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RushChoose from select Rush items and our Customer Service team will make sure you get it on time! Save tool is how to appear:Its design from the auto safety rescue hammer, it is a kind of innovative hand type automobile emergency self-help tool. Although it is small in size, very mini, but have astonishing ability, it also need not placed in a specific place, can carry to hang in your car keys, so you can always get it.2.

Why do we have to have a life-saving hammerBecause now a lot of people is dependent on the automotive to daily activities and work and travel, carry a security tools can we bring the initiative, beware drive car appear temporary failure.3.
Many times can be repeated use, striker after use can be automatically return, and then can be repeated many times used, seat belt cutting blade is very sharp can guarantee returnable, all of these ensure that its highest price!6. Where can I try it:For the avoid injury, we strongly recommend people don't in the car window trial key chain, want to look at the key is how to work is the best way to trial in a buffer inside cushion on the object, such as a magazine or note pad.

If you really must be in auto glass on trial, please must wear protective glasses and gloves, avoid may bring damage.7.

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