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Be sure to pick up Sunday's Florida Times-Union for the 2014-2015 Emergency Preparedness Guide.
It's filled with useful information and tips on how to make sure your family is ready for the hurricane season that starts June 1.
From definitions for watches and warnings to historical perspective and what to do when the power goes out, you'll find it in the guide. The Emergency Preparedness Guide is a partnership between the Times-Union, Jax Ready - Duval County Emergency Management, First Coast News, American Red Cross, Winn-Dixie and WJCT. PREVThe 'homeless valedictorian' from Jacksonville preps for graduationNEXTDriving in 'time warp,' says Putnam County man charged with killing N.Y. Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. A study, called States at Risk, says Florida lacks a long-term plan for dealing with rising sea levels, despite being the nation's most vulnerable state as oceans inch higher.
The study, called States at Risk, says Florida lacks a long-term plan for dealing with rising sea levels, despite being the nation's most vulnerable state as oceans inch higher.
Oceans have risen about eight inches over the past century, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, because water expands as it warms and the melting of glaciers raises sea levels.
Contrary to the state, the four counties of southeast Florida have undertaken extensive preparations for climate change.
Low-lying coastal neighborhoods in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach and other cities already experience occasional fair-weather flooding during high tides, particularly during the king tides of October and November.
The Southeast Florida compact recently raised its projection of future sea level rise, calculating the ocean could rise 31 inches by 2060, about two inches more than was estimated five years ago. On coastal flooding, the report said Florida has worked hard on dealing with current problems but falls short on future threats. Extreme heat: Although Florida currently averages 25 days a year of dangerous or extremely dangerous heat, that number is projected to rise to 130 days by 2050. Wildfire: The state has taken extensive action to prepare for current risks and has included wildfires in a plan for dealing with climate change. Drought: The state faces one of the lowest risks in the nation for future drought and has undertaken a drought vulnerability assessment. Inland flooding: The report says by 2050 Florida's inland flooding threat will increase more than any other states, yet Florida has taken only limited action to plan for its future risks. If you area Florida resident looking for an oil spill recover job, a new website launched Thursday might provide the opportunity you are seeking. Some response and recovery jobs will require special training, for which job seekers may receive a stipend. In the North Escambia area, Escarosa Career Centers are located at 8120 North Century Boulevard in Century, 3670-A North L Street in Pensacola and 5723 Highway 90 in Milton.
A new study says Florida has more homes at risk from the devastating damage of hurricane-powered storm surges than any other state. While the designation will come as no surprise to anyone living smack in the path of hurricane alley, the numbers reported by CoreLogic are sobering. In the tri-county area between Miami and West Palm Beach, CoreLogic found more than a half million homes are at risk.

In recent years, storm surge has gained attention as a lethal threat from hurricanes in the wake of Katrina and Sandy, deadly storms that rank among the nation’s costliest. In 2012, Sandy hit New York City, sending a storm surge nearly 14 feet high into Battery Park. Last year, the National Hurricane Center launched storm surge warning maps that will let the public plug in locations to see what threat storm surge poses.
To come up with its estimate for property value, CoreLogic used a proprietary methodology that calculates the cost to rebuild property deemed a total loss. The firm then broke down houses into five risk categories between extreme and low — with extreme representing the surge risk posed by all hurricanes, no matter the strength.
With effect from 3 January 2013 Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) and Clean Caribbean & Americas (CCA) have joined together as a single organisation to meet the expanding needs for oil spill preparedness and response around the world.
OSRL will acquire CCA’s assets and personnel, with CCA’s Fort Lauderdale base in Florida becoming a regional response base supporting OSRL’s global response capability. This transaction, coupled with the establishment later this year of OSRL’s new base in Brazil to deliver its new subsea well intervention service, sets up a third OSRL region, the Americas.
OSRL and CCA have worked together for almost 20 years on matters relating to training, response logistics, contingency planning and exercises, and also under the auspices of the Global Response Network.
Posted on January 10, 2013 with tags Americas, and, CCA, News, Offshore, Oil, OSRL, Preparedness, Response, Spill, Work. Maersk Drilling Norge AS was established in 1990 and employs a staff of approximately 1000 people. Do you attach great importance to quality and do you have an affinity with offshore projects? PhotosFHCAFHCA President Scott Allen, David Wright and FHCA Emergency Preparedness Council chair Robin Bleier. TALLAHASSEE — Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) has recognized David Wright, LPN, at Ponce Therapy Care Center, as the 2013 Licensed Practical Nurse of the Year. Wright is LPN supervisor of Ponce Therapy Care Center, a 120-bed skilled nursing facility in St. Florida Health Care Association’s Long Term Care Excellence in Nursing Awards focus on the individual contributions of a nurse administrator (director of nursing), Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant, who has each excelled in clinical practice, customer responsiveness, leadership and communication. This has been the hottest year since records were kept in 1880, with October becoming the sixth consecutive month to break a global heat record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Members of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, which consists of Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, held a news conference Wednesday at Florida Atlantic University to discuss the report.
It predicted seas up to 46 inches higher by 2075, enough to submerge extensive areas of South Florida. Although the Florida Department of Transportation has written sea-level rise preparations into its plans, the report says the state as a whole lacks a plan for preparing for the extensive flooding expected to strike low-lying coastal neighborhoods in the coming decades.
The Department of Health has assessed how higher temperatures could affect the state but no action has been taken.
Designed as an online “one-stop shop” for job seekers and employers, the website allows job seekers to access available positions, which are verified by the local Regional Workforce Boards, as employers post them. More than 2,400 workers have already been trained and are eligible to begin filling these positions, including 302 who are already participating in Florida’s recovery efforts.

More than 2.5 million homes in the state are at risk for some kind of damage from storm surge, according to the study.
The company estimated rebuilding costs for a worst-case flooding from storm surge at $105 billion. In 2005, Katrina flooded New Orleans when the Mississippi River breached crumbling and broken levees to fill the bowl-shaped city, causing about $108 billion in damage. This estimate should not be confused with market values or new construction cost estimates, the firm said. Nearly the entire coastline between the three counties, and most of Miami-Dade County’s barrier islands, were at extreme risk. Members of CCA will become Members of OSRL and thus receive membership services from OSRL going forward.
His caring and compassion is evident, as the residents on his unit feel he is an extension of their families,” said Ponce Therapy Care Center Administrator Karen Butler.
Although they largely concurred with the conclusions, they said it appeared to have ignored work by the state's water management districts in preparing for sea-level rise, as well as the extensive work being done in South Florida at the city and county levels to adapt to high sea levels. Texas received an F for doing little to prepare, despite facing the highest threats in the lower 48 states for heat, drought and wildfires. The site is a dedicated portal through Florida’s official online job bank, the Employ Florida Marketplace. Floridians can also call 1-877-362-5034 to learn more about available jobs related to response and recovery efforts. Rebuilding costs statewide from an extreme worst-case surge could amount to $491 billion — more than the gross domestic products of Austria, Chile, Venezuela or a dozen other countries. Much of southern Miami-Dade County is considered at high to extreme risk, according to its calculations.
Wright was selected for his efforts to improve quality outcomes in nursing home resident care, for his professional excellence and enthusiasm to promote long term care nursing as a specialty. Additionally, job seekers are encouraged to visit one of the 93 local One-Stop Career Centers for information about these and other employment opportunities in their communities. The award was presented by FHCA president Scott Allen at the association’s annual Nurse Leadership Program in St. He has a sincere desire to learn and often takes the knowledge and skills he gains and shares it with the facility’s Certified Nursing Assistants to help enhance their skills. Petersburg Beach, with more than 200 long-term care nurses and health care professionals in attendance. He is committed to the facility’s employees and is a mentor to many, known for an encouraging and positive attitude that regularly boosts employee morale.

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