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The gifts have been opened, wrapping paper is crammed into the trash, and we’re looking forward to 2015.
Over the years,  my family has amassed a considerable collection of rather random Christmas decorations – the after-effects of decorating very differently shaped homes (7 in 10 years). If a little more organization is one of your goals for 2016, take a look at my favorite holiday storage solutions and get a jump start on your next PCS prep! Since the kids always like to play with boxes anyway, this is a great why-aren’t-you-back-at-school-yet craft to keep them busy.
I find this to be an easy and durable solution, especially with a thicker layer of cardboard placed on the top before the lid is on.
For the smallest of your decorations, save up some egg cartons to keep bulbs, hooks and the other small pieces from floating around your boxes. I made space in a hall closet for the wrapping paper container and use it to corral all wrapping supplies in addition to paper – ribbons, tape and scissors. Like with every other part of our household goods, it is vital that we keep in mind that every item adds to your household goods weight – and there is a maximum!
Eight-nine percent of Americans 55 and older have embraced this aging-in-place trend, and hope to remain in their own homes for the long-term, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Consider remodeling projects to help enjoy your home longer, more safely and efficiently as you age.
To help save energy and money year-round, conduct a home improvement checkup by looking for signs that it’s time for potential repairs. Replacing heavy curtains and drapes with more sheer options will also allow privacy, without sacrificing natural light. Pella Designer Series windows and doors offer convenient, custom made, between-the-glass options like blinds and shades. Replacing old, hard-to-open windows with new windows and screens makes it easier to open windows to enjoy fresh air. Our MissionElder Care Resources is dedicated to empowering area seniors, their caregivers and healthcare professionals to obtain the knowledge and resources needed to provide quality care for an aging relative, friend or patient. Terrorism is a tactic that has survived for thousands of years and seeks to cause fear, panic, and economic damage to a given population in order to exert control or influence political, social, or religious practices through unusual levels of brutality. Though there have been many examples of high and low technology use by groups such as ISIS over the last couple years, the primary tools of any nefarious organization remains shootings, bombings, and cyber attacks.
One of the most common terror attacks is mass shootings since this requires little skill or resources to carry out while inflicting significant physical and psychological damage to those attacked.
Though the physical wounds from gunshots are addressed with competency almost everywhere in America, the psychological damage may be largely ignored.
Bombings, or the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), pose a different means of physical injury that many locales may not be prepared for. The most sensitive portion of the human body to blast overpressure is the ears, followed by those organ systems that contain gases such as the lungs. When treating physical casualties after an IED detonation, first responders should be aware that the leading causes of preventable death are arterial bleeding and tension pneumothorax.
Loosely characterized, there will be direct and indirect psychological victimization after a terror attack such as a bombing.
Psychological preparation should account for the fact that these casualties are likely to significantly outnumber the physical variety and place sufficient assets where the need is greatest. Measures that ensure these vulnerable populations gain a sense of contribution to and acceptance within society is likely to minimize or prevent a number of psychological casualties, thereby freeing resources to address other challenges. After months of scouring the marketplace for premium entry level jobs and internships, you’ve managed to secure your first real career opportunity. You might have to wait six months or more to become eligible, but keep your eye out for potential promotions within your organization. Our mission is to lead unchurched people to become hardcore followers of Christ, and we do this one step at a time.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Only a few years ago, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions were a new way for retailers and brands to reduce product development costs and cut lead times. If next year’s plans include a possible PCS, taking a little time now to PCS prep your holiday decorations will mean one less worry in the midst of moving chaos.

During the first few years we would pull out the boxes labeled Christmas and basically dump them in the living room, hanging and decking whatever we uncovered in each bag or box. Many stores will have holiday themed disposable cups on sale just before and right after Christmas. Pick up the tubs on sale throughout the year, looking for the ones with straight sides instead of sloped. Granted, these are two of my favorite parts of the holiday season – I have a serious wrapping paper obsession and I make my own seasonal wreathes, so we have a lot of both. I found the hard sided container paid for itself in one year because I didn’t have to run out and buy more to replace torn and wrinkled supplies from the year before. I picked one up a couple years ago during After-Christmas sales and immediately wondered while I’d waited so long! If you move at any time of the year other than late Fall, you might not even realize those your tree has suffered in transit until the time comes to put it up. As you pack your holiday decorations away, take a moment to dispose of anything that is extra, unwanted, broken or has gone unused for years. Replace or repair worn or broken items before they can lead to more extensive or expensive repairs. Are there drafts, chips or breaks in the finish, condensation or fogging between panes of glass, or are they hard to open? Between-the-glass window fashions don’t collect dust like traditional room side window treatments, making them a low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for option. Pella offers easy-to-operate windows in energy-efficient vinyl, wood or fiberglass options in colors, sizes and styles to suit your remodeling and replacement needs. As technology advances, so too do the tools available to terror organizations and those inspired by them.
Some Americans wish to deny reality and believe that the world is a safe place to live where everybody can coexist peacefully. Though global terrorism has been increasing over the recent history, properly understanding and preparing for its effects will minimize negative impacts.
This style of indiscriminate killing is a form of atrocity, and as noted by Dave Grossman in his recent book On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, this close range and personal delivery of death, when properly used, can be incredibly effective at achieving the psychological effect of destroying the will of the attacked.
Persons who were not present at the attack site may develop adverse psychological reactions, thus emergency managers and planners should ensure sufficient assets are available to support the community as a whole versus only those directly affected.
In addition to the physical injuries, these devices sow psychological discord because of the heinous sights caused by an IED detonation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, tympanic membrane compromise is one of the earliest signs of blast injury. Direst victimization applies to those who were present at the attack site and witnessed the event, perhaps narrowly escaping. As images of horror are repeatedly broadcast into millions of homes in exquisite detail, the psychological warfare of the terrorist is being amplified across the nation. Terror organizations such as ISIS have proven they are adept with technology but for now this means of attack is primarily the tool of nation states. Regardless of prevention efforts, preparation by training for the physical and psychological injuries consistent with terror attacks must be undertaken. Based on terror management theory, the most vulnerable populations are likely to include those who are likeliest to feel as though they contribute least to the advancement of society and those who already lack anxiety control or are not accepted within larger society.
Oftentimes, seemingly menial tasks and accomplishments can be highly meaningful to both the community and the individual(s) completing these tasks. Marine Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician with emergency response experience both in the U.S. While this is the end of a long and difficult job search, you’ve only reached the beginning of your professional life. Establishing a solid record of performance and accountability early in the game will help you stand out among your peers when the next opportunity comes along. Ask your fellow coworkers what the typical next step up is from an entry level position and set to work developing the skills and knowledge you’ll need to apply.
If you hear from a friend or family member that a better position you’re qualified for opens up at their place of business, send over your resume. But after a winter PCS resulted in considerable damage to our temporarily stored household goods, including holiday decor, it seemed a better system was needed.

Simply cut cardboard from all those packages to fit your hard sided tub and glue the cups to the cardboard. Both items need hard sided containers to avoid being squished and wrapping paper needs to be accessible throughout the year for other gift giving occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc. One word of warning for your PCS: the movers will want to wrap packing tape around the container itself to keep it closed in transit. Home Storage Solutions 101 offers a comprehensive run through of the various options available for tree storage and the pros and cons of each. If there are items that you want to replace, take advantage of post-Christmas sales for good deals on replacements. The thought of moving away from your home’s comfort, warmth and memories can be unsettling. Adding additional windows, or increasing the size of existing window openings can also increase the amount of natural light in a home. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Unlike gunshot wounds, many first response personnel are never exposed to blast and fragmentation injuries and may not have the training or confidence to effectively treat the victims. As a safety measure, anybody exhibiting symptoms of ear injury or compromised equilibrium should be medically evaluated as lung injuries are the most common forms of fatality for those who survived the initial overpressure event.
Though the physical injuries after a blast may prove challenging to address without proper training for a catastrophic event, planning must also include how to minimize the psychological ramifications of the horror witnessed. Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) may become manifest with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) being diagnosed if symptoms persist beyond a four-week span.
Emergency managers in all locations must plan for psychological challenges should another large scale attack take place in America.
Most likely from a terror group is physical destruction of key information assets; however, the possibility of hardware or software vulnerability exists. Development of standard operating procedures (SOP) and exercises to test the SOPs must occur along with coordination between adjacent locales and state assets. Emergency planners and managers owe it to their communities to understand the most likely threats, develop proactive and reactive measures to mitigate them, and test these measures regularly.
Before you know it, you’ll be considering taking the next step down your chosen path. A hot glue gun works best – so either handle that part yourself unless you have older children. After the cutting the edges of a shoebox lid, use it to wrap the strand of lights before fitting it back into the shoebox and storing the box itself inside a hard sided tub. Sly’s answer to the question, which has been included below, indicates that he expects that project to be his next.“I’m getting ready for [‘Rambo 5?]. Instead of moving out, consider updating and remodeling your home to accommodate your future needs. She reveals the latest trends, tips, news, websites & products for baby boomers, caregivers & older adults. Physical casualties would be a secondary order of effect as goals of economic collapse and psychological trauma via attack against the financial network or critical infrastructure would be immediately advanced. He is currently an instructor under contract from the Department of Defense teaching counter IED and anti-terrorism principles to actively serving military personnel. After losing several in different PC moves, the hard case earned it’s cost by not having to replace my wreaths annually. The fusion cell model works well and should minimally include local, county, and state police, fire and medical responders and supervisors, civilian community leaders, bomb technicians, and any specialized assets such as industrial hygienists should the threat assessment yield a potential for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) attack. We’re going to try to cover all the boundaries.”Last we heard, the Rambo 5 screenplay pits the rugged warrior John Rambo against a Mexican drug cartel threat. Rambo 5 may also have a fittingly somber, end of an era feel to it – “his version of ‘No Country for Old Men’,” as it has been described before.Rambo (the 2008 film) brought the title character’s ongoing journey to what, for many moviegoers, seemed to be an appropriate final resting spot.

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