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Nothing is more important than having a plan in place before disaster occurs and yet, sadly, most families don’t have a plan. It’s important that your child understands that natural disasters are a part of life and need to be planned for.
As the heads of your household, it’s important that you provide as much stability as you can for your children. Hunkering down and riding out the storm has proved to be a fatal course of action for many victims of Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. Work with your whole family to devise a disaster plan that covers several likely scenarios for your location.
Phillip CoxCEO & Co-OwnerPhillip Cox is the chief executive officer and co-owner of Legacy Premium Food Storage, the fastest growing emergency food storage company in the marketplace. The ASR disk is not bootable; it must be used in conjunction with the Windows Server 2003 installation media. In this infographic, HouseLogic, a website for homeowners from the National Association of REALTORSA®, shows just how damaging these natural phenomena can be, and how to make sure you and your home are ready. In a remote corner of the mountain district of Chitral in Pakistan is a settlement of forgotten people.
Incidents of glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs) like that which affected Brep are on the rise, especially in the summer months as temperatures rise in these high mountains. Most affected are the smaller valley glaciers which, according to ICIMOD, are retreating by up to 30 to 60 metres each decade. The adaptation fund, set up in 2008, depends on grants from several European countries including Germany, Sweden and Spain. In Pakistan the project’s organisers are selecting the communities most vulnerable to GLOFs.
ICIMOD and the Government of Pakistan are co-financing the project, whose total cost will come to around US$ 4.7 million.
The project will also enhance the capacity of Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) by helping it develop a system for the long term tracking and management of GLOFs. Abdul Qadir of UNDP says: “Sixty five per cent of the flow of the River Indus depends on glaciers, so if their mass is reducing we need more studies to see the trends. The project will include targeted mitigation measures for at least one potentially hazardous glacier lake.
Community-level monitoring of glaciers and early warning systems will be established so that those likely to be affected by GLOFs can take timely action. Unfortunately, the people currently displaced in Brep will not benefit from the project, which only funds efforts to prevent future catastrophes. Some fear that it might be melting again, creating another glacial lake which could prove to be disastrous.
This radio feature was produced as part of a fellowship with Climate Change Media Partnership.
Preventing the high rishs of glacier melting is such a priority not only for Himalayan countries but also for millions of people in South Asia whose access to water might be hindered in future.
Rina Saeed Khan explores a climate change project designed to protect Pakistani mountain villages from glacier collapse. Disasters can also wreak havoc on your family’s well-being, especially if you aren’t prepared for them. Conduct a drill that has them exit your home as quickly as possible - using your planned routes and procedures. Calmly discuss the emergency situations your family is most likely to face; house fire, tornado, flood, earthquake or power disruption - and how these events might interrupt the daily routine everyone’s used to.
Your child is likely to stress over the safety of a family pet, so it’s important to include them in your plan. When disasters strike, the community resources we’ve come rely on are stretched beyond capacity and many simply won’t be available.

One of the best strategies for preparedness is getting out of harm’s way before it arrives. Explain that items, unlike humans, can be replaced and that you have a plan in place to deal with these losses. Click Automated System Recovery Wizard, as shown in Figure 1 to open the Automated System Recovery Preparation Wizard, shown in Figure 2. Once the backup has completed, you’ll be prompted to insert a blank floppy disk to create the ASR disk, as shown in Figure 5.
Backup writes the necessary files to the floppy disk and confirms that the process has been successful, as shown in Figure 6. You have to be responsible for the upkeep of healthy habits and set yourself up for success.
Make sure you are familiar with the condition of your property and document its current status and educate yourself about how your existing plan works for you. Their homes were destroyed when a glacier lake burst in 2005, burying their village under boulders and rocks. Scientists from the Kathmandu-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) say that warming trends in the Himalayan-Karakoram-Hindu Kush region have been greater than the global average.
As these glaciers retreat, they form lakes behind the natural moraine and ice dams at the bottom of the glaciers. It is one of the first projects to be approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Adaptation Fund, designed to send funds directly to developing countries to deal with the impact of climate change.
Spain has given 45 million Euros, while Germany and Sweden have each pledged 10 million Euros. There are potentially up to 52 vulnerable sites, according to ICIMOD, which is sharing its knowledge and experience in other mountain regions like Bhutan with UNDP-Pakistan.
Project activities include producing studies of the size and length of glaciers and, monitoring them and also developing the capacity of local and federal institutions to deal with disasters. Risk and hazard maps for mountain valleys with high GLOF risks will also be developed, as well as risk management and contingency plans. It will devote 80 per cent of its funds to community-related climate risk preparedness and 20 per cent to building the capacity of government institutions. The flood in Brep lasted for around 20 days – stopping and then starting again without warning. With proper training and monitoring and with an early warning system in place, the villagers will at least be prepared if disaster strikes again in the summer months. Some simple steps you take with your family before an emergency situation occurs literally means the difference between life and death. Sit down with your entire family and come up with two plans: one that covers escaping the house in an emergency and another that covers what to do if disaster strikes while the family is away from home. Be sure children can adequately navigate the routes and any escape aids such as ladders or window exits.
Encourage children not to panic when faced with the unexpected, and instead focus on taking reasonable steps to distance themselves from any danger. Everyone should keep a list of emergency contact numbers on their phone and backed up on a web site for access from any location.
Identify local pet shelters or neighbors who can temporarily board your pet if your family is displaced by an event. Have a disaster plan that covers your families basic needs for food, clothing, medicine and shelter, whether you end up stuck in your home without power or are forced to evacuate to minimally stocked shelters. Let them know as best you can about the extent of the cleanup and recovery process - emphasizing that the goal is to get life back to normal as quickly as is possible. Prepare go-bags with food, water, clothing and medicines for all family members including pets. They lost everything in the sudden flood and were taken a kilometre away by local government officials where they put up tents.

These can breach suddenly, releasing huge volumes of water and debris onto the villages in the valleys below.
It will be run by the UN Development Programme, Pakistan, which carried out the preliminary research and proposal writing. The fund is expected to make money of its own from the proceeds of the international Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) levy. But when it does, people can construct dykes to slow down the water flow and other water retention structures to protect their homes and fields. They might not be able to change their fate, but they can certainly manage how they deal with it. Every scenario is different, but key components to the plan are having a designated place to meet, maintaining to-go bags of food, water, clothing, and medicines for each family member, and having an out-of area contact person to relay information if local communications are unavailable. Engage them in your family’s preparedness process and then practice drills until everyone is comfortable. Encourage children to text rather than call during emergencies; the message is more likely to go through in times of heavy phone usage. Be sure to take this into account when preparing supplies and be candid with your children that many of their daily routines and activities may be affected as well. If your area is frequented by hurricanes, make sure you have your patio furniture put away. Ensure that you are properly insured and informed about your coverage and about the realities of natural disasters.
So Brep’s problems are far from unique, and finding a way to prevent further disaster is attracting high-level concern. An adaptation levy of two per cent is currently imposed on all CDM transactions, which could raise as much as USD 400 million by 2012. Once a lake bursts, however, there is not much they can do, other than to get out of the way fast.
Hoping these much desired help comes quick as we keep at being the voice of the vulnerable. Review who you would contact or where you would go should you be away from home when disaster strikes. Rather than being overwhelmed and helpless, it’s possible to help your child feel empowered and useful when having to address the challenges of this new and unusual condition.
If you must relocate with your pet, already have a special emergency bag prepared - stocked with foods, medicines, leashes and other necessities.
Not only will you be providing your children with an example of good civic sense, you’ll be protecting them from a major threat to their safety.
Most of all, encourage your children to be proactive during an emergency and to take steps to ensure their own safety.
And if you are often in earthquakes, make sure your appliances and heavy furniture are secured.
Invest in a crate or carrier that you store near your car for quick access during evacuation. FEMA has an app that alerts you, in real time, of impending natural disasters and where to go locally for shelter. With a little pre-planning you can make sure every member of the family is accommodated for.

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