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You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space. Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here). If you are a prepper, I hope you at least have some sort of garden in place, even if it is just a patio container garden. Having a kit for your car is important all the time, but winter is an even more important time, since the prospect of becoming stranded is much higher. In addition to normal kit items like jumper cables, tools, flashlight, cell charger and water, you will want to add a blanket or two, food items in rodent proof containers, candles with matches, extra road flares and possibly a bike flag on a fiberglass rod for signaling. Always try to keep your fuel above half a tank, and stay on top of your fluid levels and tire pressure. When the snow is flying is not the time to realize your kids don’t have winter coats that fit any more. If you want to save money by turning down the thermostat, make sure everyone in the family has their own personal blanket to snuggle each evening while reading, playing games or just watching TV.
An acquaintance of mine said of super storm Sandy, “I didn’t realize the world ran on AA batteries”. Winter is a time of year that any disruption can cause things to spiral out of control quickly.

This entry was posted in Cold Weather Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Prepping and tagged winter preparedness checklist, winter prepping tips on December 2, 2014 by Damian Campbell. With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods.
Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans. If you have been procrastinating, it is time to get up off your duff and get your preps ready for the winter season. If you turn in your mulch and add organic matter this fall you are one step ahead of the game come next spring. Winter clothes and boots can be hard to keep on the kids, especially when they grow two sizes during the season. You can stay pretty comfortable even with the thermostat turned down if you have a good blanket. Having spares for all your cold weather clothing is a good thing to put away if you can afford it. Make sure you have a large supply of batteries for everything you may need to operate in an outage. It should be something that takes minimal preparation and cooking since you may not have power.

Take the extra time now and make sure you are prepared to deal with the extra challenges it might throw at you. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar.
The organic matter in my garden breaks down better if I fall till rather than just pile it in the garden over the winter and then till in the spring. It is good to check work from years past since the caulk and sealer will sometimes work itself loose and be leaking air again. They burn for many hours, put out some heat, and you can rig up a way to heat some food over them. Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice. You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started. I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending.

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