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Text Menu Scroll down the page to see our complete selection of wilderness survival books, videos, tools, and supplies. While speaking to some children the other day at the local boat landing, I became saddened at the realization that there were so many young people who apparently are growing up without even the basic understanding of the practical fishing techniques that had once been considered to be such an important part of every day life in my childhood.
Country Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Simple Living, Homesteading, survival product reviews, back to basics, alternative medicine, wild foraging. Text Menu Scroll down the page to see our complete selection ofwilderness survival books, videos, tools, and supplies.

USA Customers We ship all USA orders via USPS Priority Mail, except as otherwise noted on the website. The first thing I did was took it to the sand paper and strop to get a mirrored convex edge.
For over forty years Ray has helped folks of all .Australian and other resources for primitive survival and wilderness living skills.
Australian plant foods, animal foods, bush tucker, aboriginal skills, native .This is the Wilderness Survival page of the 2012 Survival Guide.

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