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Monroe firefighters Matt Martin, Curtis Greiner, Ryan Rozelle and Luke Bagley practice their free driving skills. Monroe residents may have noticed the flurry of firefighters at Lake Tye last week as rescue swimmers worked to hone their life-saving skills in the water. Snohomish County’s rescue swimming team is a multi-jurisdictional team of trained rescue swimmers who are able to deploy on a county-wide level. The initial training includes a four-day certification class during which firefighters must demonstrate their proficiency in the water with free-dives up to a depth of 40 feet, long-distance swims, rescue drills and holding their breath for a minimum of 60 seconds.
Gold Bar Fire Chief Eric Andrews, who also serves at the assistant fire chief in Clearview, has rescue swimmers in both of his departments.
Rescue swimming is separate from swift-water rescue, which requires a different training regimen.
Members of the Snohomish County rescue swimming team hope to eventually be able to self-deploy from anywhere in the county. Eventually, they hope to establish a team of 20 to 30 rescue swimmers who have the ability to self-deploy from wherever they happen to be when an incident occurs. Several different rescue scenarios were set up in Lake Tye, a 42-acre manmade lake that is approximately 30 feet in depth. In August 2012, shortly after Monroe’s rescue swimming team was implemented, first-responders were called to Lake Tye Park to rescue a 14-year-old Everett boy who had disappeared while swimming. Grace explained that one of the challenges of a water rescue is the differing environments in the lakes around the county. Complete the form to the right to access a complimentary 20-question assessment from Gray Stone Advisors.
Store vulnerable products like paper bags and brittle containers in larger, secondary containers (bin, tub, tote, etc.) made of plastic or metal to contain leaks and prevent any water damage. But these and other severe weather events (think floods, hail, winter storms) can happen anywhere. Knowing the most common hazards in your area — particularly if you’re new to the region — can help you focus your preparation plans.

Once this basic kit is in place, you should supplement your supplies with items that address any special needs, such as children, pets or any medical concerns. Cataloging your personal property with a home inventory might sound tedious, but how easy would it be for you to recall all the contents of your home if you lost everything to a disaster? Taking a home inventory can help ensure fair insurance reimbursement, simplify the recovery process and even make it easier to apply for federal disaster aid.
Your emergency plan should be robust, addressing things like family communications (Where will you meet? Devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami and last year’s earthquake in Japan have awakened many to our vulnerabilities. Reviews5razsshahI have worked with Shan and have had no issues with him in buying my first home, selling the same and purchasing the next upgraded house. He has good command and expertise in this field including suggestion on how to remodeling the house.
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Approximately 20 firefighters from Monroe, Clearview, Gold Bar and Everett attended the drill, which took place at Lake Tye Park on June 1. Additionally, the certification requires eight hours of ongoing hands-on training and an annual evaluation.
With their close proximity to the Skykomish River, it is necessary for fire departments along the U.S.
Rescue swimmers require a minimal amount of equipment and, once they arrive on scene, are able to deploy rapidly.
In one area, firefighters practiced diving and extracting “victims” from a submerged truck cab. To simulate a realistic rescue scenario, Monroe firefighter Clay Mattern thrashed wildly in the water while shouting, “Where’s my buddy?
The West Coast has earthquakes, the East and Gulf coasts have hurricanes, and then, right in the heartland, there’s Tornado Alley!

Given how unpredictable nature can be, it’s a good idea to take measures to reduce your risks, protect your home and keep your family safe. Take action against the event that has the highest odds of occurring and work your way down from there. But there are storm-specific home improvement strategies that can lower the risk of your home being damaged.
You should also consider stocking an emergency “go bag” that you can quickly grab in the event of an evacuation. And while preparedness doesn’t happen overnight, taking concrete steps now can lessen your risk and offer you some peace of mind. Has ample contacts for financing, contractors for remodeling, knowledge on permits and law of the city related to housing and real estate.
By creating a multi-jurisdictional team, first responders are better able to serve the residents of Snohomish County as a whole. Donated by a Monroe firefighter, the truck cab has been strategically altered  to facilitate this type of rescue drill. Identify places for debris to collect, temporary storage and staging areas, recycling, disposal, and hazardous waste handling.
The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes has a natural-disaster risk map that can help you identify the perils in your region. In the case of hurricanes, for instance, you can mount storm shutters, build a safe room or install hurricane straps to help keep your roof in place when fierce winds blow.
This is also a good time to check your insurance policies and confirm your coverage against various events. I would say the only part what I did in the whole buying process was to describe what I am looking for, Shan was very proactive and dependable and got me the keys without any hassles.

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