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When the first caveman decided to keep a little more food or fuel for his fire than what he needed to get through the week, he became a prepper. Then there are ongoing doomsday scenarios such as huge solar flares, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves, global pandemics, thermonuclear exchange, and the like that can truly alter the face of what we think of as civilization. Moving past personal protection, a firearm also has valid applications in both protecting food plots from wildlife and in taking game through hunting in long-term survival situations. For instance, a modern compound bow is good for taking game out to 50-yards, but it needs to be restrung every other year to be safe enough to use and the arrows often are not reusable even if they are recovered.  Even an inexpensive modern sporting rifle can take game reliably at 300-yards, and can operate for decades with only regular cleaning if used conservatively and stored properly. While a certain case could be made for having something belt-fed and Class-III for your home defense in a worst-case scenario, it should be remembered that budgetary and legal constraints could limit your selection.
Look for a firearm that has a proven record of accomplishment and has been on the market for years from a major manufacturer. Ideally, at least one handgun for personal protection and at least one long arm for hunting and defense should be acquired to round out a prepper’s personal arsenal. Chris Van-note:August 2, 2012 at 8:37 pmYou know How long I have been trying to get my hands on a Sub 2000! I personally prefer the Barnes 115gr TAC-XPD (which I personally carry) as it would be more practical for barrier resistant options but then again (I suppose finance and other analysts made the choice for us), getting shot at with this will likely result in a retreat if even one of those 50gr hits them (which with almost sub MOA at 100 yards is easy).
What really amazed me is that the VP or Marketing of FCG and I had so much fun with the Sub 2000 at their sister range, that tons of the unique Kel-Tec KSG were procured and on sale at Grand Opening for $800-$850 depending on your flavor and they sold out in less than 72 hours before Grand Opening during the Pre Grand Opening! If your purchase goes over $20,000, we will include an additional 2 bonus 15L Tubs filled with Back Country Cuisine Drinks and Smoothies to the value of $500.
If this deal interests you, please send us an email first with what products you are considering, so we can ensure you are going to be happy. Once we have agreed to the scope of the product mix and other details, we will place this in this listing, so that there is no confusion as to our supply, ready for your order.
It is likely to take up to seven (7) days to package, but if your situation is urgent, we could get this together in one (1) work day and a weekend. The existing products will serve as a gauge on value and price, but essentially you can select combinations of product that suit you best. Together with the Bonus Forbidden Foods Black Rice Tubs, makes this 74 x 15L Tubs full of FOOD!
The store room pictured below is just an example of a Prepper’s Food Store Room, and is not representative by what you order. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Broken crayons, candle stubs, and any other form of paraffin wax can be used to make new candles, or along with other items to make fire starting tablets. Dryer lint can be used as tinder, or when combined with paraffin wax or petroleum jelly, to make fire starting tablets. Cardboard egg cartons can be used to sprout seeds or as the container for fire starting tablets. Rope—longer pieces can be used for climbing and shorter pieces can be used for lashing gear. Plant waste (fruit and vegetable scraps, yard clippings, etc.) should be added to your compost pile to create natural fertilizer. Certain fruit and vegetables, such as pineapples, carrots, and sweet potatoes can be regrown from scraps. Newspaper can be used as garden mulch or to prevent weeds from growing, to clean windows, and as tinder. Cardboard boxes can be used to store the food you’ve canned, making it easy to grab and go if you have to leave in a hurry. Outgrown clothes can be used as barter items, to give to needy families, as rags, or combined with a stick and flammable liquid, to make torches. Hair clippings (human or pet) can be used as fertilizer in your garden and to keep deer and other animals away. Wire of all types and sizes can be used for lashing gear, transmitting power, and building expedient antennas. Twist-ties have almost unlimited uses, such as fixing eyeglasses, securing plants to stakes, and of course, sealing bags.

I imagine you could build an enormous stockpile of goods this way, but is it really the best way to build a preparedness supply? While couponing, price matching, and comparison shopping are valuable tools that can help you acquire needed items inexpensively, don’t be fooled.
The major difference between a bargain stockpile and an emergency food supply is the purpose. A bargain stockpile is a collection of items purchased at the lowest possible price, often pennies on the dollar. Have you ever gone into the kitchen to make dinner and found that although there is plenty to eat, you don’t have the right ingredients to make anything you normally prepare?
Another concern with the bargain stockpile is that it often consists of unhealthy, highly processed foods. And finally, these foods, although they are considered shelf stable, don’t have a long shelf life, at least not by prepper standards. On the bright side, a bargain stockpile can come in very handy for items that don’t expire. An emergency food supply is made up of items that have been specifically chosen for qualities like longevity, nutrition, and ease of cooking without a power supply.
An emergency food supply can stand on its own, without the need to add fresh foods to make the meal tasty and balanced. Finally, an emergency food supply takes into consideration the limitations of an emergency. Items you might find in an emergency food supply are canned goods, freeze-dried meals, whole grains, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Clearly, if your intention is to get prepared, you need to be focusing on an emergency food supply. Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you are ready to start building your supply. Dietary restrictions – you may need to avoid things like gluten, lactose, peanuts, or other allergens.
Storage requirements – take the time to pack your food away carefully, defending against the enemies of food storage. While both bargain stockpiling and emergency food supplies have their places in preparedness, don’t rely on only bargain stockpiling to prep for an emergency.
The post Why Bargain Stockpiling is Not Emergency Food Storage by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival. Odds are this first prepper decided he needed a good-sized club or rock to help make sure he could hold onto it.
In the worst case of these, the economy completely collapses, money becomes worthless, the mail stops, the power grid and phone system shuts down and the government at all levels disappears. Some adherents will prefer edged weapons, bows and melee arms for this for their own reasons. While hunting with primitive weapons is a popular hobby, it can be argued that modern firearms are more survivable and effective.
If your pocketbook doesn’t allow for this, look into a compact pistol caliber carbine like the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 or something that breaks down easily like the new Henry Survival rifle.
You can scavenge lead from wheel weights, but when the smokeless powder runs out, we're back to the old ways.
I personally use one on duty in a data center with a G19 along with 50gr fragmenting copper rounds (these unique cartridges chronograph at 2200-2300fps which is going on 500 ft.
George K took all his knowledge a success from his years at IntraTec and with the TEC-9 (later his own SUB-9 with thanks to the first weapons ban) and created a damn fine backup firearm. The Kel-Tec KSG (which is also both a compact engineering design as a bullpup but has been well documented on any limitations and functional applications for use, With only 14+1 and even though it needs no BATFE $200 tax stamp and registration to be an SBS, it's painful and handy enough to compliment my Sub 2000 - but the Saiga 12 I already have. And even though you may be starting to think along those lines of what you can and should keep for reusing, recycling, and repurposing, there may be some items you’re leaving out. While these items can be very useful and a boon to your budget, they can also sit there unused because they are simply not foods you would want to eat, or, as a standalone item, need additional ingredients to make a complete meal. Particularly if they are left in their original packaging, you cannot expect to get more than a year out of most items.

Things like band-aids, lotion, soap, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and toothpaste, for example, can be stacked to the rafters and used for years to come.
Items are packed in Mylar, with the proper desiccants or oxygen absorbers, and then stashed away in a food safe bucket. Preppers are careful to ensure that they have an adequate balance of bioavailable nutrients, such a protein sources, fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates. In an emergency, you won’t be able to pick up a pound of ground beef to go into your Hamburger Helper, nor will you have the makings of a salad in the crisper drawer. You may not have power, so many of the foods in an emergency supply only require the addition of boiling water. There is a lot more to building a food supply, so if you would like more detailed information about building an emergency food supply, you can find it HERE.
The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. These can be carried in a backpack or bag discreetly and expand your effective range out past what a handgun will normally fire. The caveat was that I had to buy a Glock from him for him to consider selling me one of the two Sub 2000's coming in on an order. I keep one under my seat most times when I do not have access to CMMR M4 SBR in 300 Blackout. I can empty it in 3 seconds and with a Phoenix KickLite stock and rail accessories, I can shoot a 20 round drum of buckshot and not even have a bruise. It is astonishing to watch people load up a heaping grocery cart, then give the cashier a thick wad of coupons and walk out of the store paying $3.11 for everything.
This necessitates a trip to the store, which is not going to happen in the event of an emergency. While things like beans and rice are stocked, it’s understood that these foods may not be usable in every situation because of their lengthy cooking times. And while you can seal them up with a FoodSaver, some tubing and a common clothes iron, I find it infinitely easier with a cheap hair straightening iron that you can pick up $20 or less. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. Shelter, food and fuel are stockpiled and a weapon (usually a gun) is obtained to be able to protect it from those that did not. The new reality is having to wash your clothes in a pickle bucket for the rest of your life. From the cave dweller’s rock and club, the evolution of the weapon has marched forward over millennia until you have today’s handguns and longarms. There is no target holder however after three or so shots - so its frowned upon by everyone and will certainly ensure that only I remain standing to fire the last 7 00 MG buckshot in the magazine. Perhaps you are thinking of cooking up a big pot of chili, but you used the last of the seasoning with the last batch. Remington) should be decided on so that a sufficient quantity of ammunition can be acquired. If I need to change ammo quickly, I can go either subsonic with 147gr bonded Winchester Ranger in another magazine (I think consumer product is PDX1 and you only get 20 not 50 rounds) with the option of supersonic with the 124gr +P. Before you go kicking Kel-Tec around, their products are made to last when properly maintained and work well for their use.
In either the short term or long-term disaster scenarios, it is unlikely that you will have a chance to run down to the local Big Box and buy more. I really would not recommend ANYTHING 9MM NATO and stick to the 147gr or 95gr fragmenting or 115gr training (when available) to lessen the stress on the bolt assembly, barrel, breech and chamber along with your shoulder and skills.
My only complaint with the Sub 2000 is the accessories and lack of availability not to mention the trigger pull on various models could use improvement, otherwise this is one company to watch for!

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