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Day Four started 15 minutes earlier since our FPC team had to prepare breakfast consisting of pancakes and sausage.Just the right food for physical work, don’t you agree??We had again a few minutes time to walk around the block before we started our workday and were greeted very friendly by most of the neighbors. The “indoor” crew finished the window part of the project which is now completed (scraped, sanded, primed and painted) and they really look like new.
The “outdoor” crew prepared for putting up the siding, pulling old boards out, repairing boards that are still usable (remember, we are on a budget), and putting insulation up.
We went for lunch to “Reconcile”,  a restaurant that has helped out school youth to develop their skills and build confidence necessary to get and keep jobs in the local hospitality industry. The afternoon became neighborhood evening and we got to meet with Ora Thomas, the owner of our house. Tomorrow will be outside work for the entire crew and we will set up a “line” for siding (cutting, painting, pressure nailing). Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) will support our European partners and members of ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) as they minister to the large influx of forced migrants from the Middle East (including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq) and also from Northern and Middle Africa. ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HAI) has issued an appeal to help displaced persons in Hungary to provide hygiene items to the migrants, emergency shelters and preparing them for the winter, while also offering psycho-social support. Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s team consists of child psychologists, social workers and volunteers.
For all who have fled their home seeking safety in unfamiliar lands that they may find courage, strength, peace and welcome.

In PDA, we see the love of Christ at work through the actions of volunteer work teams, through the ministry of those offering hospitality and helping their communities to recover, and in the lives of survivors. Stacey Eskelin from Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church will be coordinating and leading this trip.
Please E-mail or call,Stacey Eskelin, project manager at (512) 301-8239 if you would like to participate in this trip. Reconcile’s students  face serious challenges, ranging from extreme poverty to homelessness, violence and run ins with the juvenile justice system. At one point Phil, our site manager, looked at me and said, well before we put in the first siding board, we have to put up a “starter strip” (??). Ora lived on 4th street for more than 40 years and is looking forward to move from her one bedroom apartment back to the Garden District.
By giving access to essential life-saving items, it will reduce vulnerability of the affected populations and help support their safety and dignity. HIA has started to provide psychosocial services for children in two temporary reception centers in Hungary. And that those who provide shelter may find courage, strength and not be overwhelmed in their outreach. Those who participate in disaster recovery ministry tell their stories as a witness to God’s transformational power.

The Cafe opened its doors in 2000 and has helped 600 young people to claim a better live for them and their families. Knowing the various meanings of the word “Strip” I had obviously a different “scarier” version in mind as I looked at him in wonderment, until he explained that we have to nail a small board down first to support the exact leveled angle of the lowest siding board. In her humble way of saying thank you, Ora sang two gospels as part of our evening reflection.
In both centers an average of 50-100 children stay temporary, typically for a couple of days. But we will hand the project over to the next Project Homecoming team in the confident knowledge that they will build on what we have achieved.
HIA surveys show that the psychosocial assistance is a stop-gap support for these people that will assist the children in particular.

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