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This 16-page preparedness guide by the NOAA National Weather Service describes flood related hazards and gives lifesaving suggestions for avoiding disaster. The National Weather Service campaign called Turn Around Don’t Drown helps to warn people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters. FEMA manages the NFIP and this 4-page PDF describes the two types of flood coverage and what they cover.
In last week’s Emergency Preparedness News column, I covered the health risks New Orleans residents have been facing since flood waters inundated their city. Maintain proper hygiene, such as frequent handwashing and showering, as the situation allows. Use the utility wrench in American Family Safety’s Ready-Kit™ to turn off the water in your home to prevent additional flooding and pipe problems. Sign up to receive news, disaster safety tips, emergency preparedness updates, and special store discounts from American Family Safety. Yehuda Cagen, of Xvand Technology Corporation, is a cloud computing company that specializes in enabling clients to work uninterrupted through natural disasters. Yehuda Cagen spearheaded Xvand Technology’s efforts to educate business leaders on the disaster preparedness benefits of the cloud through the business-focused eBooks, whitepapers, webinar series, and cloud computing tools he developed. Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicity Firm that works with authors, speaker and experts in book promotion, book marketing and publicity. Annie Jennings PR firm books the #1 radio talk show campaign with a guarantee of performance and unlimited media training, TV shows in any city and National TV, major magazine and print media as well as influential brand-building prestigious online media. The Annie Jennings PR Real Story Success Series showcases [read more]High Altitude Adventure: Hut-to-Hut“Have you known the Great White Silence?
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Do you know that every county in California has been declared a federal flood disaster area at least once in the last 20 years?
An alluvial fan is a fan-shaped buildup of sediment found at the base of steep mountain canyons.
Debris flow floods are made up of water, mud, and debris; they can form and accelerate quickly, reaching high velocities and traveling great distances.
Storms can cause flooding through a process known as "storm surges," which is when ocean waves are significantly larger than normal. Although many people think of a tsunami as a single, breaking wave, it typically consists of multiple waves that rush ashore like a fast-rising tide with powerful currents. Localized flooding poses most of the same problems caused by larger floods, but typically impacts fewer people and affects geographically smaller areas. Not every part of California experiences every type of flooding, but the results of each is the same: without proper preparedness, lives, homes, infrastructure and agriculture are lost, and damage to the environment and economy is likely. Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars, causing loss of control and possible stalling. It is extremely difficult to see how deep flood water is, so don't drive through water on the roadway. Just one foot of water can cause more than $54,000 in damages to a $150,000 single-family home. A home in the 100-year floodplain is almost twice as likely to suffer damage from flooding than from fire during the life of a 30-year mortgage. The Pubbliche Assistenze, Italian Associations that provided assistance to the general public, began to form in 1860 when volunteers started to show solidarity for those in need and began soon into regional organizations to act all over Italy in the areas of rescue, disaster relief, assistance to disadvantaged and public health.
During the first week of October there will be the 2nd exercise by ANPAS and WK in Italy: it will focus on how to build and run a camp (ITS), simulating the previously worked out scenario for a cross-border joint flood relief operation.
ASB has carried out several projects in the field of civil protection in collaboration with other organizations.
At the end of April 2015 ASBO will host the 1st flood exercise on leadership training about team building, capacity building for team leading and about co-operative structures and processes between different public and non-governmental leader units and decision makers. The association of the Samaritans of the Czech Republic (ASCR) was founded in February 1992 and therefore followed on from the tradition of the Samaritan organisation.
The Asociacia Samritanov Slovenskej Republiky (Association of the Samaritans of the Slovakian Republic), ASSR, was founded on 12 August 2005. The Samaritan Federation of the Non-government Organisations (SFOP) is a voluntary association of autonomous non-government organisations, which was founded at the initiative of the Samaritan society in Zakliczyn on 5 September 2003. SFOP will host the 5th flood Partner meeting on landslides and on the measures to be taken in case of such an event occurs. The Orszagos Szamaritanus Tarsasag Szovetsege (USB) was founded on 30 October 1999 and has its registered seat in Budapest.
USB Hungary has organized and managed the first partner Budapest Meeting on Flood (best practices) in the activities of flood last February. During the First week of October there will be the 2nd exercise by ANPAS and WK in Italy: it will focus on how to build and run a camp (ITS), simulating the previously worked out scenario for a cross-border joint flood relief operation.
Counties in blue and green border the Pacific Ocean or San Francisco Bay and may experience flooding caused by tsunamis as well as coastal flooding caused by storm surges. California’s coastline is approximately 850 miles long, making it one of the longest state coastlines in America (only Alaska's and Florida's coastlines are longer).

While it’s easy to imagine coastal flooding happens only on beaches and in specific areas that might be affected by tidal flows, coastal floodplains are larger than just where the land meets the ocean and where rivers flow into the sea.
While much of California’s coastline is cliffs, there are low-lying coastal areas that are particularly vulnerable to coastal flooding. Perhaps the most dramatic aspects of coastal flooding are how quickly certain types of flood events move across land, how far inland they can travel, and the force with which they move.
Estimates for maximum tsunami crests in California for tsunamis that travel across the Pacific Ocean can range from 25-30 feet high in northern and central California to 5-15 feet high in southern California.
As for the force of coastal flooding, one cubic yard of sea water weighs over 1,700 lbs – almost one ton. In contrast, Californians usually have less than a day’s notice before a tsunami from across the Pacific Ocean arrives, and only 10 to 20 minutes before a tsunami caused by a local earthquake or landslide arrives. So, it is safest to make sure you are prepared before winter arrives, and follow information, warnings, and instructions given by emergency management officials or the warning signs from nature. Tsunamis and storm surges combined with high tides are powerful enough to push saltwater into rivers, streams, and creeks, “backing up” water that normally flows into the ocean. But drinking polluted water is only one of the ways you may become ill if your town floods during a disaster.
These include airborne viruses, evaporated oil products, mold spores, mosquito-borne infections and smoke from fires. Any food items that have touched floodwaters —including unopened cans or sealed packages—also put you at risk, as containers have been exposed to bacteria. In addition, you run the risk of cutting yourself on sharp debris or getting your feet caught in unstable pockets or holes. Wash all surfaces well, including wrists, palms, backs of hands, fingers and under the fingernails. Yehuda shares the steps businesses can take to develop a successful disaster preparedness plan. After two decades of working with Fortune 500 companies, IsUtility® was created to empower businesses of all sizes with the same "big company" IT Consulting and Remote PC support benefits for a fraction of the cost - helping them achieve new levels of business power.
Alluvial fan flooding is characterized by relatively shallow depths, high velocity, and moving soil and sediment, creating uncertainty about where rising water and soil will travel. Debris flows are commonly caused by heavy, localized rainfall on hillsides where vegetation has been destroyed by fire. Don't drive through water on the roadway; during floods, more people are trapped and die in their vehicles than anywhere else.
The pubbliche assistenze joined together in 1904 in Spoleto, Italy, creating the Federazione Nazionale delle Societa di Pubblica Assistenza e Pubblico Soccorso. The First Aid training, the medical and rescue service as well as the disaster management are among its classical fields of work.
The main activities of the ASSR, which are carried out in full by volunteers, are the execution of non-governmental rescue services, patient transport and disabled transport services, First Aid training, social services for senior citizens, physically disabled and drug addicts as well as activities in the field of health prevention such as e.g. The member organisations of the federation are active in all sectors where help is needed: In the work with disabled, help for old people, help for children and youths, in particular help for orphaned children and children from socially weak families, help for victims of natural and environmental disasters.
The USB is a charity organisation which is independent of the church and parties, which carries out its charitable tasks as an umbrella organisation with regional and local federations.
When tidal areas, estuaries, and deltas are included, California’s coastline grows to approximately 3,425 miles.
Coastal floodplains are areas near the coast that are subject to flooding from various tidal, storm and tsunami events. Storm surges can rise several feet in a short period of time and, pushed by storm winds, can move rapidly inland. Although less likely to happen, tsunamis caused by local offshore earthquakes and landslides could flood up to a 60-foot elevation along the coast especially in northern California, near the Cascadia fault.
Even if flood water is only moving a couple of miles per hour, everything in its path – homes, businesses, cars, etc. For tsunamis caused by local events, the only “warning” coastal communities will usually get comes from nature – strong earthquake shaking or the tide receding rapidly may be the only clues a tsunami may arrive within minutes.
Understanding the consequences of the different types of flooding that happen on coastal floodplains can help with preparing for them. This can put pressure on levees, cause overtopping, or cause unleveed rivers, streams, and creeks to overflow their banks.
You can develop dermatitis (an inflammation of the skin), and if your feet have been submerged in contaminated waters and remain wet for an extended period, you’re at risk for immersion foot (also called “trench foot”).
In some areas, drop-offs may be surprisingly deep, and you can become submerged in a matter of seconds. Debris flows can demolish homes and other structures, wash out roads and bridges and sweep away cars.
Areas adjacent to local streams and creeks can also experience flooding as a result of excessive runoff from heavy rainfall and accumulation of water flowing over broad flat areas. Winds blowing in an onshore direction (from the sea toward the land) can cause the water to "pile up" against the coast, overtopping natural and manmade flood protection structures like sea walls.
Tsunamis are triggered by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, underwater landslides and onshore landslides in which large volumes of debris fall into the water.

A flash flood is a sudden, rapid flooding of low-lying areas typically caused by intense rainfall. When the system backs up, pooling water can flood streets, yards and even the lower floors of homes and businesses. In 1989 the Federazione Nazionale took on its present name and became the Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS).
In addition, it offers a broad range of supervision possibilities for old and sick people or people with a disability. A further aim of the federation is to contribute to the importance of the work of non-government organisations, to extend their fields of activity and to improve their functional capability. Voluntary and workers are active in the 32 local USB organisations and at the office of the USB umbrella organisation. The core activities are the execution of rescue and patient transports and associated with this further services such as the patient return service worldwide, regional air rescue, First Aid courses, youth work, house emergency call, emergency counselling, laboratory, blood and breast milk transports and more.
Some coastal communities have constructed barriers to protect themselves from coastal flooding.
In deep ocean water, tsunamis can travel upwards of 600 mph – as fast as a jet, and they can make it from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other side in less than a day.
Downed electric lines from high winds may also be hidden in waters—and they may still carry an electrical charge.
In mid-August 2004, thunderstorms in the Wildomar, Sage, and La Quinta areas resulted in alluvial fan flooding. In debris flow flooding, mud remains after a flood has receded, causing additional expense to remove. Of particular concern in California are the deep floodplains of the Central Valley, which are subject to periodic riverine flooding. Coastal communities, especially low-lying stretches of Southern California, are highly susceptible to this hazard. Some come from across the globe; for example, the March 2011 earthquake in Japan brought an 8-foot wave into Crescent City harbor, destroying much of the harbor. Even less intense storms can cause this type of flooding when leaves, sediment and debris plug storm drains.
In many cases, stormwater flooding can easily be avoided by keeping storm drains clear of debris, so the stormwater system can function properly.
Children are promoted and supported in ASB kindergartens, creches and child day care centres as well as integrative facilities. SFOP will host the 5th flood Partner meeting on landslides and on the measures to be taken in case of such an event occurs. The focuses of the work of the USB and its member organisations are placed on patient transport, emergency rescue, nursing of old people and children, social services and First Aid training. The special feature of the Wei?es Kreuz is that almost all services are carried out by around 2,500 volunteers. However, while flood barriers reduce the risk of flooding, they do not eliminate it because these structures can be overtopped or breached. On coastal floodplains this can result in damage to wetlands, which soak-up and hold floodwater like sponges. When rivers are already overflowing their banks because of excess stormwater already in the river, the additional pressure caused by storm surges and tsunamis can exacerbate and extend areas of flooding.
Riverine flooding can be widespread, with floodwaters persisting for several hours to days, weeks or more.
The Worker Samaritan Youth (ASJ), the independent youth association of the ASB, promotes the social engagement of children and youths.
The USB is a relief and charity organisation which has a federal set-up and works democratically. It can also mean paving over ground that absorbs rain, which means rainwater stays on the surface and can flood streets and homes because the water has nowhere else to go if drainage is not adequate. If a tsunami-causing disturbance occurs close to the coastline, a resulting tsunami can reach coastal communities within minutes.
Although floods can occur throughout the year, California's rainy season usually lasts from November to April. The ASB overseas aid focuses on the international emergency aid in the event of a disaster as well as on reconstruction measures and structural aid. The bodies of the USB are the members’ meeting, which is convened once a year, the executive board and the supervisory board. There is a Samaritan school for First Aid training, training of nurses and paramedics in Melnik. In addition, the ASCR is founder of the club of active aging “KLAS”, which offers senior citizens educational, cultural and sports activities.

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