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The United States is planning a new round of sanctions aimed at the Russian Federation over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the White House said on Thursday, and the European Union is reportedly on the verge of doing the same. Reuters reported on Thursday that the White House is working on a new wave of sanctions against Russia, which may be imposed in tandem with embargoes expected to be announced by European Union representatives later this week.
According to Reuters, Deputy White House national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters that the new penalties were being finalized, but neglected to give details concerning what specific sectors will be targeted. Previously, sanctions imposed by the US and EU have targeted some of the largest banks in Russia, as well as the country’s largest oil producer, Rosneft. Western powers allege that the Kremlin has a direct role in the escalating hostilities in eastern Ukraine, where the Kiev-based military has for weeks now been engaged in combat against separatists presumed to be supported by Russian forces. US President Barack Obama is currently in Wales, where NATO alliance members are meeting throughout this week to weigh further options concerning the current situation in eastern Ukraine, as well as the international threat posed by Islamic State militants and other issues.
This is so pathetic and absurd, it will not make major headlines, yet, even if it were news of value, it would not be covered by the US news that isn’t.
Meanwhile, Fukushima goes on, over population continues, and mindless activities go on without end. One other point I neglected to make: Every sanction these idiots enact only empowers Putin to set his own service (already fully established, funded and running) into the place of the banks or oil outlets. Every stupid sanction simply gives Putin the opening he needs to put his own system into place.
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You can argue that these people aren’t trustworthy or they are intentionally trying to make a buck off scaring people and that may well be true. But even without my personal economic induced indigestion, do you really believe all is sunshine and roses out there? Pastor Lindsey Williams who claims to be friends with “elites” who disclose secret information in confidence with him has shared that recently he was told that within the next three months, the World Bank and IMF will force a reevaluation of the currencies of 204 nations.
So maybe the conspiracy angle isn’t something you are interested in entertaining for any one of a myriad of reasons and the industry pundits who are calling for doom in the markets are easily ignored by you. I for one know economic collapse is a very real thing and this has happened throughout history multiple times. Just in the relatively recent past, Argentina had an economic collapse that lasted for 4 years. Even if a currency reevaluation occurs, you likely won’t notice anything different right away. In Argentina and other areas affected by high inflation, food shortages were and are still common and even when they had food, people couldn’t afford what they once were able to buy. This is a broad topic and for the purposes of this article I am focusing on our house and specifically making it more secure.
Security for my family is mostly centered around firearms but I will be purchasing additional backup magazines for my pistols, more ammunition and spare holsters for all pistols.
The BOV is already purchased, but I plan to augment its capacity with all terrain tires and a roof rack to hold additional cargo as well as improve the structural integrity with some skid plates. Solar panels or a system like Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 with some additional solar panels will be a quiet alternative to a generator that you can actually bring into your house. I already have battery-powered shortwave radios and ham handhelds, but a better base unit and chimney mounted antenna along with batteries would round out my communication supplies. These are just items I still need to purchase and have an increased sense of urgency about with the recent news. I don’t think it is ever too late either Egbert, but frequently my titles are meant to drive a conversation which is happening on this post already. If given any sort of advanced notice I will convert all assets in the bank into cash or precious metals to keep out of the Governments hands. I join Egbert in the conviction that it is never too late to start prepping, and the topics that you’ve listed are not only worthwhile for an economic collapse, they cover the entire range of prepping for any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario, regardless of what triggers it. I still have a lot of unresolved questions about the best method of allocating resources in preparation for any type of collapse. Simply stated, if you reach a situation where NO ONE has food that they are willing to trade for services, expertise, fuel or tools, the value of gold and greenbacks will have already reached zero.
Let’s say that you need an electrician to wire up a connection for your well and your house so that you can run a gas generator to power both. I am right there with you Bolo on food over gold in the grand scheme of things although I do have some precious metals. Money is great to have if the economy is doing well and you want to purchase that new house and truck on credit. It’s not about running down to Walmart or Sams Club and buying $2,000 in freeze dried foods and guns and ammo. I have a very small quantity of silver but right now the only precious metal I’m interested in is brass. I’ve read it 2 or 3x and to be perfectly honest there are parts that still get me choked up. Seems to me that doing anything, even if its last minute will put you ahead of 90% of the population (if not higher). On the flashlights, I picked up some Faraday lights that are scattered around the house and solar rechargeable lights on the car dashs. That’s a great list and can probably be had for $6-700 with a decent shotgun, IE Mossberg 500.
I mean there are so many things that can be produced, and the means to production is the means to wealth, particularly when things are hard to come by. You know, the article pushes a lot of prepper prepare for societal meltdown stuff but says very little about protecting your money. If we are as close to blowout as I think, namely by this time next year, I am not at all sure paying off credit cards is good advice.
Many Americans feel they are limited when it comes to preparing for disaster because they rent their current home.
I’ve seen many questions about prepping as a renter on many forums and decided to tackle the question here on the site. When we started prepping we lived in an apartment and my wife reorganized the pantry, laundry room and coat closet to accommodate our bug out bags and supplies. Prepping while renting doesn’t have to be difficult, just takes some strategic thinking before you put your plan into action. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet. Once a severe financial crisis is evident, governments can close banks, restrict the amount of money that can be withdrawn and enact specific periods for withdrawal of money from banks and other institutions.

Total breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy and can be characterized as a severe version of an economic depression, which is where an economy is in complete distress for months, years or possibly even decades.A The causes are numerous, and typically, many factors are at work that would cause an economic crash. It does not happen overnight as one would assume because the word crash is bandied about, which would indicate a sudden occurrence. Unless the world is destroyed in one fail swoop, each individual as well as communities as a whole will still need things, all the things that paper money had previously allowed people to obtain and this includes paying for the services of others. Whether you have cash or gold hoarded, for most there probably will not be anywhere to spend it during a collapse. If things get better, then hoards of cash and gold would be a benefit, but who can afford to hoard cash or buy up gold or silver in any appreciable amounts a€?just in casea€? the economy collapses.
We have become used to high unemployment, the rising prices of consumer goods the rise of food and gas and people have been talking about inflation for years and civil unrest is becoming more common, and so the list of indicators has been with us for literally years and people just shrug.
Everyone has a solution, sell your car, pay off your mortgage, go off grid, pull your money out of the banks, build a bunker and hoard precious metals.
Most of us live on grid versus living off the grid, and some advocate getting off the grid now. Other say move out of the cities now, but mass migrations do not accomplish anything, because people will always migrate toward others, and toward areas where they can be fed and housed.
Food will be in short supply, so your stockpiles will have to be replenished by growing your own food and raising livestock. Who can sell their house or leave their apartment in the city and just take up country life, because cities will be death traps when the economy collapses. Now you know what you need to do, so in the coming segments let us talk about how to get there.
Prepping the right way is always hard work, it is slow work and often times if feels as nothing is being done at all, but every wall starts with one stone. Anyone can give advice, it is easy sometimes to see what needs to be done, but doing it is something all together different.
The newswire made the announcement as the White House participated in a conference-call with reporters. Russia responded by putting China’s Union card into place, already 10 years strong, leaving the greedy gut banks in the west without a strong customer.
Australia, New Zealand, most African emerging nations and (of course) rich South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Japan, India, Switzerland (the latest nation to join BRICS)China, and all the strong BRICS leaders. The genius of Putin is that he established a sister economy to the west, except all the players (excepting possibly China, but they have all the blueprints for every technology from power plants to semiconductors) are solvent. There are too many sources who have warned of approaching calamity for years to mention without turning this article into a compendium of links. I can’t say I have any financial clout myself and the markets are just as mysterious to me as the next guy.
There are simply too many in-your-face signs that rather than recovering, things are getting worse.
The Bilderberg conference that just wrapped up had as part of its agenda, the topic of capital controls.
Nothing like that could ever happen to the rest of the world because we have our stuff together. Maybe Martin Armstrong who has predicted a crash roughly in the last part of 2015 is wrong also and all of this doom and gloom is precisely what you hate about some prepping blogs. Nothing in our current trajectory gives me any hope that we will pull out of this dive without going through massive pain first and even though I have no proof, no degree in economics or even a really sharp understanding of capital markets and business cycles, the signs are on the wall for me.
This isn’t really new for Argentina, who unfortunately has had a history of economic ups and downs, but if you want to see just how similar the circumstances they went through leading up to the crisis of 1998, you might want to watch this movie below. You may find that you still have a job, the stores are still open and you can still take money out of your bank.
Only because I have some redundancy already built-in but it is something I am going to redouble my efforts at. Plywood sheeting to board up doors and windows, heavy chains to secure items, tarps, brackets to make improvisational door barricades and hand tools for the ability to work without power. Binoculars I already have, but I am considering purchasing Night Vision monoculars and additional Bullet proof vests.
ITS tactical has a brilliant article on some DIY modifications along these lines that could help you out in a pinch.
Additional bandages, alcohol, fish antibiotics, trash bags, quick lime and for the ladies, I plan on purchasing Diva Cups. My hope is that next year at this time, like so many years before, we will be able to look back and collectively say, again; “Nothing Happened”. We are and have made preps to mitigate any haircut at our financial institutions, as much as we possibly can, within our control. I go back and forth believing just like you do that it will be a slow creeping death as opposed to a violent end. I cashed out the 401K back in 2009 and ended any interaction with the market but since that time, I haven’t purchased any more. That’ll get me through until I can start replacing them with grown, foraged or hunted food. Most people who did well in economic short falls were those who not only had, but could produce the things people needed and wanted. As would learning how to build rocket stoves, filtering water in large quantities, raising some sort of livestock, productive machinery and the ability to power it, pickling crocks, large pressure cookers for canning, easy to power grinding wheels for tool sharpening, learning to make charcoal and the equipment to make it. While this may be true to some extent, there are still many steps renters can take to prepare for TEOTWAWKI. Its a good idea to set aside a certain amount from each paycheck and designate that as your prepping fund.
The down side to this is the expense of renting the unit, along with not having your supplies right there when you need them.
We also added supplies to our vehicle, which at the time was a minivan, but hey we did what we could with what we had.
You can either go with the standard gallon jugs, but they can’t be stacked, or one of my favorites is the Water Brick, each brick holds 3.5 gallons of water and they are stackable so you can get the most of your storage space. There are some great containers available to store bulk food, or you can go the 5 gallon bucket route, which are great for stacking. The first inclination of many politicians and some so-called experts is to blame someone else for something that may or may not be happening, so getting a straight answer is impossible. If this is the case then material items will be the new currency, items such as tools, clothing, food products, clean water and skills that can be traded. The local grocery store will be shuttered and gas stations will be boarded up and other retails stores will be closed as well.

Buy more guns and ammo and build a Faraday cage so your toaster and cell phone will work, even though after showing you how to build one they predict the grid will go down, there will not be any electricity.
Leave the system, fortify your cabins and then in the same paragraph tell you to take on a second job to fund your off grid living and to get out of debt now as if going off grid would not cost a fortune now. Being prepared is not the same as living now as if things have collapsed around you already. Civil unrest, loss of electricity or energy that costs so much the average person cannot afford it. Unemployment will rise, causing crimes to go up, because criminals will always be looking to take advantage. Advice such as if your house is on fire put it out, like you would not know this already, but knowing and doing something about it, well you know the rest. Who can pull all their money from the bank and stuff it in a mattress, and who has enough to make it worthwhile to hide cash around the home. You know you need at least a 90-day supply of food and water in the home, but today many can barely afford to have a weeka€™s worth for daily existence let alone any for an emergency.
That one stone does not make a wall, so you need to continue to lay stones, lay the foundation, because really what choice do you have. Industry experts have said we are headed for an economic collapse unlike any seen before in history, but for those who want to argue, I will throw out just three recent examples.
For those who don’t know what that means, capital controls were implemented in Cyprus in 2013 where banks closed for weeks, people were unable to withdraw any of their own money and eventually, some of their savings were taken. If that’s you, maybe this article won’t resonate and you can catch me on the backside when I start talking about more appropriate things like finding water, starting fires or lists of prepping supplies you need. What I have been able to read and witness myself makes me feel like we are getting closer and the sense of urgency to prepare is greater again. Before you do, realize that 100 years ago, Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
Argentina had over 50% of their population who were considered poor and 25% who were indigent. But if the debt is called in or something else rocks the financial markets, we can expect a huge spike in the cost of goods.
Along with my current preparations if I read in the news about any capital controls or currency reevaluations, my first stop is the local big box store for as many 50LB bags of rice, beans, seasonings like Salt, Pepper and Cayenne, Bouillon cubes, paper plates and cups and toilet paper as I can carry in a few trips. For starters I am going to acquire two supplies to pull water out of our well that could help in a couple of other ways. Sure, this isn’t a subject that I want to cover, but in terms of re-usability, there are far worse options. Checks yours out, the financial institutions are indeed in full control of YOUR assets, YOU are not. In either case, I want to be prepared, it’s just a matter of how much I can accomplish that is still left to do while I am able. I would also try to split a cow with the family beforehand to have meat on the table still, maybe even chickens and pigs.
Lock and load because we would have to fend off the grasshoppers and those dependent on the Feds to meet their daily needs. I learned years ago from my grandfather who to make beer, wine, and liquor and all of those are things that people will want. Not many of us have the ability to just run out and spend thousands at one time to do our prepping in just one big swoop.
You may want to start by decluttering the storage space you already have to free up some space.
Wise Food Storage can seem to be on the expensive side, but with a 25 year shelf life, and stackable containers they are really great to have around, if you decide to go with Wise Food Storage, use the coupon code WISEFREESHIP5OFF, get 5% off your order with free shipping. The above described would not be the only problem the average citizen could encounter once the government enacts certain rules, laws and regulations already on the books once the economy collapses.
If the entire financial system collapses as some predict who is worried about paying off a loan, and who is left that could collect from you anyway if it gets that bad. Pay off debt, get a second job, this is good advice, but can you and will you do this to help support what you know you need to do. No broad exclamations on selling your house, paying off your mortgage, or ditching the credit cards and head for the hills with your bug-out-bag. Where I come from that’s called stealing and they are now discussing the same thing with Greece. You can protest and riot in the streets for change and that is what a good portion of citizens in Argentina did, but what is more important to me is taking care of my family should we ever face that same situation or similar in the U.S. I am getting a manual hand pump since our well isn’t too deep, upgrading the water rain barrels to something with a higher capacity like a 530 Gallon Slimline Rain tank.
If you knew there was some economic collapse right around the corner, would you do anything differently?
Of course, but then I have to start worrying about keeping hundreds of gallons of fuel somewhere. If this is the case I want my money to be converted to a currency that still has value, and not be stuck with paper.
I have them in case the dollar is destroyed, but banks will still give you something (whatever replaces the dollar) for your precious metals. She read it and was moved to believe more along the same lines as me on the need to prepare. Medications aren’t an issue for us fortunately, but for millions they are a major consideration. I own a mushroom farm, and while that may not be people’s first choice to eat, they are a very nutritious food and can be grown on waste products such as sawdust, cardboard, etc. OK, maybe it is, but let’s look at some other conspiratorial ingredients to the overall story.
With rainwater, local (nearby) sources of water and plenty of ability to filter water we should be set.
Not having access to clean drinking water is an easy way to catch diseases and happens very frequently in poor countries or those affected by disaster.

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