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Any major disaster could temporarily overwhelm Police, Fire and Ambulance and First Responders. There are many daily conveniences that we all take for granted; running water, electricity, gas, telephones, getting cash from an ATM machine, or even running to the grocery store to pick up milk and bread. All of us face the possibility of natural disasters, accidents, power outages or intentional acts to disrupt our daily lives. Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluation and improvement activities to ensure effective coordination and the enhancement of capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters. In the preparedness phase, emergency managers develop plans of action to manage and counter their risks and take action to build the necessary capabilities needed to implement such plans. Proper maintenance and training of emergency services, including mass human resources such as Community Emergency Response Teams.
Learn how to prepare for your family and at your workplace, explore many links to resources and see what to do for your pets.
As a member of the university community you also have a responsibility to familiarize yourself with FIU’s emergency communication plan and be an active participant in your own safety by staying alert to messages from university and local emergency managers.
Although the focus is on hurricanes at this time of year, it is important for you to know that FIU plans for all types of emergencies that may affect the university community. Faculty and staff should also take a moment to become familiar with your department’s Continuity of Operations Plan now.
This year we have created an informational poster you can download, post and reference as you make your preparations for the season. Verify that you are covered for different perils such as flood, excess flood, wind, excess wind, etc. Pay close attention to our web site for updated information regarding claims in the event of a disaster.
Gather all information to give to the adjuster; generally, the more information you have, the faster the claim can be settled. In the event of relocation, you must save all receipts and records of additional expenses acquired as a result of your loss to receive reimbursement.
Always check to make sure that the contractors you use for repair are licensed and insured. Below are just a few of the actual comments that have cropped up on YouTube, my inbox,  and in forums all over the world when the topic of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers comes up. Now that Doomsday Preppers has aired, the intensity of hatred and incredulous comments have become even more abundant.
I’ve written in the past about how discretion is a good idea when it comes to your preparedness supplies. First of all, let’s understand that I made the decision to “go public” a long time before Doomsday Preppers came along.
The fact of the matter is, there are too many people out there who are trying to become more self-reliant in their life—which is one of the most honorable things I could expect from another human being. Now, having said all that, let’s be clear that as preppers or otherwise we are useless to others if we don’t have our own house in order. In closing, I think that instead of mocking and poking fun at these preppers who are featured on television, we should instead thank them for at least trying to share rather than withhold what they’ve learned that might help someone else.
If political commercials that you don't agree with, pharmaceutical drugs that harm you, porn channels, and other useless wastes of time can be shown on TV, don't you think it makes sense that the good message of self-reliance, preparedness, and personal responsibility be able to counter some of all that garbage? See the bad guys are wolves and wolves are predatory hunters, they prey on the weak, not the strong. Something we do here in Texas is when we shoot a predator, like a coyote, we skin it and hang the skin on the fence for the rest of the coyotes to see. One of the best things about NG's Preppers was not only do you get important information but you see that information being put to use. My Dh, MIL and I all tuned in to watch the show and out of them all, we related to you the most. To the people who are critical of you saying your now a target blah blah blah, I'd like to say this: The show is a double edged sword, it is painting some as crazy but its also giving a positive light too. I talked with my MIL, she is hesitant to write about the things she lived through because she is seeing it increasing around her now and it scares her. Kellene, can you tell me PLEASE, PLEASE, what kind of corn you used to roast and store and maybe also what temp. I hear that kind of thing too, but mostly people are just being wise guys when they say that. When I say Emergency Sanitation as part of your emergency preparedness plan, what comes to mind? You might be tempted to overlook this part of your preparations, after all, emergency sanitation is not something we talk about every day.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) a knowledge of hygiene and handwashing, bathing, dental and wound care during emergencies is essential. 13 gallon size (or larger) heavy duty garbage bags– get the heaviest ones you can find – no skimping here! Sometimes you may not be able to use your home toilet, it may be backed up, or you may have to evacuate.
GOOD: Using the guidelines listed above, gather your emergency sanitation kit supplies together and make a plan to purchase what you are missing.

BEST: Watch a You-Tube video (or two) about emergency sanitation kits and download the publication from Johns Hopkins University listed below.
CDC Information about Food, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene before and after an emergency including community drinking water, private wells and rainwater catchment systems. Both the Red Cross and FEMA recommend that you try to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours (3 days) following a disaster. Power outages can close grocery stores, put ATM machines out of order and prevent you from doing simple things like putting gasoline in your car. We cannot control the weather or prevent disasters from happening, but there are steps you can take to minimize risks from known hazards. Professional emergency workers are rapidly overwhelmed in mass emergencies so trained, organized, responsible volunteers are extremely valuable.
As soon as possible after an emergency, you should establish contact with your colleagues and supervisor. Request a certificate of insurance from repair companies to check for General Liability and Workers Compensation coverages. In fact, I illustrate how many times the Jews in Germany were betrayed by fellow Jews in exchange for a meal to eat or some other short-lived favor from the German intelligence.
My blogs have definitely “put me out there.” Writing on matters of physical and firearm self-defense via my Women of Caliber blog and all things preparedness via Preparedness Pro blog certainly had the potential to paint me as a target for harassment and other un-pleasantries. And yes, hard times will indeed heighten the desperation of people, bringing them to do unspeakable things to their fellowman.
Sure, there are thought processes conveyed on Doomsday Preppers that you may not be able to relate to. So yes, I say preppers do belong on TV and let's hope and pray that they become the norm rather than the odd ball because our world could use a heck of a lot more of that attitude. What many people fail to realize is that every demographic of people have their leaders and followers.
As for Dsarti, part of his problem is publicly stating that his property is riddled with booby-traps and poisoned caches. We've been dipping our toes into the world of prepping (we've been couponing for a year) for a couple of months now and I've been feeling that isolation bit try to creep up on us and I'm not enjoying that part.
She has agreed to let me tell the story of her Mother, I'll work on the translation so I can give you the full impact of what it was to be in a Communist country and find God. I remember once a guy on a prep group posted that he would just come and take someone's stuff and the person he was speaking to told him to come ahead.
Do you think about how you will keep germs and disease from spreading if you are without running water? Interruptions in service can occur because of storm damage, power outages, sabotage or broken pipes. We will assume that the city will have a way to dispose of these bags after the emergency is over. I read stories of people evacuating from hurricanes that were stuck in their cars for many hours and had no emergency sanitation available.
Organizations like Community Emergency Response Teams and the Red Cross are ready sources of trained volunteers. So that being the case, did I just do something really foolish by agreeing to appear on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers? In fact, because I’m SO conservative, and my personal and business Facebook pages certainly don’t give me any anonymity or privacy, there’s probably a file a mile long with the so-called Department of Homeland Security. But I’d also like to be 5 feet 6 inches with long eyelashes and no gray hairs, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Worse, there’s such a ridiculous code of silence among preppers that there isn’t a lot of quality information out there to really help them do it the right and wise way. Yes, not every man around us is deserving of trust.  I’m not ignorant of that and in fact it’s why I believe that ALL of the other 9 Principles of Ten Principles of Preparedness revolve around the First Principle—that of Spiritual Preparedness. Likewise, spiritual administration has very little impact on people if they are starving or freezing. I am one of those preppers who choose to lead instead of hiding waiting for the sky to fall.
This is "Mall Ninja" talk because anyone with half a brain would realize that preppers are prepared.
All that will happen is their hide will be hanging from a fence warning the others what will happen if they cross that line.
He's just one more of the many Americans who law enforcement and the medical field try to bully and control. Having a parent who comes from the former USSR, I know the stories all too well how people can turn on you but I'd still like to hope for the best and the example you & your husband set on that show was inspiring. The guy came right out and said, "I wouldn't prep, I would just steal from others who have".
It's about protecting life, mental stability, and as I said on the show, perhaps the virtue of mothers and daughters--in all seriousness. To me, couponing is a way to build a stockpile and be preparred to care for my family (and help others) should times get tough, whatever life throws at us. The University has taken steps to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff and I urge you to take this opportunity to do the same.

So do I wait until everything is perfectly aligned before I do what my heart SCREAMS at me to do?  No honkin’ way! It seems that the smarter that a prepper becomes, the more secretive and paranoid they get and thus are less likely to share what they’ve learned.
Where is it written or commanded that any of these realities of life absolve me of my duty to serve others?
My MIL has now gotten behind our efforts 100% since she said, "Okay now that Lady is normal, rational and puts a very clear message through.
Before your show, I had never heard of you but am very glad I saw the show and then looked you up online. This will be a very big problem if your water supply is cut off and you aren’t prepared. Empty the water from the bowl, put in a heavy duty garbage bag and secure it with duct tape (tape the handle too).
And if I am to serve others today then shouldn’t I prepare to serve others in the future as well?
So yes, I firmly believe that each one of us has the obligation to first get our own state of self-reliance in place. Many of us also come from prior military and police with the experience that comes with that. Personally, I donated to his legal defense fund eagerly and would wholeheartedly encourage others to do the same. I've always believed in being prepared, isn't it what the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts teach? Putting up a big honkin’ wall is great to keep people out, but it also keeps good things IN. There were at least a few folks listening to Christ’s sermon that had the sense to pack a lunch that day and as a result we have the miracle of the loaves and fishes.
There’s a LOT of clarifying information that these preppers DID share that only ended up on the cutting room floor. There are several of us in this area who are preparing for the worse and praying that it's never needed. Honeyville is probably you're best bet though because the other 2 companies get some of their stuff from Honeyville. We live in NYC, and its pretty hard to store things, with the small apartments and all, so we keep a storage place to keep things we can't at our apartment. Use the same supplies for your home port-a-potty listed above and store them in the bucket. Even though those judgments are often wrong and even occasionally conveyed with seething hatred, I wouldn’t change a ding dong thing as far as putting myself out there is concerned because the hope I have for the results far outweigh anything that anyone else can throw at me. Too many in the prepper community are planning on becoming a hermit when things get really bad and they are preparing NOT to share.
In my opinion that just goes to show that “faith without works is dead.” As Preppers or otherwise, we have a much better chance of helping those whom God will direct to us if we can at least do our part now, without any of the excuses that “the world” would have us heed.
Instead, look and see what good you can get from these folks, put it into practice, pass it on, and never be ashamed or scared to share that knowledge with others.
I have yet to see any scripture or hear any sermon that says to “prepare as soon as everything in your life is perfect. Well let me ask you something, where in the Gospel of Jesus Christ does it teach that we are to be charitable so long as times are easy and plentiful?  Did Joseph in Egypt save up seven years of grain just so that he and his household could survive and thrive? You can still be prudent in what information you do or don’t share, but please don’t allow the fear of the world to be the reason for you not sharing or preparing to share. You can also purchase a Reliance Fold-to-go Portable Toilet or similar RV type item if you just can’t bare the thought of using a bucket! Fear only comes from the devil himself and has no place in peaceful, panic-free preparedness. Learning about prepping can only help if things do fall apart, either on a personal level or a national or world level. He prepared for seven years so that for the next seven years he could administer both spiritually AND temporally to the entire House of Israel. I call having a stockpile "Food Insurance" and teach the concept as part of the free couponing classes I put on. I believe that that’s not just some story in the Bible; I believe it’s a guide as to how we should likewise prepare. It is only a part of prepping but it is a very important part and one of the more expensive parts too.
Financial collapse, earthquake, EMP, terminal illness—none of these instances trump the need for charity.
We can only hope that everyone that tunes in that is not already a prepper has a little light bulb turn on and they start. Like others said, it is how our ancestors got through tough times, why should we live any differently just because we have indoor plumbing and electricity that could go out at any time for a multitude of reasons.

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