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Include information about how you will be evacuated, sheltered and how you will communicate in your plan.
If you cannot take advantage of TV, radio alerts because of hearing or vision problems, plan how you will be alerted. You have the right to bring a service animal, your communication tools and accessories (switches, battery pack, mount) with you.
Make multiple copies of your emergency health information to keep at work, in your wallet, wheelchair pack, or purse with your primary identification card.
Review and update this information whenever your medications or other information changes, but no less than twice a year.

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Do you have an evacuation plan in case you need to leave home or work in an emergency situation?
Do you always carry a copy of your health information in a water proof bag in case of an emergency? Don’t forget to include specific equipment, such as feeding equipment, batteries, switches, chargers, a laminated communication display so you can access pertinent vocabulary. Consider making a small manual with photos to provide instructions about how you need to be lifted and seated, how you sleep and eat.

Make sure you have enough food and water for at least seven days and that someone will periodically check on you.
Types of disasters include floods, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, chemical leaks, terrorist attacks on people, contamination of the water supply and so on. Be sure to include information about how you communicate, how to maintain your equipment, etc.

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