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For building staff to clearly understand the proper actions in an emergency the Emergency Response Guide is invaluable. Emergency Preparedness Brochures and Booklets can be distributed electronically to all tenants and employees. The materials provide an efficient, cost-effective means of reinforcing life safety training. Our standard booklet divides procedures into a Your Role (tenant)-Our Role (building staff) format. A separate guide can be adapted to the training needs of building staff and also to Warden Teams. The most common is for building management to make content available on a Website and to send tenants a link. Management sends reminders electronically on a regular basis of the importance of reviewing the emergency procedures. For over 20 years, Ken Samuelsen has produced key floor plans and riser diagrams for clearly delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information.

Safety Planning Group is knowledgable of all the pertinent fire safety code in New York City to ensure fast approval by the FDNY.
Filmed on-site, the video can be used for fire drills, preparedness training for building staff, floor wardens, and all tenants. Thanks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security, September is National Preparedness Month.
Earthquakes, also known as rapid tremors or trembles, are caused by the shifting and breaking of the ground. Now we know this isn’t exactly the type of subject you would choose to discuss with your four year-old niece or nephew at their birthday party, but the best way to be protected, is to be prepared. Having a plan of action and being equipped with knowledge is crucial in dealing with a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, and families should take the time to establish priorities and practice safety procedures together. Practicing to accommodate various scenarios, with family and friends, also helps provide additional exposure to potential threats and appropriate responses. Staff can access the information online and we can also print on the Guide on durable card stock, set in a spiral-bound flip book.

During this month, the goal is to help spread awareness about the importance of having a plan in case of an emergency and making sure to put safety first. They can vary between medium and high risk and can occur in all regions of the United States, at any given time.
And although earthquakes are no light matter, you can feel better, knowing that you are more suited to handle an earthquake now than you were at the start of today. We've got what you need to celebrate Earth Day (and prep for the summer) by keeping your lawn green!

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