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Your family shelter and equip with two-week supply of food and water, first aid kit, battery radio. Evacuation kit for your automobile with food, water, first aid kit, battery or car radio, blankets.
What is “Civil Defense” and why should you be involved?  Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn’t your town or community be self-sufficient too?
Find out how you can create your own Community Emergency Response Team, that your local government can’t object to, because it is sanctioned under FEMA! Listen to Michael Mabee, author of Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community on this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show. Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. Hardtack is a type of cracker, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt.  It is inexpensive and long lasting.

Today hardtack is still manufactured and sold as pilot bread in the United States.  Alaskans are among the last to eat hardtack  as a significant part of their normal diet.
After cutting the squares, press a pattern of four rows of four holes into each square, using a fork or other such object.
The biggest mistake that you can make is not cooking them long enough.  During the time of the civil war, they cooked them in kilns for hours. This entry was posted in cooking, preserving foods, recipes and tagged hardtack, pilot bread.
I would like to thank you for the recipe, I had not found anyone who knew it, since my great-grandmother had passed in 1985. Google “How to Make Pemican” There is lots of sites with directions and a you-tube video or two!
They lasted me 2 years, give or take an inch (old carpenters measure twice cut once) The last crackkers are part of todays meal!!!!

Find out why towns need to be prepared to be able to provide their own food, water, security, sanitation and medical, in the case of a nation-wide disaster such as an EMP attack. In 1907 when President “Teddy” Roosevelt sent the “Great White Fleet” around the world, surplus hardtack left over from the Civil War was included in their supplies. I’m a bit of a collector of books related to hardship living and would love any chance to find a new read.

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