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Passing Vava'u earlier in the week as a Category Two storm that damaged crops and caused power outages, Cyclone Winston has made an about-turn and is now a Category Four cyclone with the potential to cause serious damage. Caritas in Tonga has trained volunteers (including on Vava'u) who previously responded to the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Ian in 2014, and is moving crucial supplies to the areas that are likely to be most affected.
Due to the increased risks from the current El Nino weather pattern, Caritas has already pre-positioned a large quantity of emergency supplies in Tonga, with the help of the New Zealand Aid Programme.
Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has worked closely with Caritas Tonga for more than a decade in emergency preparedness and long-term development programmes which include adapting to the effects of climate change and developing sustainable livelihoods. Bangladesh became a model in disaster preparedness in the time that passed between the two cyclones. Realizing the need for change, Bangladesh trained women as their disaster preparedness champions, because women were more comfortable leaving their homes after hearing other women calling for people to evacuate. The Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country handbook is a new detailed resource that provides information about the threat posed by earthquakes in Utah, particularly along the Wasatch Front, and explains how you can prepare for, survive, and recover from these inevitable events. So, for February and March the Stake has asked us to put together a list of resources and skills from the people in our neighborhood so they know what people would be willing to share with the community and neighborhood in the event of an emergency. Click on the image below to view the resource list and be thinking of the skills and things you’d be willing to share with the neighborhood. Download & just Print the files, then fill them out by hand, glue pictures and make copies. Here’s the file for the contents of the 72 hour Kits which were purchased through the church.
Choose an out-of-state friend or relative whom family members can call after the quake to report your condition.
Set up a Personal Support network – Designate someone to check on you in an emergency and to help with evacuation or sheltering-in-place. Personal Care Assistance – If you receive assistance from a home healthcare agency or in-home support provider, find out how the provider will respond in an emergency.
For Persons using a wheelchair: Plan for how you will evacuate in an emergency and discuss it with your care providers. For Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired: Keep an extra collapsible cane by your bed. For Persons who are Hearing Impaired: Keep extra batteries for your hearing aids with emergency supplies. Around the world, drowning by storm surge accounts for a high proportion of the deaths in tropical cyclones.
In 1970, a severe tropical cyclone struck the coast of Bangladesh and over 300,000 people were drowned by the storm surge. The area of sea water flooding may extend along the coast for over 100 kilometres, with water pushing several kilometres inland if the land is low lying. The combined effects of the storm tide and waves can knock down buildings, wash away roads and run ships aground. The paths of cyclones are often erratic, which makes it hard to forecast exactly when and where a cyclone will cross the coast. Had Cyclone Tracy arrived in Darwin during a high tide, the devastation would have been even worse. A storm surge is generated by weather systems forcing water onshore over a generally limited stretch of coastline. A Tsunami is generated by earthquakes, undersea landslides, volcanic eruptions, explosions or meteorites.

The intensity of the cyclone - as the winds increase, the sea water is piled higher and the waves on top of the surge are taller.
The forward speed of the cyclone - the faster the cyclone crosses the coast, the more quickly the surge builds up and the more powerfully it strikes.
The angle at which the cyclone crosses the coast - in general, the more head?on the angle, the higher the surge.
The shape of the sea floor - the surge builds up more strongly if the slope of the sea bed at the coast is shallow.
Local topography - bays, headlands and offshore islands can funnel and amplify the storm surge. If you live or work in the coastal tropics or subtropics, find out from your local Emergency Services or local council whether you are in a surge-prone area. When a cyclone threat develops, keep listening to official warnings issued by the Bureau of Meteorology. After causing floods and wild winds in Tonga, Cyclone Winston is heading back to the Vava'u islands for a second pass before tracking towards Suva.
Red Cross volunteers are bracing for the second onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Winston, expected to return to the Vava'u group of islands today. The cyclone's unpredictable path through the South Pacific Ocean saw it pass by Vava'u and Ha'apai on 17  February, tearing the roofs off more than 25 homes, flooding several more, and leaving roads blocked with fallen trees and power lines. Tonga Red Cross volunteers have been hard at work clearing debris and conducting damage assessments since Winston first passed through the country. Australian Red Cross continues to monitor the cyclone and is ready to assist with skilled aid workers as needed. Every donation we receive for our Disaster Response and Recovery work helps Australian Red Cross continue to be there for local and international communities struggling in the wake of a disaster. The social justice agency is also ready to respond with staff and is closely monitoring the situation. Storm shelters were built, early warning systems installed, and cyclone preparedness programs implemented. Women often died in cyclones because they didn’t hear warnings or because they were responsible for children and their elders as well. The redesign of evacuation centers also played a huge part of disaster risk management, with new shelters having designated spaces for women and children. This conference will be held Friday, March 27, 2009, and will combine aspects from both of these conferences. Your block captains will be going around and compiling the list while they also deliver the Neighborhood Emergency Plans. You must use the information which is freely provided in assessing the needs of your family.
We have tried to make it easy for everyone and self explanatory, but we understand it’s a lot of information to take in.
You’ll need a copy of this with your kits to make sure you know what you have and what you still need to get.
Consider storing your hearing aids in a container attached to your nightstand or bedpost, so you can locate them quickly after a disaster. Many parts of the Australian coastline are vulnerable to storm surge and Australians have been killed in past storm surge events.
If you are caught in your home or in a car when a significant storm surge arrives, you may not survive.

This makes it difficult to predict how high the astronomical tide will be when the storm surge strikes, since the time difference between high and low tide is only a few hours.
Similarly, a low tide saved Townsville from a dangerous storm surge that accompanied Cyclone Althea in 1971. While both can cause inundation and significant damage in coastal regions, they have quite different characteristics. It will normally build up over a time frame of a few hours, as the cyclone or similar weather system approaches. These travel great distances, sometimes across entire oceans affecting vast lengths of coastal land. However other angles can lead to local zones of enhanced surge in areas such as narrow inlets and bays. If the sea bed slopes steeply, or if fringing reefs are present, then the surge will be less. This makes it easier for Emergency Services to manage the difficult task of moving a lot of people all at once, especially if the weather is getting worse. Some 60 families are staying in evacuation centres in Vava'u and Ha'apai, with more evacuees anticipated over the weekend.
They have also been supporting the Ministry of Health to contain an outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. They will conduct rapid damage assessments from the cyclone and have relief supplies on hand for affected families.
Thirty-seven years later, the equally powerful Cyclone Sidr arrived, but in its wake casualties numbered only around 3,500, the female to male death ratio dropped 5 to 1. Some didn’t want to go to the shelters without the accompaniment of their husbands or another male. It will feature inspirational and academic speakers who will present ways to strengthen families, teaching parents how to raise a righteous posterity and help prevent the problems that often arise in modern family life.
If you are not familiar with how to do this we suggest method 1, 2 or 3.) Click the images below to view larger images or to save them onto your computer.
You can use your favorite image editing program to edit the JPG files provided above or use Adobe Acrobat Professional to insert more pages or remove some if needed into or out of, the PDF file. Exercise caution when moving around after an earthquake; items may fall and block paths that are normally unobstructed.
As a result the Bureau of Meteorology, in its warnings to the public, makes the 'worst case' assumption that the cyclone will cross the coast at high tide. Vava'u and Ha'apai will experience strong winds, rain and coastal swells before the cyclone heads towards Fiji on Saturday. There will also be experts in the fields of therapy, counseling, and family issues giving specific hands-on information and hope to families who are struggling or dealing with real and often tragic problems attacking our society, families, and individuals today.
Please keep in mind, that because we do provide you with free PDF downloads of all of the files we create, we do not send out original files.
Wherever your nearest safe high ground shelter might be, work out the safest way to get there.

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