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There is no question that guns play a key role in maintaining personal safety before, during, and after a major social collapse. When you are up against superior forces, you would be amazed at the kinds of simple weapons that will make it possible to evade capture, or even kill a determined enemy. While the clothespin gun is not in and of itself considered a lethal weapon, it can be used to shoot poison darts, flaming matches, and smoke bombs. Since the clothespin gun carries no heat signature, operates in virtual silence, and has minuscule metal elements, it can be transported with ease, and also disguised in any laundry bag.
As an added bonus, once you know how to build these guns, you will always be able to make weapons with very few tools and materials. After removing wood for the ammo and spring clearance from wings A and B, return to Wing A and draw a squared notch on the front most curve. Making this line further away from the spring clearance area will result in having to pull the spring wider. When creating this part of the clothespin gun, it is also very important to refrain from making the space too long. If you do not have a barrel groove, the spring may not be strong enough to push the projectile out. When creating the barrel groove, make sure to extend it all the way into the spring clearance chamber.
This part can be tricky if you do make the barrel diameter too large, which will enable the spring to slip under the ammo instead of pushing it out. At this stage, if the spring is too loose or has to be pulled apart too much, adjust the size of the spring clearance chamber for a better fit. To reload, simply slide the spring end back into its groove and put another projectile in the barrel.
The greatest advantage to keeping a clothespin gun on hand is that it is very easy to disguise and can easily be overlooked by anyone seeking to disarm you.
For added disguise, simply dismantle the clothespin gun and return the wings back to their previous orientation. Since the clothespin gun is also very lightweight and cheap to make, it also makes a good addition to any emergency bug out bag. While the clothespin gun can help you get out of an emergency situation, it does have a very limited range and load capacity. It should also be noted that the ammo you choose will also determine the success of your efforts. In a similar way, if you are going to try and deter someone from following through on harmful intent, it will be of immense benefit to develop poison darts that can penetrate at least medium weight fabric. Finally, if you have access to a 3D printer, experimenting with polymers and different shapes may enable you to create a smaller bodied “clothespin” gun while using a larger spring.
As our economy continues to totter, leaders feel emboldened to erode our right to bear arms and live safely and securely.
While many people say they will never give up their guns, there will come a time when bullets and materials to reload them will become impossible to obtain. Taking the time now to think about simple, easily disguised weapons such as a clothespin gun will be of immense benefit.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Carmela TyrellCarmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. Instead of just taking your "stuff" and leaving, it might make them mad enough to beat the "stuffing" out of you before they leave. All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. Since our inception following the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, AIF has been invested in relief and rehabilitation efforts in response to major national disasters in India, including rehabilitating communities in Tamil Nadu and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands following the 2004 tsunami and in Kashmir following the 2005 earthquake. The Uttarakhand Relief Fund will utilize a similar model to the rehabilitation campaign undertaken during the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, the tragic event which gave birth to AIF.
Please consider making a donation today to the Uttarakhand Relief Fund to rebuild the foundation and heal communities and their families.
In the wake of the “Himalayan Tsunami”, where unprecedented floods have created a major disaster in Uttarakhand state of India, many thousand people are missing and presumed dead, towns have been obliterated, and nearly every manmade structure including significant famous pilgrimage sites have been destroyed or damaged. While natural disasters are inherently environmental, the pace and carelessness of human development in recent decades in this isolated, hilly state magnified the worst disaster in India since the 2004 tsunami. Roughly 100 members of The Algonquin Regiment, Canadian Rangers, and Cadets from Northern Ontario Cadet Corps took part in Exercise MOOSE SURVIVAL in Cobalt, Ontario from February 6-8, 2015.
During the first day members of The Algonquin Regiment and Cadets had the unique opportunity to learn survival skills from subject matter experts, Canadian Rangers from 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.
On the second day of the exercise, troops tore down their winter camp and conducted a Freedom of the Municipality parade in the nearby town of Cobalt, Ontario.
The Algonquin Regiment is a member of 33 Canadian Brigade Group, a military formation that is made up of 16 Army Reserve units located throughout Eastern and Northern Ontario. On Friday 04th March 2016, Mark, Sandra and Derek, attended Coneyhill Primary School and presented, Ellison, Mason, Brandon, Callum M, Connor, Lacey, Callum O and Abbie, with their Woodland Conservation and Survival skills certificates during assembly and as part of the World of Books week. The Aston Project is an innovative Youth Project co-ordinated by Gloucestershire Constabulary with opportunities currently available in Cheltenham and Gloucester, working with young people from our community aged 9-17yrs. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? One could easily say that Katrina changed the life of my wife and I forever and we swore, from that point forward, that we would never allow ourselves to be victims to water shortage, food shortage and ammo shortage ever again. The first step to becoming a good ammo hoarder is that you must first consolidate your ammo selections.
We must bear in mind that it is necessary that we consolidate to ammunition calibers that are in mass supply and has a higher probability to be found in an apocalyptic scenario. Rice – I, personally, use rice because it’s cheap, easy to find, and could be, in the worst-case scenario, a small food source.
Silica Gel Packs can be bought on Amazon or some other website simply by use of Google but there is also a possible supply that may cost you nothing.
Reverend Prepper, as he has dubbed himself, is a prepping pastor who believes in being not only spiritually prepared but physically prepared as well. Before she was a dual wielding pistol bad ass, she was a master of archery that was forced to learn how to survive when the odds are against her.
In search for lost relics 21-year-old Lara Croft journeys to an island off the Coast of Japan, in the dreaded Dragon’s Triangle.
Tomb Raider tries to be a survival game with shooting segments, but is no doubt a platformer at heart doing a fantastic job blending the two together so you’re not being overwhelmed with either one.

Whenever you’re lost or just looking for collectibles Lara can use her Survival Instinct to guide you to your main story objective, show interactive items, and even help discover lost tombs.
Survival Tek Ken has put a lot of work and a lot of information into an incredible web site! Traditional Scouting Don't be put off by the title: there's a wealth of outdoor skills related information here! In fact, if you study the ninjas and samurai of Japan, plus martial arts, you will find that even the best trained and armed soldiers can be beaten with simple tactics. Cutting this notch too close to the spring clearance area will significantly weaken the entire wing.
Failure to do so will cause the spring to hit the end of the chamber without ever reaching the projectile.
For example, modifying the clothespin gun to accommodate (and then light) a strike anywhere match will be of immense use if you need to create a diversionary fire. Be sure to practice on smaller models so that you have some good ideas about depths and distances required to create a strong, stable gun.
To add insult to injury, constant pressure from confiscating and looting will also take their toll on those who did everything possible to have plenty of conventional guns and ammo on hand. Never forget that the Japanese government believed their military was invincible even though turmoils within the country led to defeat in eras prior to WWII. AIF’s multi-phased approach to disaster relief begins with immediate aid, followed by reconstruction and long-term rehabilitation of communities. Working together AIF and UMA are undertaking due diligence to identify the highest-performing NGOs with whom to provide funds and materials in a timely, efficient, effective, and transparent manner. The volume of loss and those missing is still in a state of speculation due to the extreme havoc wreaked in this disaster.
Construction of roads and hotels on fragile river banks as well as hydroelectric projects in watersheds have contributed to a higher number of landslides and flooding. The exercise involved practicing survival skills on Saturday and a Freedom of the Municipality Parade for Cobalt, Ontario on Sunday. Participants, for example, learned how to build a fire, construct an emergency shelter, snare animals, ice fish, and how to escape from frigid water.
This type of parade is part of a long military tradition where, historically, if a military unit was deemed trustworthy, the unit was granted The Freedom of the City which entitled the unit to march through the street with drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed.
The children also made candle holders from fallen trees logs for their mothers on Mothers Day. With the plethora of opportunities on calibers, frame sizes, etc., we must be able to have adequate ammo for the ever-lurking threat of war, famine, or disease. Bulking ammo is necessary but how do you store it long term to fortify the integrity of the ammunition components? This is a hard issue for some folks to come to terms with, but one of the worst situations to be in is to have dozens of different ammo types that are exotic rounds. If rusted, either search for better-shape cans or simply get a steel brush, prep surface, and paint inside of can with heat resistant paint. It the rubber ring is hanging out, simply apply some Gorilla Glue to surface and put ring back in place. He practices what he preaches in his preparations for what ever may come in the distant or near future. If you look at the wikipedia pages on the .308 vs the 30-06 there is 90FPS difference in the same projectile.
Tomb Raider is the origin story of archaeologist, Lara Croft, before she became the famous tomb raider the world knows today. Her journey takes a turn for the worst with a unexpected storm stranding Lara and the Endurance crew on a hidden island where she is captured by an unknown islander. The graphics that sometimes look amazing, and at times look pretty bad, really show off how beautiful the island is.
With exciting, emotional, and beautiful scenes, Lara will find a way into everybody’s heart.
The ammunition type and weight of the projectile have a huge impact on the gun’s effectiveness.
Even though some clothespin gun designers do not create a barrel grove, I found it absolutely essential for toothpicks and other larger sized projectiles. Place the previously “outer” edges of the clothespin so they now form the inner portion of the clothespin gun. A larger sized clothespin gun with a stronger spring would be ideal for launching mini-smoke grenades as well as darts with specially designed arrow tips.
The “household” samurai and ninjas not only defeated better trained, elite, wealthy men, they went on to form a legacy of self-defense and survival that we can still use to this day.
To identify long-term solutions to improve the lives of people affected by disaster, AIF works closely with NGO partners and fill gaps in the efforts of government agencies and large international organizations. By some accounts, up to one million people have been directly and indirectly affected – impacting people as far away as Nepal.
While the relief efforts of India’s army and organizations are to be commended, much more is needed.
For the Algonquin Regiment in Cobalt this was a particular honour since 100 years ago the Regiment recruited men from the Cobalt and area to act as soldiers in the First World War.
Having lived in South Mississippi all of my life until four years ago, I came to a sickening reality during Hurricane Katrina when Martial Law was declared and humans became “unruly”. I have stored my own ammo now for years and done it on a mass level with a minimal income because I learned how to store it myself easily and being budget conscious. It is important to remember that in a survival situation that crazy ammunition types like 7mm Mag or a 300 Ultra Mag isn’t going to be ammo in mass supply.
9mm would be much more probable to find because of its volume of production in the good ole US of A and the fact that it is a United Nations Peace Force caliber for their sidearm.
Paint assists in barrier process and prevents future corrosion, which can affect ammo stores. I was actually taught this by a friend of mine that was a Marine during Vietnam and he told me that they would toss a half a handful of rice in grenade and ammo cans to prohibit the monsoon seasons from ruining their dry stored ammo. He has been happily married for 7 years, has two dogs, and is a seminary student as well as an avid hunter. After escaping, Lara must do whatever it takes to uncover the secrets of the island and find a way to escape. Each area of the game is truly unique filled with ancient Japanese culture and different types of wild life.

Throughout the game you’ll come across collectibles like diaries, relics, GPS caches, and challenges that reward you with extra xp.
As you progress through the game Lara will find base camps where you’ll upgrade her gear, weapons, skills, and listen to her thoughts on recent events.
I really enjoyed watching Lara slowly transform in to this strong woman who now see’s life in a whole different perspective.
I couldn’t see myself investing much time in these multiplayer modes since the game lacks any innovation.
You can just as easily use needles mounted on toothpicks or other pointy objects that can pierce skin and light weight clothing. Also, try not to bend the spring out of shape as that will weaken the spring and prevent it from being as useful as possible later on. Next, on the narrow side, draw a line to cover the depth of the original spring line back to the new line drawn. When cutting, do not go too deep or the wood will break when you try to use the clothespin gun.
Align one end of the spring to sit in the groove behind the spring clearance chamber, and then the other side in the second groove outside the chamber. Next, place rubber bands to the front and rear of the clothespin gun to hold both halves together. AIF remains alert, responsive, and committed to providing long-term rehabilitation of communities in the unfortunate event of future emergencies. Mayor of Cobalt, Tina Sartoretto, described the parade as “not just symbolic, but moving and emotional as well.
I know this might seem to be a little out of the question for some, but ammo consolidation allows for bulking in a simpler means. The bulk boxes always have Silica Gel Packs in them to assist in moisture prevention so that the furniture will not warp while in storage. He has truly spent countless hours developing his preps, formulating strategies for self preservation, and genuinely enjoys the prepping process. Granted both rounds launch the same size projectile, the 30-06 has more impact behind it for sure. You can also use these camps to fast travel to previously visited areas throughout the game just in case you don’t feel like taking a nice walk. The superb voice acting really added more character to Lara helping me feel Lara’s emotions and share the same pain she goes through in this game. You have your normal Team Death and Free For All matches with the addition of Rescue and Cry For Help modes. Lara Croft definitely deserves her own spot in the best action-hero category alongside the man we all know, Nathan Drake.
Since both sides require a slightly different cutting template, this will help prevent confusion.
This area will be carved out or chiseled out to make room for the spring to advance, and also for an ammo chamber. So unless you’re a millionaire, the probability of being able to bulk on heavy caliber ammunitions is not feasible when on a tight budget. I have personally chosen 5 major ammunitions that I bulk to consolidate expenditures while purchasing ammunition. Also if the rubber facing of seal is cracked or a little worn, add a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly to the surface to moisten the rubber. The packs are often discarded as trash so you would actually be doing them a favor and resolving your ammo storage needs that you may have. I encourage the 30-06 round due to the fact that I have the AR-15 platforms and the AR-15 uses the 5.56 munitions. I could definitely see how that would be a major benefit and easy application of an old fridge. As far as storage, got drafted in 72 and retired in 10, and was a weapons safety officer at various times. Since this will be a permanent structure, you may also want to use crazy glue to keep the pieces together.
I know this to be a possible supply because my wife works at a furniture store and has been able to provide dozens of Silica Gel Packs for my ammo-storing endeavors.
We keep the ammo cans in igloos (the big mounds of dirt in the ammo dump with the fences around them on post), on pallets.
Crystal Dynamics did a great job reminding me that Lara is not a killer especially through gameplay after her memorable and emotional first kill. The 30-06 round is a great sniper round and well as a hunting round for larger wildlife such as deer or moose.
After earning a set amount of xp you’ll earn a Skill Point that can be used to purchase a new skill for Lara to learn. There were times where I couldn’t help but feel terrified for Lara since I felt like I was experiencing the same things as her. I have personal friends that have gun safes specifically for their ammo stores with dehumidifiers.
Points salvaged from boxes, enemies, and animals can be used to upgrade Lara’s gear and weapons.
You acquire so many Survival Skills that focus on hunting animals but hardly come in handy since you don’t see many animals after the first couple of hours. I also felt that Crystal Dynamics missed a great opportunity to go in more depth with the survival aspects of the game. I have shot 1930s .45ACP ammo in leg matches and LC 51 30-06 in my Garand, both in the last 15-20 years. I would have liked to hunt down animals with the purpose of creating different types of items and feeding myself.
As long as the seal is intact and it is kept in a relatively cool place (like igloos at Ft Bliss or Ft Polk, garden spots of the U.S. I have ammo that I RELOADED from the 70s, that I have drug around with me for years, from PCS to PCS and it shoots fine.

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