scenario. In Wellington we have served notices on a large number of buildings, but we now know the solution is not as simple as that.  Serving notices which have mandatory status might map out the scale of the problem but without a strategy that directly assists the community to mobilize, all we have is a problem and the solution remains in the dark. Unfortunately, due to the plethora of heritage buildings on Cuba St, it is now facing a serious epidemic of awkward red notices informing passers-by and business owners of timeframes, risks and inevitable consequences. The unfortunate reality of the world we live in is that obstacles like war, economic strife, viral epidemics and natural disasters can conspire to maim the growth of a society physically, fiscally and emotionally, and when they happen to overlap  the impact on a civilization is sometimes devastating and permanent. The special intimate character of bars, cafes and the like are restorable by smart interior applications but the larger realisation is the possibility of increased efficiency for commercial sustainability.  To achieve this requires an industry wide about-face in business modelling and an army of expertise to navigate through land and ownership issues, creation of special purpose vehicles, fiscal modelling and assistance from local government to enable support for the process, including consultation, incentives and planning assistance. Use flexible mount fasteners or braces to attach bookshelves or entertainment cabinets to walls. These substances can be placed on the bottom of a computer or other electrical appliance before sitting it on a surface. Geological Survey and guest editor of special issue andA geoscientist Jonathan Lees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and editor-in-chief of Seismological Research Letters share some highlights onA newly uncovered details about the earthquake that rocked New Zealand and offer grim lessons regarding the potential threat of fault lines running through urban centers.

TheA magnitude 6.2 temblorA killed more than 180 people and damaged or destroyed more than 100,000 buildings, the deadliest quake to strike New Zealand in 80 years.
Geological Survey and guest editor of a special issue of the journal Seismological Research Letters focused on the Christchurch earthquake out on November 1.A The degree of damage was particularly surprising given the relative preparedness of the city.
Christchurch, however, was constructed using much better technology and engineering practices, raising a very sobering alarm to other major, high density western urban centers. Both earthquakes ruptured along previously unmapped faults, but the corresponding damage was quite different. Much of Christchurch was once swampland, beach dune sand, estuaries and lagoons that were drained as the area was settled.
These are urban areas that sit atop geological features that may exaggerate or amplify ground motion, just as Christchurch experienced. As of April 22, 2016, more than 10 000 people across all 19 departments of the country are currently displaced due to flooding.
According to residents, more than 2 000 homes in Manipur and other buildings suffered extensive damage. It may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town, so an out-of-town contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members.Be sure every member of your family knows the phone number and has a cell phone, or a prepaid phone card to call the emergency contact. Do not get in a doorway as this does not provide protection from falling or flying objects, and you may not be able to remain standing. People who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices should lock their wheels and remain seated until the shaking stops. At night, hazards and debris are difficult to see and avoid; attempts to move in the dark result in more injuries than remaining in bed. If there is a clear path to safety, leave the building and go to an open space away from damaged areas.
In any emergency, always listen to the instructions given by local emergency management officials. This means that the risk of disastrous earthquakes spreads well beyond the well know risk areas associated with the more famous risk areas such as those cities and towns near the San Adreas Fault. It might be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call in town, so an out-of-town contact is in a better position to communicate among separated family members.
A more selective Magnitude, delivery option and area of your interest will give the best result. Cuba Street, and many other neighbourhoods of the notably historical sort, desperately need help in the form of a workable model that provides for preservation of both the community and the concrete.
The straps bolt onto whichever surfaces the appliance is placed and then secured directly to the appliance.
Much of the damage came from a phenomenon called liquefaction, where soils are shaken and begin to behave as a liquid, undermining buildings and other structures. The differences seen between the sites helped offer scientists insights as to why the Christchurch earthquake proved so devastating. As a result, large areas beneath the city and its environs are characterized by loose sand, gravel and silt a€” soil types highly susceptible to liquefaction. This might not be possible in a city, so you may need to duck inside a building to avoid falling debris. Widespread damage induced by liquefaction within the central business district of the city required 1,000 buildings to be demolished. If you are in an accident, emergency personnel will often check your ICE listings in order to get a hold of someone you know.

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