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I finally got to go camping again a couple weeks ago and wish I would have had one of these 5 gallon bucket DIY air conditioners. Since this weekend at my house is now 118 degrees (I live in Phoenix), I started thinking hard about what I’d do to survive if I had to live for a while outside in this weather. Now there are a LOT of designs out there that you’ll see a bucket or a cooler with a fan sticking out of them.
Has the ability to connect to a larger water source easily so it won’t have to be continually refilled or have a large reservoir.
One thing to keep in mind is that the wet bulb temperature of the air is the coolest it can be brought to by evaporation. In a swamp cooler, water is dripped down through a medium, usually a mat or pad that looks like a flat piece of hay or blue fiber. This means that you have to have as much pad area as possible, keep it continually wet somehow, and blow as much dry air through it as you can. Also, it means that bacteria can grow if you don’t keep the system clean with periodic maintenance.
What we’re gonna do is start with the basic idea that a guy came up with for cooling that is laid out in this instructible. One, I don’t like having to use both AC and DC to run the thing, especially since the AC will take more power. This pump will hopefully give me the flowthru rate I need to keep the padding wet at all times but not take too much energy. At maximum speed, this one pulls about 45 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and should draw about 1.8 Watts. Another thing I wanna do is be able to hook the box to other water somehow but not have to worry about it overfilling. With that, I can keep the internal reservoir full but not have to either keep filling it every hour (the system is gonna go through somewhere around a gallon an hour or so) or have to have a gigantic reservoir.
It has a lot more airflow than this one does and it’s still super portable and super light.
60,000 people from around the world in the Nevada desert build a temporary city, party for a week and burn a giant effigy in a ritual frenzy. Deep in the Nevada desert, thousands of people meet every summer at a incredible celebration called Burning Man. A stunning visual exploration of the Festival of the Burning Man against the backdrop of a question: What is the meaning of life? My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. Water can either be replenished occasionally or filled with a hose with the input controlled with a cheap swamp cooler float that’s either gravity-fed or with some kind of pump. I don’t see your design using the components you described – what am I missing? Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran. Top 10 best selling prepper gear you should considerOccasionally, I want to let you know which prepper and survival gear is selling better than the rest.
99 freakin’ awesome ideas for your bug out bagLots of articles tell you the basics of what you need in your bug out bag. My personal go bag contentsThere are a lot of different things you can put on your bug out bag list and there’s not really one list of contents that you should follow.
The other side of the way this episode was presented was the very real threat of people who will try to take what you have. Now, I am old enough to realize that you can’t logically expect to strap a gun to your belt and dispatch any bad guy that walks into town and spits on your boot.
I know what you mean obxster and I am still amazed at the mental genius it took to go on national TV and tell everyone (including those who live in his town) what his plans were.
Question that comes to the front is … How many guys, like this so called marauder, are actually joining up with local prepper groups, attending prepper expos, gun ranges, specialty stores ect ect and collecting info for future SHTF strikes? I agree with you and I still can’t imagine a valid reason why NatGeo put him on other than to make some preppers out to look crazy and be something that normal people should fear. Either that, or it was a shameless marketing ploy to get the Prepper universe in a tizzy… Mission accomplished. I thought DDP was actually a parody show like spitting images, never has a TV show so discredited the hard work, planning and preparations of so many people, I reckon there would be a huge culling of these so called tv preppers within hours of TSHTF. If this guy is always trying to improve his tactics and arsenal, you would think this dude would shave some of that fat off and exercise. The bottom line is no matter how your armed and staffed you are, if you have waves and waves of people trying to get you, they will at some point.
Tyler is a convicted sex offender, and is now in jail on weapons charges and failure to register as a sex offender in the state to which he moved.
Lol every article I,ve read about this has been dripping with fantasies of people going to war with this guy and what they would do to him, Especially the comments section Everybody talks so tough, You all are just praying for doomsday lol. For anyone other than a prepper, being lazy would be referred to as “scheduling some downtime”. Infant assaulted with 8 vaccine doses at six months old… collapses into state of brain damage… doctors blame the parents! A trip into the wilderness can be a fun and educational experience for those who like to seek adventure outdoors. A person should keep his or her head covered while in the cold to avoid losing up to 45 percent of his or her body heat. Before getting into a sleeping bag, place damp boots between its liner and shell to help dry them off. Carry a fire starter and tinder such as a trioxane bar so that a fire can be started quickly in extreme cold temperatures. Wearing a hat with a brim will help keep the sun off of one’s face and the back of the neck. If feeling the effects of heat exhaustion, such as vomiting, headache, or dizziness, lie down, elevate the feet, and take a few sips of cool, but not cold, water.
Insects such as grasshoppers, snails, and crickets are easy to catch and edible if unable to catch game. Create a surface that is reflective enough to start a fire by using a bar of chocolate to polish the bottom of soda can.
Use caution around oil and petroleum when in extreme cold conditions as they can cause frostbite if they come into contact with the skin. The simplest and most often used method of starting a fire without matches is the flint and steel method. Do not build a shelter in an area where water may collect if heavy rains begin during the night. Make the first break in the stone by bashing two rocks together in what is called the rock-bash technique. Always wear eye protection when creating tools from rock and other natural materials to avoid injury to the eye from flying fragments. When preparing for an outdoor excursion, always carry a first aid kit for potential emergencies.
Unless equipped with a compass and knowledge of where they are, people should stay put when lost in the wilderness.
If a person becomes lost he or she should stop and set priorities before taking any action.
How to Start and Create a Fire: This page gives very brief explanation of how to arrange logs to make a fire. Seven tips to Survive the Frozen Wilderness: This link directs readers to the Ultimate Survival Alaska page on the National Geographic Channel. The Do-it-Yourself Coffee Can Survival Kit: This page takes readers to directions for creating a survival kit. Cold Weather Survival Tips: This page explains what the four basic principles of surviving in cold weather are. Health Concerns: This page reviews what items are important when traveling through a desert or in an area with high temperatures. How to Find Water: This article discusses areas where a person might find water in the desert. How to Make Shelter in the Wilderness: Click on this link for step-by-step instructions on how to build shelter outdoors.

RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. In the thick of these political maneuvers, an American family of missionaries living in the Philippines and a Texan petroleum engineer in Australia must face the fear of being strangers in a world in flux.
With these factors in mind, it becomes clear that preparing a base camp will take careful consideration.
These items will form the basis of your survival checklist – the absolute bare minimum of what you will need in an outdoor survivalist situation. The type of camp you will set up will be dependent upon a number of factors, including how permanent your camp will be, what the weather and ground conditions are like, and whether or not you expect to encounter any nasty bugs, predators or other dangers. But what few seem to realize about this transformation is that the sheer stress of living in today’s America is driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression and self-destruction. You must be prepared to take any and all actions necessary if you find yourself in a survival situation.  You will need to be prepared to utilize any and all resources in order to insure your survival. Rule Number 3: The width and depth of your “tribal network” will determine the quality of your life above survival. Once you have been blogging for awhile, you begin to realize that bad news – and by bad news I mean the unthinkable – sells. Set aside a brief period each week to either learn a new skill or practice becoming more proficient at a skill you already possess.  Better yet, take some time – even a few minutes – each day to find a new trick or tip to add to your survival notebook. One of the most important things you can do now to prepare for a crisis or disaster is to always be learning. Side note: On most days I post a link of two to relevant free e-book over on my Facebook page. Growing your own food can be so rewarding that I just can not fathom even the smallest apartment dweller not growing at least a pot full of herbs on their window sill.  There is something magical about popping a few seeds in a pot and watching them sprout and grow into something that is actually edible. Beyond the window sill garden, there is the container garden, bucket garden, square foot garden, vertical garden, raised bed garden and the mini-farm.  No matter how difficult it may seem, check out some videos on YouTube or books from your local library and start growing some food this spring.
Other woes such as poor health, los of a job or a financial meltdown are a bit more difficult to deal with.  Questions such as how will you cope and how will you live will cross your mind as you stay up nights wondering what you could have done to mitigate the situation in the first place.
Acknowledge now that there will be fear and panic and realize this is WHY you prep.  Prepping is the insurance policy that will help see you through hard times. I would also like to suggest that you share a modest portion of your bounty with your less fortunate or elderly neighbors.  I would also like to suggest that you share your kindness when kindness is shared with you in turn.
I encourage you to embrace the less tangible aspects of preparedness and consider events of the day a wake up call advising you to get on with life in the best and most human way possible. Since we were going camping for several days and in a location without electrical hookup and a lot of my neighbors were going (some of whom had never camped), I figured I’d make a portable solar powerbox.
They use a LOT less energy than an air conditioner unit so I won’t have to increase the power capabilities of my system to work it, and they can reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees as well as take out the dryiness in your tent while you sleep. This mat is designed to give the water as much surface area as possible to contact the air going through the system. There’s a product called Holmes S1708PDQ-U Humidifier Bacteriostat that works well for this and a bottle would last quite a long time with a swamp cooler this small. Not much, mind you, but the more efficient I can make the system, the less power I’ll have to supply. I was originally going to use the same kind of computer fan that Figjam used but then decided it didn’t have enough flowthru. It runs off 12v, is super reliable, puts out 900 CMF (20 times what the fan above does) and pulls about 2.6 amps on high or 1 amp on low. I want this thing to be something you can carry with you if possible, and if not, at least not take up a lot of room in a vehicle. I may end up using a 5 gallon bucket DIY air conditioner (using a 5 gallon bucket) like Figjam did but I need to see how my current setup is gonna work. Go behind the scenes with the founders and participants of Burning Man and see all that goes into creating this wild, awe-inspiring event. Each of these designs has a pretty extensive description of how to put it together but I don’t know their full list. The system won’t operate without a supply of water but how you do it depends on your water situation. Thanks for posting, specially the details:) The simplicity of your system is not only easy and quick set-up, but most importantly CHEAP! Thanks:) Most likely better for my shop, but a little nervous about the openness of that one. I grew up in the woods and spent a lifetime in various environments from deserts to jungles to politically-sensitive urban environments, and I'm here to tell you what I know. Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for. I do this for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is to learn lessons and gain information from other people who are out there prepping too. Most profiles of preppers start with what they are prepping for and how they plan to survive. Not that there are people planning to do this, that has been discussed often, but that National Geographic would put his story out there and group him in the same category as “Preppers”. That may be supplies, money, guns, people anything that they want and they are able to take. If we go through some disaster like many are planning for, bad people are simply a fact of life. Maybe that is what Doomsday Preppers was trying to do, but they didn’t seem to come down too harsh on Tyler. Maybe, but again I view this as an opportunity to learn and that is more important than some traffic my little blog might generate. Now if you have a larger group that you are prepping with it may be a good time to scrutinize the others you plan on trusting your life with. This seems like a very transparent effort to marginalize some who call themselves Preppers.
You have the nut-job painting rubber cement on bathroom tiles and the guy in Costa Rica with a beautiful set up using Aquaponics and showing how to rope your neighbors in. I mean im pretty good with a gun and have went shooting throughout my entire life and im 100% certain i could hit his fat ass from pretty far away.
Interestingly enough, it was his exposure on NatGeo that led authorities to start an investigation on him. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else.
Sweating will not only dampen clothing but it will also make the body cooler when it dries. Clothing should contrast with its surroundings and care should be taken if climbing up a tree or some other high location.
The page also includes links to other survival skills for campers including water safety and signaling for help.
The article lists what general items are needed in the kit and explains key points to remember when creating the kit. Fire types are also reviewed in addition to the physical and psychological benefits of building a fire. The article lists eight ways that people can survive outdoors in the heat or desert-like conditions. The document is an in-depth overview of how a person can survive when in dangerous situations outdoors.
A newly radicalized Islamic government rises to power in Indonesia, invades the Philippines, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and finally northern Australia. There are all sorts of things to consider when you’re in a survivalist situation; such as, how to make fire without being seen, how to sleep (or not) on wet ground, and how you should prepare for inclement weather or hostile conditions. But if you prepare in advance you’ll find that, when it comes time to put your plans into action, everything will go smoothly. But when it comes to preparing your base camp, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on any of the essentials.
It doesn’t matter if you’re bunking down for just one night, or if you intend to ride out a few seasons in the same location. In a survival situation, your actions shouldn’t be bound by arbitrary rules that may exist and be essential to maintain order and stability in normal times. Life is precious and at the end of our time, it won’t be the fancy cars, the elaborate home, or the diamond rings that count.

No problem if you happen to have a freezer nearby to make ice but this design is for more long-term use in places that you can only find water. The temperature had only dropped 3 degrees while we were in there but it felt chilly enough that it was a little uncomfortable without grabbing a towel. With a swamp cooler, that air that now gave up some of its latent temperature to the conversion is then blown into the room. He took a 5 gallon bucket, wrapped the inside with two layers of swamp cooler matting, made a loop of hose above it connected to a submersible pump and ran a fan out the top with piping. If I combine it with the 12v pump (providing it can push enough water), I’ll have a great setup. I have a design of my own that I’ll be posting once monsoon season ends and I can test it fully but I still have about 10% more to go. This is currently the list of the top 10 best-selling prepper and survival gear items, along with an explanation for each.
I also watched American Blackout for the same reasons and felt that show was presented in a way that anyone could learn something from watching imaginary people going through an imaginary nationwide power outage that lasted 10 days. Tyler and anyone like him who openly professes a goal of taking from others as their primary survival plan isn’t a prepper anymore than I am a millionaire because I am going to buy a lottery ticket. What I wouldn’t have given to have a torch and some guns at that age and the resources to help me build a suit like that if only to clown around in the woods with my buddies. We could get into a whole range of security topics like this on how to keep your home secure, but eventually there is no defense that is going to stand the test of time and determined people. Right now, in the Philippines, there are armed gangs roaming the streets looting from stores. In fact, they commended him for his “innovative” body armor efforts and said he needed to be part of the “solution” not part of the problem. Forget guns, supplies and preps; if the evacuees reach you or your position, your 90% dead! One they made into an actual show on NatGeo (Doomsday Castle) and another was a guy at an amusement park I believe. But this fat moron hanging radiators from his shoulders would he shot between his squinty little piggy eyes by any marginally competent person with a handgun. To be honest he had one of the worst set ups ive seen on Doomsday Preppers since its been airing. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. In addition to freezing or blistering hot weather, falls, hostile animal encounters, and other dangers, there is also the lack of access to nearby help.
The reader may scroll down to review each topic or he or she may click on the topic title to go directly to the information.
They will also learn about materials to use for the bearing block, about a fire board, and material types for tinder. No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone.
A well chosen spot will aid you in the event of your needing to find food, water or an escape route.
Things are not going to be anywhere close to normal in a survival situation until you’ve managed to get control of your circumstances. It is will the feeling of peace knowing that you have lived well with love in your soul and compassion in your heart.
It was just a proof-of-concept so there are some improvements that’ll be made to it but it had no problem keeping up with my Yaesu FT-857D ham radio, lighting, charging electronic devices and filling up air mattresses. Figjam (Fuck Me I’m Good, Just Ask Me) did this for his trips to the Playa at Burning Man (always a hotbed of inventions and way hot and dry).
I’am goin’ place one in my workshop if it meets my needs, plan to attempt to integrate your evap cooler to my greenhouse aquaponic system plans! The most recent episode of Doomsday Preppers is called “We Are the Marauders” and believe it or not, aspects of this show, while not necessarily instructive were very illuminating, and disturbing at the same time.
He says that he and his friends are who you should be afraid of and we see a rather rotund Tyler busting down the door of someone’s house and demonstrating how he and his friends will take anything they want in a grid-down scenario. Seeing a grown man do this is pretty pathetic and I think Tyler might have a huge wake up coming if anything does happen. The best you can do may only delay the inevitable and if there is a group of people determined to take something from you there is only one way to stop that. Even worse, there are ex-convicts, gangs and career criminals who will be out there with the same idea. Whose to say that one of the people in his group won’t put a bullet in his brain when he is bent over the workbench making some other contraption. I admire the idea in both examples, but I think the execution won’t produce the desired results.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader.
It may take hours or days for rescuers to come to one’s aid in the event of an emergency, and delays like this can be deadly.
With this in mind, camping with your back to a cliff or steep incline is a great idea, as you’ll also be protected from the wind. In the age of Obama, America is undergoing a “fundamental transformation” – that much everyone knows. There will still be family members or others in your group that may be depending upon you for help and guidance.
Eventually I’d like to get one of these Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kits but I may just see if I can get by with one of these smaller solar generator kits. But, these two fight each other like two hens with a worm because as you blow air faster, it dries out the pad. This shows goal unlike most of the Doomsday Prepper episodes I have seen was to show the dark side of survival. At worst, he is a dangerous thief who doesn’t care for life or anyone’s interests but his own.
If society is gone and there is no longer any civilization, we will be living in the Wild West. When you put people through something traumatic, the rules get thrown out the window and you see the best and worst come out frequently. If we go through something like an economic collapse you could find yourself faced with people who have the philosophy of Tyler’s in that it is better to take than prepare. It is important, therefore, for adventurers to understand basic techniques for survival in the wilderness. Since the pad then has a dry spot, not only is there less wet surface area to convert, the air has an easier time going through the dry part so it doesn’t work as well.
If I lived up there near Tyler, knowing what his plans are, he would not receive a warm welcome from me. Your neighborhood street might very well become the OK Corral of the future and your only hope of peace will be the kill those bent on the destruction of you and yours. Aside from the fact that such a strategy is just plain stupid, it’s clearly not sustainable.
Stealing doesn’t make you self-sufficient as you are still dependent on others; the theft is just more brazen.
If you tell me you are going to take everything I have, I will deal with you and no scrap metal suit is going to stop me from putting a bullet through your face.
My lesson will be from the business end of some firepower that scrap metal and old WWII helmets won’t stop. If you are within 500 miles of any city or large town, you are 90% DEAD the moment the SHTF! He is the welfare society taken to its logical conclusion and he feels perfectly shameless in telling the world he plans to steal if we have some form of society collapse. Hopefully Tyler will get some therapy and some good advice before then and change his ways. There is an option that allows Preppers to live in or near large population centers and still have a genuinely workable strategy.

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