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When the first caveman decided to keep a little more food or fuel for his fire than what he needed to get through the week, he became a prepper. Then there are ongoing doomsday scenarios such as huge solar flares, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves, global pandemics, thermonuclear exchange, and the like that can truly alter the face of what we think of as civilization. Moving past personal protection, a firearm also has valid applications in both protecting food plots from wildlife and in taking game through hunting in long-term survival situations.
For instance, a modern compound bow is good for taking game out to 50-yards, but it needs to be restrung every other year to be safe enough to use and the arrows often are not reusable even if they are recovered.  Even an inexpensive modern sporting rifle can take game reliably at 300-yards, and can operate for decades with only regular cleaning if used conservatively and stored properly.
While a certain case could be made for having something belt-fed and Class-III for your home defense in a worst-case scenario, it should be remembered that budgetary and legal constraints could limit your selection. Look for a firearm that has a proven record of accomplishment and has been on the market for years from a major manufacturer.
Ideally, at least one handgun for personal protection and at least one long arm for hunting and defense should be acquired to round out a prepper’s personal arsenal.
Chris Van-note:August 2, 2012 at 8:37 pmYou know How long I have been trying to get my hands on a Sub 2000! I personally prefer the Barnes 115gr TAC-XPD (which I personally carry) as it would be more practical for barrier resistant options but then again (I suppose finance and other analysts made the choice for us), getting shot at with this will likely result in a retreat if even one of those 50gr hits them (which with almost sub MOA at 100 yards is easy). What really amazed me is that the VP or Marketing of FCG and I had so much fun with the Sub 2000 at their sister range, that tons of the unique Kel-Tec KSG were procured and on sale at Grand Opening for $800-$850 depending on your flavor and they sold out in less than 72 hours before Grand Opening during the Pre Grand Opening! Let’s take our criminal justice system as an example of how dependency makes some people rich. Now look what’s happening in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, federal lawmakers are calling for more gun control.
OPSEC and a low profile can keep you off the radar when the hungry hordes flee the city in search of food, but it won’t protect you from the state. Thus says The Lord God, THE GOD, The God of Israel, The God of all: I am coming down in My anger, and wrath shall blaze before Me!
Sorrows, bitter sorrows, many tears… I take no pleasure at all in your dismemberment, says The Lord. Therefore, thus says The Lord your Maker, yes I, The Creator of all things!… Thus says The Lord God: You have hastened the Day, O perverse and arrogant generation! For I have indeed called to you, and in return what do I hear?!… BLASPHEMIES of such a kind!… Of which your forefathers would have never accepted!
It is a dangerous thing to put words into the mouth of the Almighty if he did not speak them.
So by not paying the taxes you are opting to come right out and directly oppose what you don't agree with, correct? This custom companion to the blockbuster National Geographic Channel series Doomsday Preppers is filled with how-to illustrations, "Prepper Profiles" of people in the show, and survival tips from preppers themselves.
Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to pick the most mentally unstable, extremist people they can find for the show.
To help clear things up, we will look at what has been shown versus what is the reality in the following areas: perceptions, mannerisms, activities, beliefs, hoarding vs. Our perceptions of how these people actually live have been heavily scripted to paint a very specific picture. Generally speaking, the a€?eventsa€™ people are prepping for are ones assignedA to the group to try and meet. The reality is that these people arena€™t doing things much differently than their grandparents or great grandparents did: they are preparing for unforeseen events.
These shows would have you believe that all preppers are paranoid, food hoarding, anti-authority gunslingers.
The reality is the majority of preppersA are normal people, just like anyone else is a€?normal.a€™ In this day and age of labels, there isna€™t a person on the planet that some psychologist couldna€™t find one label or another to pin on all of us. They are working to provide for themselves versus waiting in line on the government steps with hand stretched out and think they are entitled to whatever is being given out. When most people think of preppers, thanks in large part to Hollywood, they think of people with yeara€™s worth of food in bunkers and thousands of rounds of ammo. While there is assuredly passion about what they are doing, the reality is that the average prepper is one of the most down-to-earth and logical people you will meet. The biggest difference I usually see through talking with people and reading other bloggera€™s posts is that they go about these purchases in ways that will avoid debt. I have seen posts from certain prepping and survivalist sites that incite fear and try to whip people up into a frenzy, thinking they need to go out and buy all this stuff to be able to survive whatever threat may come their way.
The reality is that preppers come in all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and cultures, and are as diverse as any other group of people under the microscope.
How good would a show be that only depicts normal, everyday people who have large gardens as a food source and a means to provide for themselves and save money? This is one of my favorite myths to break whenever the topic of a€?Doomsday Preppersa€? comes up. If you were to walk into my house, you may see my stack of mylar bags with beans, rice, and barley in them.
One thing I would like to specifically point out here for perspective is that the first grocery stores as we know them have only been around for the last 70A years or so. As the idea of a self-serve supermarket gained popularity, you still saw people buying in bulk and setting some back a€?just in case.a€™ Growing up, my grandmother always had some kind of pantry in a a€?cool rooma€™ that was usually in the back of the house in constant shade. In just about every single episode of Doomsday Preppers, the people are portrayed as actually wanting something to happen. There are so many rewards that have come from switching over lifestyles that I never thought of and when they show up, it is like a little surprise party.
Homesteaders and preppers are some of the most optimistic, realistic, and generous folk you will ever meet.
Preppers have gotten a really bad reputation and I believe strongly that it is directly because of shows like a€?Doomsday Preppersa€? that seek to show folk like myself as being completely whacked, out of touch, and extremist.
I personally call myself a modern homesteader but the reality is there is a very fine, blurred line between that and prepping.
These are the personal opinions and viewpoints of LeAnn inAK and do not necessarily reflect those of the site admins or owner.
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Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. National Geographic's television show Doomsday Preppers reveals a growing trend in communities across America: Individuals and entire families "prepping" for a widespread disaster. Since radiation sickness is a very real threat for many states following a nuclear attack, or simply just a meltdown of a major nuclear power plant (don't forget want happened to Chernobyl), essential preps should include the knowledge to "shelter in place" for several days until radiation levels die down, as well as potassium iodide pills to help protect from a cancer causing dose of radioactive iodine occuring as a consequence of radiation exposure. Though National Geographic hasn't aired any new episodes in several months, current events continue to point to a head on collision with one or possibly several catastrophic disasters.
So, with "average" natural disasters disqualified from this list for being too "localized" and not affecting a wide enough area, let's count down the list of the ten biggest threats to America that a number of our friends at Doomsday Preppers are prepping for, as well as a couple more that they're not prepping for yet, but just maybe they should. When you hear about people prepping for a doomsday disaster caused by a solar flare -- well, I have to say it seemed a bit overboard, a lot like a person prepping for a zombie apocalypse -- not a very likely scenario. Every few years -- according to scientists -- many of Earth's living organisms (including mankind) are on the line as huge space rocks (asteroids) fly by at various distances. This is a much rarer event than an asteroid collision but it makes our list simply because if a comet collided with earth this would be a doomsday event for most if not all of the planet. Under Yellowstone National Park sits the world's largest super-volcano -- the Yellowstone Supervolcano.
In 1811 and 1812 a series of earthquakes struck the Eastern United States, the most powerful earthquake seen in that part of the country.
Now we're getting down the list to the biggest threats that "Doomsday Preppers" have every right to be prepping for.
The ultimate conspiracy is a Cold War nightmare come true -- Russian agents fully Westernized and living in America for many years help put all the pieces in place to open the door for a full scale invasion -- think "Evelyn Salt" from the movie with Angelina Jolie, Salt.
Let's take a second look at the "nut jobs" on Doomsday Preppers.Maybe they're not so nuts after all. If you are not already a Prepper you can start on January 2nd, after the ball drops of course, we do have priorities after all. You don’t have to attach a label to yourself, you do not need training courses, or to even buy books on the subject, you just need to start. Your resolutions can be, for example, that you will tighten up your procedures, do a better inventory, and re-evaluate the threat environment, because it has changed in this country. No one is ever at 100 percent readiness, and an honest evaluation of your preps will reveal the weaknesses in your plans, reveal weaknesses that is, if you are honest with yourself.
Every New Year people flock to weight loss clinics, buy nicotine patches and gum and make promises they end up not keeping. If you cannot walk two miles with 20 pounds on your back, then there is no point in planning to bug-out. You need to be able to look to the future and determine if your actions today will determine your survival chances tomorrow.

Just because you have done something a certain way for years does not mean it is the best way to do it.
Use technology while it is available, but also understand it may go dark in a matter of seconds. Vehicles may not operate if there is an EMP attack, but does that mean you stop using one now and begin walking to work. Of course, you do need to know how to accomplish certain tasks without the aid of technology, and electricity, but if your chainsaw works right now, then there is no need to cut the tree down with an axe or crosscut saw.
Perimeter Breach at the Bug out Location: Now What Can You Eat Foods Past Their Expiration Date? Nothing warms my prepper’s heart more than a good disaster movie that supports my hypotheses about a specific event, and the recent movie San Andreas was no exception. Okay, sure, there was some pretty unrealistic stuff like when The Rock was driving a boat through post-tsunami San Francisco and just happened to find his daughter that he was looking for. But, when you only have two hours for a movie, you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief somewhat and put that kind of stuff aside. As I’ve said before, you can’t overestimate the value of finding entertainment that enhances your preparedness mindset. A movie is like the prepper version of a sporting event, where we can cheer, jeer, and scheme our ways through some imagined event. Odds are this first prepper decided he needed a good-sized club or rock to help make sure he could hold onto it. In the worst case of these, the economy completely collapses, money becomes worthless, the mail stops, the power grid and phone system shuts down and the government at all levels disappears.
Some adherents will prefer edged weapons, bows and melee arms for this for their own reasons. While hunting with primitive weapons is a popular hobby, it can be argued that modern firearms are more survivable and effective.
If your pocketbook doesn’t allow for this, look into a compact pistol caliber carbine like the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 or something that breaks down easily like the new Henry Survival rifle. You can scavenge lead from wheel weights, but when the smokeless powder runs out, we're back to the old ways. I personally use one on duty in a data center with a G19 along with 50gr fragmenting copper rounds (these unique cartridges chronograph at 2200-2300fps which is going on 500 ft.
George K took all his knowledge a success from his years at IntraTec and with the TEC-9 (later his own SUB-9 with thanks to the first weapons ban) and created a damn fine backup firearm.
The Kel-Tec KSG (which is also both a compact engineering design as a bullpup but has been well documented on any limitations and functional applications for use, With only 14+1 and even though it needs no BATFE $200 tax stamp and registration to be an SBS, it's painful and handy enough to compliment my Sub 2000 - but the Saiga 12 I already have. In our system, the state has a monopoly on the administration of justice, which includes law enforcement and the courts.
But considering that nearly every mass shooting in the last two decades is linked to state-regulated psychiatric treatment, it leaves me wondering if the state is actually causing the crises that give them the ammo for more gun-control. Operation Fast and Furious was a government-run program to arm Mexican drug cartels with American guns, just so the government could complain about the fact that the cartels were being armed with American guns, so they could be banned.
For you have not answered, neither have you repented of all these abominations, neither have you turned aside. For I tell you, if they were able to behold it, if they had lived to see the day, their hearts would have waxed cold, with their faces paling, their eyes gathering blackness… And yet you neigh, being led from here to there, as though you had no mind or spirit at all! That is a modern creation, hence the faux 17th-century English and awkward references to wording used in actual verses that somehow completely forgot the original material. If so, don't you think a lot of people will simply end up in jail because the government can do that if they decide? Handy and comprehensive, the manual offers valuable life-saving information to help prepare for the most devastating calamities.
They know the average person watching will take what they see as normal behavior of all preppers. The people in the shows are kept up for long hours, on purpose, to create drama and strife.A  The production crew is told to instigate strong emotions and outbursts for better television. Back then it was not called a€?prepping,a€™ it was called a€?life.a€™ Back then, there wasna€™t a grocery store on every corner (not that they had the money to run to the store anyway) and life was not as disposable as it is today. That being said, if you look beyond the scripting and presentation of the show, you will see that these preppers are people who would rather rely on themselves versus the government and plan for the future. They believe that preppers spend all their time and money on preparing for disasters and situations that a€?are not likely to happen anytime soon.a€™A  Preppers are portrayed to be almost zealous or fanatical about their activities. They reuse, recycle, upcycle and generally try to make things work with what they have on hand versus going out and buying something that they could either do without or make themselves. It is considered absolutely normal in todaya€™s society to be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I noticed that one of the factors that lowered my credit score was due to the fact that I do not have a mortgage loan. Hollywood has painted a picture of a€?preppersa€™ as though the entire group of 3 million, at last count, believe a huge catastrophic event will happen in their lifetime. What about the family who uses camping and hiking as a way to teach the children skills that will help them survive if needed?
We have all seen the people with bunkers and pantries absolutely stocked to the roof with years worth of food. Before that, there may have been trading posts and whatnot but absolutely nothing like what we are used to today.
Examples are the pride I had this past April when I pulled out the last jars of green beans and carrots that I had grown from seed the year before. Generally speaking, they love to share knowledge and forge bonds to strengthen the system around them. Are you making a survival related podcast, a survival or prepper video channel or survival blog? If you have any features you would like to see or would like to nominate a blog you subscribe to for the network please drop me a line.
This is created when a nuclear weapon is detonated; for an electromagnetic pulse to be a danger to a wide area (such as the continental United States), the explosion has to occur high up in the atmosphere about mid-way over the United States (for optimal coverage). National Geographic reports, "Most comets, and potentially some asteroids, have orbits that bring them close to Earth only once every 200 years or longer. CNN has reported on the Yellowstone Supervolcano in recent months due to activity in the ground that Physicist Michi Kaku says would wipe out the United States as we know it. According to nuclear terrorism expert Graham Allison in a PBS Nova interview, "radioactive substances are everywhere".
There are two hurdles to overcome first -- America's nuclear defenses as well as America's entire military. For those that have been prepping for weeks, months or even years there are areas that you probably need improvement on as well, and if you say you don’t need to improve then you have taken the first step toward failure. Plans are never perfect, but if you do not work on them, tweak them and adapt as the situation changes then you have increased the chances of failure. If you are okay with this and if you had a bug-out plan, then you need to change your plans. Too much body weight maybe, but keep in mind risk factors for diabetes, stoke, heart attack and so on can be turned around to some extent, turned around so you can change your survival chances for tomorrow. It works for you right now, but can it work better and will it work if the situation changes.
There is no reason other than stubbornness, in many cases, not to take advantage of certain things that are available now. Think about what you are doing, and if you can make life better now by doing certain things then do it. If you don’t already know how to fell a tree with an ax or crosscut saw, then maybe you better leave the chainsaw alone too. The last time I went to San Francisco, my daughter and I had trouble finding each other on the first floor of Forever 21, for crying out loud. It engages our love for critical thinking while allowing us to take a break from our everyday activities. The seismologist guy repeated the same information over and over, but most of the time, people failed to listen. These can be carried in a backpack or bag discreetly and expand your effective range out past what a handgun will normally fire. The caveat was that I had to buy a Glock from him for him to consider selling me one of the two Sub 2000's coming in on an order.
I keep one under my seat most times when I do not have access to CMMR M4 SBR in 300 Blackout. I can empty it in 3 seconds and with a Phoenix KickLite stock and rail accessories, I can shoot a 20 round drum of buckshot and not even have a bruise. Yet you run, yes you run, running headlong toward your destruction while shaking your fists toward Heaven.
Episodes of this highly original show, which debuted in February 2012, explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it. The reality is so far from what is shown on television,A and I think I can say this for most of us who homestead or prep, that those who are seeking to be as self-reliant as possible look upon the show and those in it with scorn and sometimes outright disgust. Hollywood has skewed the truth so much that those of us who employ even smaller aspects of prepping in our lives are afraid to say anything due to the judgments, eye rolling, laughter, whispers as we pass through the office, and general scorn that we are met with if you say the word PREPPER.

While everyone has eccentricities that help make us unique, even the most normal of quirks is made to be something really a€?out therea€™ in the editing room.
Yes, sometimes you just need to buy something new as an investment, but overall, they live very practical lives.
The trouble is the media primarily focuses on those type of people for the ratings and drama. It is too normal and would be pretty boring for the general public who thrives on turmoil, strife, and watching shows that make them feel normal compared to a€?those whack jobsa€™ on television. There is that episode, too, where one lady takes a door apart and stores boxes of macaroni and cheese inside it. When I asked her about it in my adult life, she said when she was a child the shelves were stocked with jars instead of cans but she liked having the convenience of someone else doing all the processing. Big food companies were born and now it is to the point where they have so much control over what we eat, and where we get it from, that people are getting arrested for buying raw milk or raw vegetables from their neighbor, and heaven forbid they have a garden in their front yard.
How can learning to grow your own food or make a shelter or learn different ways to start a fire be a waste? They realize they are part of something much larger and have a genuine desire to want to help make things better. When All Hell Breaks LooseSurvival Lists137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival KitsWill it be a solar flare, EMP attack, terrorist attacks with dirty bombs, New Madrid Earthquake, Nuclear War or World War III?
Steps to take today to be prepared for a national collapse resulting from a catastrophic disaster or mysterious, unexpected event. Scientists are able to give these asteroids names and even dates for the next close passes to Earth -- such as "2003 QQ47" reported to be an impact risk on March 21, 2014.
If you need to be able to walk two miles with 20 pounds, then only you can affect the change. Granted they will not be available if the grid goes down, but what has that got to do with now.
Those that deprive themselves of technology now, because it may not be available later are suffering needlessly now.
When huge chunks of cement are flying at you, running down the road is not always the best course of action. Partly because everyone else will be trying to use their phones at the same time, and partly because local towers may also have been affected by the disaster.
Shelter, food and fuel are stockpiled and a weapon (usually a gun) is obtained to be able to protect it from those that did not. The new reality is having to wash your clothes in a pickle bucket for the rest of your life. From the cave dweller’s rock and club, the evolution of the weapon has marched forward over millennia until you have today’s handguns and longarms. There is no target holder however after three or so shots - so its frowned upon by everyone and will certainly ensure that only I remain standing to fire the last 7 00 MG buckshot in the magazine. But if you’re thinking you should just hunker down and disappear from the radar, think again. Preppers go to extraordinary lengths to plan for any of life's uncertainties, from constructing a home out of shipping containers and stockpiling 50,000 lbs.
Scripps School of Journalism, where he serves as director of the graduate program and teaches print journalism courses. Your credit score actually goes down if you do not have a good mix of credit cards, mortgage loan(s), and car loan(s). I was told that if I had a mortgage, even if it had late payments, my credit score would go up 25-40 points!! But I do have enough to get us through hard times such as a job loss, a break in the supply chain, or some other event that would leave us unable to shop for more food. They also understand and accept that not everyone thinks the way they do and there are those who will never take steps to secure even A 3 days of emergency food and water for themselves.
We live about 4 hours from San Francisco and go there occasionally for educational outings to the excellent museums, so the setting was quite familiar to us, as was the premise of what would occur if an earthquake happened there.
It’s not an everyday thing for us to go to the movies, but I’m of the firm belief that a prepared lifestyle doesn’t have to be bereft of fun, especially if you want your children to get involved.
People are so complacent about the stability of their everyday lives that it is difficult for them to function when something horrible and out of the ordinary occurs. If you live in (or are visiting) an earthquake prone area, a secondary communications device is essential.
Doctors performed wound debridements, amputations, and treatment for orthopedic trauma from crushing injuries.
Remington) should be decided on so that a sufficient quantity of ammunition can be acquired. If I need to change ammo quickly, I can go either subsonic with 147gr bonded Winchester Ranger in another magazine (I think consumer product is PDX1 and you only get 20 not 50 rounds) with the option of supersonic with the 124gr +P.
Before you go kicking Kel-Tec around, their products are made to last when properly maintained and work well for their use. You can hide from mindless dependents panicking after a power outage, but you can’t hide from the state. The police that arrest them are taxpayer-supported, as are the prosecutors, the judges, and the court-appointed public defenders. They spend money attacking our independence, and they get it all from us, so we have to stop them from taking it. Roads, defense, police, health care, social security, FEMA, research, education, food stamps, whatever. The government has lost our respect to the point that very few can take pride in their tax dollars. That is, without a doubt, 100% extremist and absolutely not the normal behavior of one who calls themselves prepper. That was including the jars I had given out to my mother in law and presents of the jams and jellies at Christmas to friends. So familiar that my daughter was the frequent recipient of my elbow, as I whispered, “See!!!! You need to know how to remove debris that might cause further damage, immobilize an injured limb, stop bleeding, apply a tourniquet, and clean a wound at the very least. In either the short term or long-term disaster scenarios, it is unlikely that you will have a chance to run down to the local Big Box and buy more.
I really would not recommend ANYTHING 9MM NATO and stick to the 147gr or 95gr fragmenting or 115gr training (when available) to lessen the stress on the bolt assembly, barrel, breech and chamber along with your shoulder and skills.
My only complaint with the Sub 2000 is the accessories and lack of availability not to mention the trigger pull on various models could use improvement, otherwise this is one company to watch for! I have spoken to you, even arising early and sending My servants, the prophets, yet you turn to Me a deaf ear!… Behold, your Savior does continually speak to you, yet you want no part with Him! He also has published academically on the history of wartime journalism, and particularly on the methods and effectiveness of censorship in wartime. They want to be able to defend their homes and families without worry that the government will step in and make them the criminal for it. I told you this was what would happen if the Big One hit that time we went to the Science Museum!”  Trooper that she is, she said, “Yes, Mom, I know, you were right about that too.” Since she’s a teenager, she probably also rolled her eyes each time, but it was dark and I can’t be absolutely certain of that. My family always sets up meeting places in case we get separated and my kids know to go there and wait.
We’re talking billions of dollars at stake — and what would happen if criminality dropped?
So the solution is not to change taxation, but to change spending; taxation will naturally follow suit to meet the transformed budget (once debt is taken care of). Actually, we did this from the time they were little and my oldest daughter got in the middle of a clothing rack to “surprise mommy” and I couldn’t find her. If the state were actually successful in reducing crime, a lot of these public dependents would be out of work. Revelation (the last chapter of the Bible) describes a "fiery mountain" that is thrown to the earth that results in the death of a third of all life on the planet -- clearly a "doomsday" event.
Sweeney received his bachelora€™s degree from the University of Nebraska, his mastera€™s from the University of North Texas, and his Ph.D. Most scientists think that the buildup preceding a catastrophic eruption would be detectable for weeks and perhaps months to years.
I could spend the next two hours compiling links to government reports, but by the time I was done you probably wouldn't see me again.
I would become the next Doomsday Prepper -- alarmed by what I'd found in these reports, like so many other people are today, including people in government. However if neither Mexico or Central America sound like friendly places to resettle (I don't think current governments are likely to welcome a few million American refugees), well there's always Africa, India, or islands in the South Pacific to consider. Heck -- if primitive people can build rafts and sail across the world's seas and oceans at earlier points in history, surely we can set sail with any number of modern day boats and ships moored at America's many ports and marinas.

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