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Standard State Senator Dinniman Remembers Holocaust Survivor Who Founded Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Reflow profile shall be measured using a temperature measurement equipment specifically designed for pass-through reflow profile measurements.
The profiling equipment shall be calibrated regularly according to the maintenance instructions by the supplier. Only the thermocouples recommended and approved by the measurement equipment supplier shall be used.
We design and manufacture Odd Form component auto insertion machine,SMT equipment, and providing spare parts service.
Soldering is a group of joining processes that produce coalescence of material by heating it to the soldering temperature, using a filler metal (solder) having a melting temperature less than 840 A°F (450 A°C) and below the solidification temperature of the base metal.
At some products may be classical soldering wave replaced by this selective soldering wave. Machine configuration with two solder pots allows us to use leaded and unleaded solder.Also a module for fluxing is provided with two containers for use different fluxes.
Maxigas 104 is a nitrogen generator which is able to separate the nitrogen in the required quality from compressed air.

Selective soldering wave and nitrogen generator is understood as an integrated technology, which is able to offer our customers new technological opportunities, modernize the production, increase the competitiveness of our company and move our company to step forward. We provide complex electronics supply according to your design at a reasonable price and high quality. 1, YH853 is based on market needs and designed a three in one multi-tool equipment, it brings together in one common tool (soldering, hot air guns, mobile phone repair power supply), three functions can be used independently or work together, occupy less area, practical and save energy, and in the performance of products on the market there a single function to further improve. 3, iron, air guns and dc power supply independent dual-core micro-controller, and the brightest to work independently, even if there are problems along the way will not affect another use . 4.Fan airflow capacity, limitless adjustable, iron, air gun temperature, supply voltage through the three-way display terminal LED display constantly updated.
2)Adjustment “VOLAGE” knob to the required output voltage, that is the left side of the two terminal output voltage you need. 4)DIP switch assigned to "voltage measurement LED", the figures for the first table shows the voltage you measured value, was measured from the right side of the two terminal voltage (TEST) input. The solder is distributed between closely fitted faying surfaces of the joint by capillary action. The aim of acquisition of this machine is to increase the quality of the soldered joints, increased reproducibility of the process, shortening the soldering time and cost savings in production.

In this case, the obvious additional advantages - selective fluxing and the related environmental and economic savings, then in this process are not PCBs thermally fully burdened, but only in areas of the solder joints. In the pre-heating module is possible to use three detachable preheating zones according to the length of PCB. The heating process selected should provide the proper soldering temperature, heat distribution, and rate of heating and cooling required for the product being assembled. Application of the solder and flux is determined by the selection of the soldering process.
For every product is compile a respective soldering program, where are reflected all the required parameters.

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