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Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption. Presentation on theme: "Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption.
Before The further from the volcano you are, the more time you have to respond and the fewer dangers exist. What to Expect during an Eruption These flows can reach extreme speeds of up to 450 mph and temperatures of 1,800 degrees F. DANGERS of ASHFALL 1 square inch 1 square inch of ash weighs up to 10 pounds dry and up to 15 pounds when wet. Download "Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption. Landforms at plate margins- volcanoes and supervolcanoes Learning Objectives: 1)To know why people continue to live near volcanoes 2)To know how volcanoes.
Get Ready for an Earthquake Earthquakes are the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the breaking and shifting of rock deep underground Including. 1 This complete mine emergency training program developed by the Division of Mines (DM) was designed to increase the technical knowledge and safety awareness. Unlike other natural disasters, you can’t see an earthquake coming your way; the time to prepare is well before the actual event. This should include amble amounts of food, water, and clothing for each member of your family for anywhere from three days to two weeks. Water: It’s recommended that you store one gallon of water –in plastic containers – per person per day. Sanitation and Hygiene supplies: trash bags, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, bleach, and paper towels. A communications plan ensures you can contact one another in case everyone is not in the same location when the earthquake occurs. Communicate with your family members about what they should do in case an earthquake hits. Share what you have learned with family, household and neighbors to encourage them to be informed. You can do many things to protect yourself and your family from the dangers a volcanic eruption can cause. What has happened? PHIVOLCS, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology is continuously assessing and analyzing potential dangers from  earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Many faults and fault systems are not visible because they lay deep down in the earth-crust. The VFS is an active fault system in the Greater Metro Manila Area (GMMA) with two fault traces: the 10 km long East Valley Fault in Rizal and the 100 km long West Valley Fault runs through different cities and towns of Bulacan, Rizal, Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna.
This Atlas allows house owners, lot owners, engineers and construction companies to find the fault line very precisely on large scale maps. Practical StategiesThe main Strategy for preserving lives in the event of an eruption is Public Information.
Public Preperation: making sure the public are prepared and know what to do before,during and after and eruption. Earthquakes between 2-5km below the surface shows that magma is pushing upwards.Sak* has a tunnel deep into the mountain to measre the earthquakes.
The Sakursjima Volcanic Observatory s network of tiltmeters detect every movement of the mountain, even the smallest movement can herald and eruption.
Seismometers detect earthquakes which occur immediately beneath the crater, signaling the onset of the eruption. One of the leaders in eruption prediction is Bernard Chouet who has pioneered a technique of looking at long period earthquakes (harmonic tremors)beneath a volcano which are the result of gas being pressurised within the volcanoes plumbing.
The small Caribbean Island of Montserrat is a good example of Managing the risk posed by a volcanic eruption.
Mount Unzen in Japan had been dormant for nearly 200 years when increasingly frequent earthquakes,small steam and ash eruptions heralded the start of an active phase.
In 1991-1993 a lava flow from Mt Etna threatened the town of Zafferana .Efforts were made to divert the lava flow away from the town.

Eldfell is a cinder cone 200m high on the island of Heimay in the Vestmann islands off the south west cost of Iceland.
Greg Valentine never What are some of the major things we wouldn’t know about the interior of the earth if volcanic eruptions had never occurred?
Those that have shown activity in the last ten years are considered Active, and there are 40 active volcanoes in the U.S. Greg Valentine far in advance How far in advance, and how accurately, can a volcanic eruption be predicted and the public notified to evacuate?
Before Before the lava exits the Volcano a spew of Ash will first erupt, if you see this following the small earthquakes it’s a good indication that lava is soon to follow and you should evacuate immediately. Pyroclastic Flow: a mixture of gas and pyroclastic debris that is so dense that it hugs the ground, applied with gravity and these dense clouds will flow down or around the volcano into anything waiting below.
Greg Valentine ash stay in the atmosphere If there was an intermediate to felsic eruption with a VEI of 6-8, how long would the ash stay in the atmosphere? Greg Valentine in preparation What would you personally do in preparation for a very large eruption that may cause long-term global effects? Lance Lockwood Justin Luther Silvia Martinez Abbigail Miller Misty Poe Baylee Welch Special Thanks to Dr. Types of Natural Disasters Tornadoes Tornadoes Hurricanes Hurricanes Earthquakes Earthquakes Volcanoes Volcanoes. Lets Face It- Our World Has Changed ………………… We should all be prepared… just in case Weather Changes Social Changes.
Salt Lake Community College The College is committed to providing the training necessary for all employees.
Only four months into the year and there have already been a reported 4,218 earthquakes worldwide.
If you are inside, move as little as possible and stay away from windows to avoid being injured by shattered glass. Many communities have systems that will send instant text alerts or e-mails to keep you informed of road closings, local emergencies, and bad weather. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to follow the advice of local officials. It became so viral that in different forums people were asking about the Magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Metro Manila last Sunday. You may also find the Hazard Maps for the currently active volcanoes on our Active Volcano Page.
Other fault lines are at the surface and can be seen either directly on the ground, or if they are very large, from an aircraft. The West Valley Fault can generate a large earthquake which poses threat to people’s lives, buildings and infrastructures, and livelihood.
Solidum said that the location of active faults is a major basis for people’s preparedness for earthquakes, appropriate land use, contingency planning for disaster response, and design of houses, buildings and infrastructures. But there is a growing risk that a Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake may happen in the Valley Fault Systems.
Although volcanic eruptions are more predictable than earthquakes, there is very little if anything that man can do to prevent or alter the hazardous events happening. The Sakurajima Volcano lies near Kagoshima City, which has a population of 500,000 people.
The amount of HCl and released SO2 increases , remote sensing is used to monitir the gases.
Montserrat is a small island(7x3 miles) from 1995 onwards the Soufriere Hills Volcano decimated the southern 23rds of the island. Rocks can be thrown 20 miles from a volcanic eruption but the ash can travel hundreds of miles. As much as possible, keep ash out of buildings, machinery, air and water supplies, downspouts, storm-drains, etc. Local authorities will give you information on how to prepare for a volcanic eruption, and if necessary, on how to evacuate (leave the area) or take shelter where you are.

The only events people can occasionally have control over are the diversion of lava flows,lahars and lake gas. After the disaster at Armero caused by Nevado del Ruiz where warning signs had been disregarded this was a great success. Monitoring,evacuation,public information and exclusion zones were used to minimise the risk to the public. Explosives were then used to disrupt a 7km long lava tube system which was feeding the lava front.
A curtain of fire and lava shot into the air 200m only 1km from the only town of Vestmannaeyjir. 1,500°F Realize that some flows can be as hot as 1,500°F and move at speeds of 100 to 150 miles per hour. Ashfall,pyroclastic flows,fountaining,lava eruptions and lahars cannot be prevented from happening. The following pattern of observations have been shown to be a precursor to an eruption at Sakurajima. The only deaths were caused by islanders flouting the danger zone restrictions and being caught up in a pyroclastic flow.The islands capital town,Plymouth,the airport and numerous houses and farms were destoyed by pyroclastic flows and could not be returned to.
On 23 May an explosion was set off which destroyed the lava tube and diverted the channel into a manmade channel. Some volcanoes such as Vesuvius, might show signs of potential eruption many weeks prior to an eruption. Volcanologists provide scientific advice, but a decision to evacuate (or how many people or how large an area to evacuate) involves much more than volcano science. Ash actually settles or gets caught up in rain, so it doesn't linger in the atmosphere all that long. Solidum presented the newest Hazard Map, the Valley Fault System (VFS) Atlas, a handbook of large scale maps showing in detail areas traversed by the Valley Fault System, was finally unveiled on May 18, 2015 at the institute’s auditorium, Quezon City. It is how the risk is decreased to people that is the main strategy of volcanic hazard management. Montserrat is governed by the the UK so although so had the help of a wealthy nation to rebuild. Houses were soon buried in tephra and the lava started advancing towards the towns harbour which was vital for the towns fishing fleet and livelyhood. However, even with several weeks it would be difficult to evacuate the hundreds of thousands of people that live around it.
It also includes deciding what is an acceptable risk, what the costs of evacuation are and weighing them against the benefits (for example, an evacuation might be enforced, but the eruption ends up not happening).
However, aerosols can linger in the atmosphere - if the volcano plume gets to the stratosphere (as would the sort of eruption you're asking about) - much longer, a few years typically.
The population were determined to save their harbour and pumped millions of tonnes of sea water onto the advancing lava front to cool the advancing flow. Some volcanoes, such as one that might form in the city of Auckland (New Zealand) or in Mexico City, might give little warning, and only days or less prior to eruption - these are monogenetic volcanoes so the hazard would be from a new volcano. These are policy decisions and can only be made by decision makers that have government authority. It is aerosols in the stratosphere that have caused climate effects for the years following major eruptions. Eventually the eruption clamed down in 1995 , the civilian population had been protected but 43 people from the media and sciencs had been killed when they knowingly went into the danger zone.
Short term geohazards from ash in the atmosphere include aviation hazards (discussed above), human and animal respiration problems.

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