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Past Disasters and Future Threats: Tsunami Products from NGDC (Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 23-29, 2014) +Learning from Past DisastersUnderstanding past tsunamis is key to preparing for future events.
The March 11, 2011, magnitude 9.0 earthquake near Honshu Island, Japan, illustrates NOAA's integrated tsunami response.
Tsunamis are infrequent but potentially devastating events capable of causing great destruction and loss of life in coastal communities. You can find more information and resources on the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program website. Oregon experiences regular (in geologic time) mega thrust earthquakes and large "local" tsunamis. Wholesale Disaster Preparedness Kit from China, Customized Disaster Preparedness Kit With Logo, Price is Cheap! Del 24 al 30 de Marzo, 2013 estaremos observando la Semana de Concientizacion sobre Tsunami. Schools, playgrounds, hospitals, factories and homes are often built in areas vulnerable to tsunamis.
Escuelas, parques, hospitales, y viviendas se construyen a menudo en zonas vulnerables a los tsunamis.
The tsunami, generated by tectonic motion and about 20 landslides, devastated many towns along the Gulf of Alaska and caused damage in British Columbia, Japan, Hawaii and along the U.S.

To educate those in coastal regions, NGDC has developed a short list of the warning signs you feel, see and hear before a tsunami hits and what to do in the first few critical minutes. Understanding past tsunamis, effectively modeling impacts from future events and closely monitoring oceans after tsunami-generating events are key to protecting life and property. FIRST AID KIT, FACE MASKS (NIOSH N95), WATERPROOF FLASHLIGHT With 2 "D" BATTERIES, FLASHLIGHT SIGNAL CONE & STAND, ROLL CAUTION TAPE, EMERGENCY WATER BAGS, FABRIC BLANKET, RAIN PONCHOS & MORE! Each day we will share information and tips about what is a tsunami and how to prepare for one, especially if you live near the coast or you visit the beach frequently. Cada dia compartiremos informacion y consejos acerca de que es un Tsunami y como prepararse para uno, especialmente si usted vive cerca de la costa o visita las playas frecuentemente. A rapid increase and decrease in sea level that travels across the ocean as a wave from an under water earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption. The TsunamiReady Program, developed by the NWS, is designed to help cities, towns, counties, universities and other large sites in coastal areas reduce the potential for disastrous tsunami-related consequences. These data are available through an interactive map (link below) and allow researchers to better understand where tsunami events have occurred, how often and their severity.
The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued its first alert within minutes and tracked wave progress using NOAA's DART buoy system and tide gauges.
The National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) and its partners compile a unique set of tsunami-related products to support and prepare tsunami warning centers, tsunami modelers, engineers, oceanographers, seismologists, community leaders and the general public.

Puerto Rico Sea Grant actively participates in the development of a Caribbean tsunami warning system similar to the one in the Pacific Region. James Kirby (University of Delaware Sea Grant funded coastal engineering researcher) and his modeling work related to tsunami hazards on the U.S. Muchos municipios costeros en PR, Vieques y Culebra son Tsunami Ready o están en el progreso de serlo. Following the event, these data were archived at NGDC and are now used for future planning and preparation. Their work also sheds light on public perceptions of risks and the economic impacts of coastal hazards.
Many coastal municipalities of PR, Vieques and Culebra are Tsunami Ready or in the progress of becoming one.

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