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We just relocated to Southern California last summer and with the move, we knew that fires would be one of the new forces of mother nature we would need to deal with.
I have to admit that seeing this sent me to a mental place I hadn’t really gone yet so I immediately started pulling together what we would need to pack for a fire evacuation.
When looking at the exterior of your home, take all of your furniture cushions inside your garage. Close and lock all of your windows and turn off your air conditioning if the smoke is close.
Gather your toiletry items for everyone in the family and place them in one central location. Gather all fire safe boxes and safes as well as any important paperwork that may not be located in these boxes. Take any special items needed for children, pets, and your family in case the very worst does happen and your home is destroyed.
Preparing for a fire evacuation is a time when you take what you really need and anything extra is an added bonus.
Sign up for our newsletter, and you'll receive a free digital special report about collecting landscape paintings. When Apollo’s Fire, Cleveland’s baroque orchestra, performs its latest series of concerts The Monteverdi Vespers, it’ll be warming up the program to take on the road for a national tour November 4-14.

Voices will be in the foreground for this program, which features the Apollo’s Singers, along with tenors Oliver Mercer and Karim Sulayman, sopranos Molly Quinn and Nell Snaidas, mezzo-soprano Kristen Dubenion-Smith, and basses Jesse Blumberg and Jonathan Woody in Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610, long a favorite program with Apollo’s Fire audiences.
Because the piece, which is set to biblical texts primarily from the Songs of Solomon, was written to be performed in a cathedral, the group will perform it in a series of cathedrals and stone churches. Since her childhood, she had interest in esoteric and spiritual subjects and she learned several disciplines of spiritual growth.
She was initiated in Amazonian tradition during an extraordinary journey in the deepness of the rain forest, being one of the few women accepted by the elders as warriors of green road. Together with her husband Don Carlos Barrios, and according to the energies of new cycle, they work as spiritual couple sharing the teachings of the Maya throughout the world in conference and workshop settings. A I came home from a reader event to see the Falls Fire from the entrance to our neighborhood.
A If you can pack more than this, wonderful, but focus on getting everyone packed to this minimum level.
A This can be an active use pile but everything should return to this location after use so it is ready to go. Tax records, home paperwork, immunization records, check books, credit cards, and so on should all be with you and ready to go. A Have your children pack their five favorite toys and their favorite three lovies or stuffed animals so they feel secure and cared for.

They’ll surely be eager to hear it again, as artistic director Jeanette Sorrell and her musicians polish it up for the nine-city tour that will take them to Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Texas and California. She was initiated in Tibetan techniques of Bardo and in several disciplines of healings such as Reiki, Prana healing, Reflexology, Amazonian traditional medicine and especially in KAN KUEB (Mayan Healing). Moreover, they do personal sessions interpret the Mayan sign (Mayan astrology), Reading Tzit (the ancient Mayan method of divination) and sessions of healing and energetic harmonization on four levels.
A Place this in your car so you are ready to go…fires are unpredictable and it is just best to be fully prepared.
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