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Por 15 anos el organismo Project Winter Survival se ha dedicado a ayudar a los sintecho de Toronto en lo mas basico: sobrevivir al fuerte invierno canadiense.
Esta entidad de beneficencia sale todos los anos a recolectar donativos para producir sus llamados kits de sobrevivencia, los cuales son repartidos a los distintos organismos de ayuda, refugios e incluso directamente a las personas que viven en la calle. El pasado 17 de enero el Project Winter Survival lanzo su operacion de “empaquetado” de estos kits.
Cada uno de estos paquetes contiene: un saco de dormir termico, bolsos, guantes, tuques, medias, toallas, cepillo y dentifrico, champu y acondicionador, desodorante, crema de afeitar y afeitadora, crema para los labios, algunas comidas e incluso cartas para entretenerse.
Estos kits son entregados a varios organismos, como la Cruz Roja, el Salvation Army y otros que mantienen refugios especiales para los sintecho. Esta iniciativa tomo una nueva dimension en este 2015, luego de que se reportara la muerte de tres personas en las calles de Toronto a causa del frio, lo cual ha llevado a las autoridades a tomar medidas. Hace unos dias el alcalde John Tory anuncio un plan para dar hospedaje a los sintecho en varios moteles de la ciudad durante las jornadas de frio extremo. Contactenos?Tiene algun comentario, alguna idea para un articulo o simplemente quiere saludarnos?
While exact statistics are not maintained, we know that too many people die alone on the city’s frigid streets.
Each winter survival kit costs approximately $100, and contains provisions that drastically reduce the chances of freezing to death due to a lack of shelter space during our cold nights. Click here for more information on Engage and Change and the Project Winter Survival Initiative. Today 150 people gathered in the parking lot at Bargain's Group in Toronto to make a difference in the lives of the city's homeless. The brains behind Project Winter Survival is Bargains Group President Jody Steinhauer who started the program 14 years ago.
Steinhauer has been able to use her company and its philosophy of giving back to the community.
Anne Marie Batten, Street Nurse and Advisor to Project Winter Survival took time at the end of the day to reflect on the impact of what Project Winter Survival means for Toronto and other parts of Ontario. Those teams of 150 volunteers loaded vehicles with 3,000 survival kits that included sleeping bags for 175 agencies, some as far away as Colburg, Ontario that are the front lines when it comes to helping the homeless. For the past 14 years, Project Winter Survival and its team of volunteers & donors have assembled and distributed more than 15,000 kits to homeless throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Batten headed the team that went to Metropolitan Church Park after the vehicles were loaded.
Today's temperatures are above freezing but by the end of this week the thermometer is expected to drop to -15.
Batten explained that while shelters are not meant to be violent there are times when violence does take place. Another man Batten spoke to this afternoon said that his wish for Toronto's shelters would be that they are clean and that the workers would take care of their charges and treat them with dignity. In Toronto one program that helps Batten said is the Out of the Cold program initiated in 1987 by the students of St.
Project Winter Survival and advertising agency Blammo Worldwide from Canada have released this shocking video ad.
Where are the starting coords for the introduction thing (giant room with buttons) I got spawned randomly over water.
We updated the Map alot and fixed some things.Al signs are now in english and the chest are better divided.
Hey Teweran, I've downloaded this and #2 prior to you switching to the Hive, or when this download link and #2's was here.
Great Map :) I was wondering if you could change the signs to English or do a separate download for it? En total la meta era 3.000 paquetes que contienen lo minimo para que las decenas de personas que se quedan en la calle durante los meses mas frios del invierno puedan lidiar con las bajas temperaturas. Of the more than 5,000 homeless people in Toronto, city officials estimate that up to 10% are forced to sleep on the streets on any given night due to a lack of shelter space.
During a particularly cold stretch in January 2015, three people lost their lives to the elements, including one man who spent his final hours wearing only jeans and a t-shirt in a bus shelter in Dundas Square.
Provisions include a warm sleeping bag, dry socks, winter wear (hat, scarf, gloves), hygiene essentials, and rations of food and water.
Project Winter Survival loaded trucks to send kits to 175 throughout Ontario's front line agencies. Steinhauer said during a phone interview this evening that she was on her way to deliver one last kit. After explaining what the kit was Steinhauer said that his eyes light up like he had won the lottery.

She said Project Winter Survival, which takes donations year round, is the perfect way for corporations to bring philanthropy into their playing field.
Organizations such as the Red Cross, Covenant House, Scott Mission, Eva's Initiative, Salvation Army and other shelters, outreach groups and community churches were thankful for the kits that provide supplies that may mean life and death during Ontario's long cold winter.
While Toronto does open up addition beds when the mercury drops there is not enough for the vast homeless population that the city has. I tried to break blocks but they kept on respawning and I was not getting anything from them eg.
For these marginalized individuals, the tragedy of homelessness and desperation of living on society’s fringes is only exacerbated by the harsh, unforgiving realities of winter. It is difficult to reconcile this man’s fate with our city’s reputation for prosperity and compassion. Now in its 16th year, the project aims to raise funds to purchase and distribute survival kits to individuals that spend cold winter nights on the street. Last year, Engage and Change received over 11,000 requests for these lifesaving kits from agencies that help the homeless.
Her excitement was evident as she drove towards where the man was waiting for his kit this evening.
While 3,000 kits were sent out today the requests of 11,000 far out numbered the amount that were donated. Run by volunteers faith groups around Toronto open their doors during the winter for one day a week. We have to ask ourselves: how could this happen, and could anything have been done to help this man and others in situations like his?
She asked him if he had a place to sleep and he replied "no" and he said "no way"to the thought of staying inside of a shelter.
For families and those with pets beds are extremely limited while people with substance abuse issues and some of the mentally ill stay away from shelters even during the worse times.

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