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There’s a great deal of success for your preparedness efforts waiting to be snatched at your local thrift store, or a myriad of other places.
I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the continuation of the water filtration article. Oh how I love finding great, old books that I’ve heard of for years but are hard to location because they are no longer in print. I have to say that aside from books, this is the area that I find to be the biggest treasure trove. I also need to mention the heavy boots I’ve found and lots and lots of camouflage clothing. I’ve found sleeping bags and other great bedding in clean condition and so long as I always launder it, I’m going to be really happy with it.
This is the primary reason I go in at least weekly now—to find all of the Mason jars I can get my hands on.
I have to admit that I do keep my eye out for items I might find that I know someone else is looking for.
Well, I have to admit, I’ve found plenty of dead cell phones in the thrift stores—useless—but  I’ve also found old radios—the older the better. Of course no one has room for ALL of these kinds of treasures, but I’m sure that there will be something there that will be of interest to you and your family. I have been a ham radio operator for 50 years, and teach ham radio classes to those who would like to be involved in this great and useful hobby.
What a timely post for this time of year as we have people cleaning out their excess and donating to thrift stores. You mentioned many things that I had not thought of but I have to agree on the underwear comment!
For pet lovers, be on the lookout for leashes, collars, old blankets or quilts for dogbeds or to put over outdoor pet crates for winter protection. Pretty used shower curtains can double as window insulation under regular curtains, as waterproof coverings for outside pet crates, or temporary "curtains" for a new house. I look for good used king sized flat sheets, which I nail up to my full length patio in the summer, to keep the sun off outside pets and provide a breezeway of cooler air between the sun and house.
Even found a large swimming pool filter, still in original wrapping, to use as a pre-screen emergency water filter (to filter out larger pieces of debris).
Found 50 white hospital bed sheets at one thrift store with extra pillowcases- never know when you'll have extra (emergency) guests, or can be cut up for reusable arm slings, large splint wrappings, washable bandages (cut and roll like an ace wrap), etc. Always look for good used waterproof boots for adults or children at a fraction of new prices (what you don't use, you can always barter). A great idea for canning jars - after a swim through the dishwasher, fill them with water and put on one of the Tattler lids. I found a great book this week - American Indian Food and Lore - 150 authentic recipes by Carolyn Niethammer (1974 Colliers Brothers). When I no longer can wear my denim jeans, I cut off the legs and make drawstring bags out of them.
Also, on books, I found a wonderful old leather backed medical dispensory in an antique store for $10 - it's huge and deep.
I, too, look for hand powered tools and I'm now looking for a double washtub that I can keep in my workshop, if I ever have to hand pump my water to do laundry - oh, yes, I bought a hand pump, all the drop pipes, etc, for my deep well that 2 people can mount in a couple hours. However, I'm getting tired of preaching the preparedness message to my family and friends with not just no response, but actual irritation.
Sometime ago I was perusing the catalogue for Lehman's- a fantastic general store in Kidron, OH catering to the Amish communities.
Girl, if the bedding had bedbugs in it, then every other item would have bedbugs in that store as well--so just staying away from bedding will do no good to avoid bedbug issues. I have in the past, shopped the thrift stores for coach purses (I REFUSE to pay 100+ for a purse) and wool sweaters. I got a huge number of Christmas decos( I know, seems trivial, but it does something for my spirits in the dead of winter) for a song. Since we live near two medium size towns, I photocopied the thrift store pages from the two different phone books. Our family is not planning for TEOTWASKI specifically, but for the very real possibility of economic hardship due to job loss. We also have at minimum a three month supply of basic necessities, which include vitamins and minerals. No manufacturer will tell you that their product will last beyond the expiration date, but you can take your own steps to extend that time.
It is important to keep all medications, including vitamins and minerals away from humid conditions. For optimum storage you should consider storing vitamins in places like the pantry or a bedroom. The bottom line is this – you can extend your vitamin storage up to 18 months by using these tips: Keep them cool, keep them dry and keep them away from light. The Mega List of Preparedness: 512 items the Ultimate Prepared Family Should Consider Stocking & Storing. A Resource Website For Emergency Preparedness & Survivalism From a Holistic Perspective. Not drinking enough water can cause fatigue, it can also make you feel more hungry, which can lead to going through your food rations more quickly, it can trigger asthma attacks and many other ailments.
Water also contains two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen so it is a good source of additional oxygen to the body which helps with killing bacteria and viruses and helps keep the body clean and healthy. So now that you have an idea of how much water you would like to store up on let’s talk about how you plan to store it.
Using just any old container that holds water is not necessarily a safe or healthy way to store water. Not all plastics contain BPA but just because a plastic does not contain BPA doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe. Even though PET does not contain BPA it does contain other chemicals that can be released such as DEHA which has been shown to cause liver problems, other possible reproductive difficulties, and is suspected to cause cancer in humans. The potential harm with type 7 plastics is that PC (polycarbonate) is one of the plastics lumped into this category. I see many polycarbonate water bottles being advertised as BPA free but I don’t see how this is actually technically possible as the primary building block used to make polycarbonate plastic is bisphenol A (BPA). So far the safest plastics for storing water seems to be #5 PP and Tritan copolyester which contains zero BPA.
I found a 5 gallon BPA Free Water Bottle from Enviro Products claiming to be the first ever BPA Free 5 gallon reusable bottle made from Tritan copolyester. Most premium barrels used for wine or whiskey are hand made oak wine barrels carved from white oak without any wax, paint or glue on the inside and are sealed naturally by filling them with water which expands the wooden oak stalves sealing any leaks. Oak wine barrels are medium charred on the inside which is great for water as carbon and charcoal make great water filters. Once you have your amounts of water and what bottle to use sorted out next comes filling them up with water. More than 240 million Americans use water from contaminated public water systems every day, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). According to Environmental Working Group, since 2004, testing by water utilities has found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) drinking water quality analysis of almost 20 million records obtained from state water officials. More than half of the chemicals detected are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally be present in any amount.
Physicians for Social Responsibility reports that over 75,000 toxic synthetic and chemical compounds can be identified in this country’s water sources, though only a fraction of them are targeted for regulation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently documented approximately 83,000 violations of water quality standards by municipal water systems, featuring over 21,000 contaminants, organic and inorganic, over the past 30 years, almost 200 of them already proven to be linked with adverse health effects. This doesn’t even take into account the known chemicals of chlorine and fluoride that are put into the water on purpose that have serious adverse health affects.
Chlorinated water can destroy polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E in the body while generating toxins capable of free radical damage (oxidation). Chlorinated water destroys much of the intestinal flora, the friendly bacteria that help in the digestion of food and which protects the body from harmful pathogens.
Chlorinated water contains chemical compounds called trihalomethanes which are carcinogens resulting from the combination of chlorine with compounds in water. Chlorine has been documented to aggravate asthma, especially in those children who make use of chlorinated swimming pools. There are plenty of water stores that you can take your own bottles to be filled up on site. So now that you bottles are all filled up with clean purified water and ready to be stored you want to make sure your water stays clean, safe and fresh with no bacteria building up.
Healthier options would be either stabilized oxygen, colloidal silver or 100% therapeutic grade lemon essential oil.

Stabilized oxygen eliminates bacteria, toxins, germs, and viruses and is completely non-toxic unlike chlorine. Not only can stabilized oxygen be used for sanitizing water and preserving long term water storage but can be used medicinally as well. Silver has been used For thousands of years as a healing agent by civilizations throughout the world. A note about colloidal silver: There is a big difference between colloidal silver and ionic silver.
I know this was a bit of a long article but hopefully this will give you some healthier ways to store water and be prepared. This entry was posted in Water Purification and Storage and tagged BPA Free, emergency preparedness, emergency preparedness supplies, lemon essential oil, stabilized oxygen, storing water, Tritan copolyester, water storage.
In his book, Emergency Preparedness and More, Howard Godfrey shows his true colors as a down to earth, easy to understand writer. I’m not sure what possessed me to purchase more flour right as I was preparing to travel 2300 miles! I will be using this flour fairly soon, (I’m planning a bread making challenge)  but this quick tip holds true for long term food storage too.
All food storage should be kept between 40 and 70 degrees for optimal shelf life and nutrition. I think it keeps the flour in more manageable portions and it makes packaging and using it cleaner and easier. If you are keeping them in storage for long term add 5 – 300cc oxygen absorbers per bucket. The Dutch weren’t the first people to create cast iron cookware but they may have been the best. It fell to those skilled in the arts of Dutch Oven Cooking to prepare meals to nourish those out on the trail and you can be sure that they wrung the most out of those big old hunks of cast iron! The first article in a three-part series on first aid kits, and how to build one adhering to KISS principals. There are so many different definitions and ways on how to filter and purify water, but Prepared Housewives will keep it simple.
Learn basic filtering options, ways to purify water and how to make a DIY water filter from a couple of five gallon buckets. It’s written (and, in fact I even accidentally posted it for about 8 hours), but out of respect for the expert whom I quote and resource in the article, I’m going to wait for him to approve the content before publishing. I know that I will be more aggressive and diligent in finding some key items for my supplies this year.
I rarely read fiction but my passion is not shared by many who discard their non-fiction books like they are head lice or something. Isn’t it humiliating enough that I have to actually buy something that big only to know that the only reason I need it is so that I’m clothed while I’m sweating my brains out? Another item that’s on my radar for my preparedness stash is camouflaged fatigues and fabric. Now I can buy them brand new with couponing for only a buck about twice a year, but having more pitchers likes that enables me to filter the water through the new pitchers and contain the water in the nearly free pitchers. I almost always seem to get a few, but there have been times when I’ve come home with enough to fill my entire dishwasher. One of these days I know I’m going to find that old fashioned vacuum tube radio and I’m going to jump on it. Also use for dividers inside a tent, or around an outside emergency toilet area, for "closet" doors, etc. Look for the little girls pony tail holders from the Dollar store, to hold the sheets open when you want a view or weather is good. Just last week I found a great book to add to our library, a new rug for the mud room, and a wool poncho that's toasty warm. Actually, I've written several articles about how to further your cost-cutting measures through the use of coupons. I personally would not use them for anything other than filtering chlorine and such out of my water.
I got a pair of rubber boots, the kind for farm work, that is high almost to my knees, they were brand new, never worn. It is a one-size-fits-all BBQ style apron with narrow but deep pockets that the guys can use to protect their clothing when chopping wood. I made pocket-sized potholders that stick onto this apron with velcro so they're always available, and put a strap at waist-level so that a hand towel can be inserted. I hesitate to buy bedding with the bedbug threat these days but I grabbed the blanket, threw it into the dryer on high for 50 minutes and then washed it.
After all, the last thing I was is to create anxiety about how much I paid for an item that's supposed to give me more peace. I have been practicing preparedness for many decades now, and it all started out in Cali with earthquake preparedness. It really does make sense, especially when you can purchase them on sale and stock up for later. That means that the bathroom and in the medicine cabinet are the worst place to store them. Use your FoodSaver to protect them from oxygen and storage in the freezer is an option if they are properly packaged. At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links. Ideally a person should be drinking at least one half of their body weight in ounces per day for proper hydration. Getting a bottle meant for storing water that is BPA free is fairly easy to find these days now that the health risks of BPA have been receiving considerable attention world wide.
It is obviously BPA free and impervious to oxygen and carbon dioxide but has a couple of distinct disadvantages in that the bottles are quite heavy and the glass could easily break if there was an emergency situation such as an earthquake, tornado or hurricane etc… and all your water supply could be gone instantly leaving you in a very serious situation of being without water.
Several of the plastics that do not contain BPA do contain other toxic chemicals so it’s not always just about BPA.
Since this is a vinyl product it does contain some chemical additives that control the density of the product. When it is made to be solid it can be seen in the production of CD cases and eating utensils. They are being voluntarily pulled from the shelves and replaced by bottles that are BPA-free made with a relatively new plastic called Tritan copolyester.
Before purchasing one be sure to inquire if the barrels contain any wax, paint or glue on the inside. With quality wooden barrels there are no worries about BPA, DEHA or other toxic chemicals leaching into the water and this is a great option for water storage. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that almost 1 million people in America fall ill annually from water contaminated with harmful microorganisms and about 900 die from drinking contaminated water. The federal government does have health guidelines for others, but 49 of these contaminants have been found in one place or another at levels above those guidelines, polluting the tap water for 53.6 million Americans.
This might explain why supplementation of the diet with essential fatty acids like flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil and antioxidants like vitamin E, selenium and others helps so many cases of eczema and dry skin. These chemicals, also known as organochlorides, do not degrade very well and are generally stored in the fatty tissues of the body (breast, other fatty areas, mother’s milk, blood and semen). Several studies also link chlorine and chlorinated by-products to a greater incidence of bladder, breast and bowel cancer as well as malignant melanoma. Many of them have extensive 12 stage filtration processes and some even filter out fluoride too. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires.
Easily capable of boiling several gallons of water in minutes, this stove will provide you with additional canning capacity and the comfort of knowing you will have cooking means should an emergency situation arise.
Today I find myself with a big bag of flour that will not travel well in it’s current state.
They perfected a method of sand casting iron vessels that left an amazingly smooth finish on their pots and pans.
There is no water available to your house because water mains have been broken, the city water supply has been tainted and shut down, or one of the various other reasons that cause city-wide services to be shut down. The main thing you need to do is filter out the big stuff, and then purify the water from any lurking bacteria, germs, or other harmful things that could make you sick and do more damage than good. However, in the meantime, there are plenty of preparedness topics to cover and lots to share. I guess folks are looking for more of an “escape” nowadays and getting rid of their serious books. Keep an eye out for medical supplies such as walkers, ace bandages, braces, knee pads, and gently used bedding materials.

I also have a thing for denim, because when denim wears out it’s going to require more denim to replace or patch them. Even if they are “ginormous” and don’t fit myself or my hubby, I’m still inclined to purchase it because it will either fit someone else on my team or will make great camouflaged tents and tarps.
Of course, you have to make sure to really check things thoroughly before you purchase them. And I've also provided a very thorough video and written tutorial on applying those measures in the "Enough and to Spare" course that's available under the "Prep Pro Classes" tab. They can put kindling size pieces into the pockets and carry the bigger pieces against their chest. Then moved to the midwest and had to pretty much start all over again, having sold our long term food storage unit (still had about 8-10 yrs on it) and wanted to share that we have a Good Will outlet center here; the last stop before the rest gets carted off to the landfill.
Vitamins are one of the items that are frequently being offered on sale or with coupons, so keep your eyes open for deals. They are convenient to use and most will have an expiration date of 12-18 months from manufacture. The refrigerator is not the best place either, unless your vitamins specifically say to store them there.
Divide them into 30 day supplies and transfer the pills to FoodSaver bags, removing the oxygen. I’ve seen too many sites recommending storing as a minimum only one gallon of water per person, per day. Many plastics contain BPA, a toxic chemical that’s very dangerous in even tiny amounts. These products are made from the same components as PET they are just made to be stronger but have all the same warnings and cautions. Organochlorides can cause mutations by altering DNA, suppress immune system function and interfere with the natural controls of cell growth.
Or, if there are no stores like this local to where you live, buying your own water filtration system and running your tap water through a water purifier is another option. The difference between silver ions and silver particles boils down to the fact that silver ions combine with chloride ions to form silver chloride and silver particles do not. Many people think the officers of the law will protect them, or they will e able depend of the kindness of strangers. This may be the only care necessary if the incident is minor, or the first step in care while waiting for more experienced care providers to arrive or during transport to a medical facility. If you stink at fire building (as Angela from  Food Storage & Survival once did), don’t despair.
MY favorite addiction is my local thrift store, Savers, because every time I drop off a donation, they give me a coupon for 20% off of anything I buy.
In addition to those kinds of things, I also find other tools to help in my physical preparedness such as wagons, compact dollies, and even some quality exercise equipment. These items are seriously expensive at full price or even coupon priced in the stores, but you really make out in the preparedness category, thanks to someone wanting to get rid of that pair of crutches.
I’m averaging only 99 cents a yard for both right now—there’s not a fabric store in sight that can offer fleece or wool for that price!
Let’s not forget the spare sets of clothing that can be found for both hot or cold weather that we can keep stored away without missing them in our regular wardrobe. I even found a set of hearth tools which was perfect timing because we finally got our wood burning stove functioning.
Believe it or not, I found great hip, clothes and shoes that were worthy of the fickle fashion tastes of my nieces and nephews. I also would suggest that you don’t overlook the more rudimentary methods of communication like books on foreign languages, Morse Code, short-wave radio use, and shorthand, not to mention the notebooks and writing instruments that will come in handy then, too. Two other pairs of boots and two pairs of rubber duck boots (the kind that look like shoes). I have gotten many pots, pans, baking pans and sheets of all types, as well as board games, food containers, baskets( these are handy for lots of things) Books and the list goes on.. Since the body cannot produce calcium; therefore, it must be absorbed through our food or through supplements like Vitamin D. If you are storing for an extended period, transferring them to mason jars with oxygen absorbers, will extend the shelf life. BPA is an industrial chemical used to make plastic hard and it has been strongly established as an estrogen mimic that disrupts the endocrine (hormonal) system, with potentially serious effects on development, the reproductive system and the brain. PVC can also contain BPA so if you have PVC piping in your house and you run the hot water you are bathing in and rinsing your food with substantial amounts of BPA. Another issue with these plastics is that when they are heated they can leak out BPA at about 55 times faster. Also ingestion of highly concentrated forms of ionic silver (100 ppm and above) may cause argyria, a permanent discoloration of the skin. When I want to use some, I just remove a bag with 12 cups of flour and seal the bucket back up. It was this black pot or Dutch Oven that would help settle the Western reaches of the United States! It may seem unnecessary to store food in any quantity, if there is a local grocery store on every corner.
If you’ve got plenty of water stored up, you can use some of the non-potable water to pour it quickly into the bowl to help create a vacuum to flush your toilet.
The best way to learn is to get some basic instruction on fire starting and what a fire needs and then take that knowledge and go practice. Homesteading, matters of the constitution, gardening, animal husbandry, cooking, cooking, and cooking. You’ll be strengthening your medical preparedness all the while, being ready for all kinds of possibilities in the future. This past Monday my thrift store had everything 50% off so I stocked up with TWO entire carts full of fleece blankets! I love those for squeezing in just a little bit more water in the spaces I still have available throughout. I saved so much on that I didn’t have a single guilty twinge on the other gifts I purchased elsewhere—at a discount of course. I even saw one where an Amish man had taken a more modern machine(with a fly-wheel) and adapted it to an old treadle cabinet.. You could also take advantage of and post what it is you're looking for (do it item by item instead of everything in one post if you want it read). PS does not contain any BPA but is know to contain other chemicals that are known by the EPA to be a carcinogen in humans. Sounds a bit unbelievable until you consider how settlers were able to trek across a Continent with nothing more than what their ox drawn wagons could carry. Many people also think that having just a gun will protect them, but without the right skills and smarts you may be in just as much trouble. I’ll worry about getting the pain relief medicines such as Tylenol and such when I can get it free at Target. I then brought them home, laundered them, and then sealed and “shrunk” them in those space-saving bags and stashed them with the others. Hand cranked beaters, rug beaters, whisks, large spatulas, metal serving or cooking spoons and lots of restaurant quality pots, pans, and accessories are also high on my list. I was ok with what we spent because it was a birthday present, but I am sure if you are patient a good deal will come your way. The best brand I’ve found and one that is true colloidal silver is the MesoSilver brand of colloidal silver. Each day on the trail they were responsible for feeding themselves in a time when food preservation was rudimentary at best. Stores run out of food quickly, and if roads are closed or destroyed then deliveries will not be made. Some of these are such great finds that if I was ambitious enough, I’d buy these books and then place them on E-bay or Amazon for a profit. The bowl is made of virtually unbreakable plastic, and parts disassemble easily for cleaning and are dishwasher-safe. I've purchased LOTS of sewing thread, buttons, and other supplies that were marked way down.
Now if I could just be lucky enough to find a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine there one of these days.

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