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I contacted an ancient Lemurian named Jazmin again yesterday with the help of my magnetic vortex generator and this big Lemurian crystal. How did this device facilitate that, and what was its role in the communication?When you say it is a lemurian crystal, what do you mean by that? I have probably spent over $500 on crystals and about $2000 on other materials for my experiments. That looks like fun!  I will post more alien communications as i get better but for now my awareness is not 100%. Lewis is based on, named after and voiced by the real British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. Lewis is modeled after a McLaren MP4-12C GT3, although he has some slight differences, notably in the appearance of his rear lights.
Originally, Lewis was to be named Lewis Revington.[4] He had a grayish paint job with a ghost pattern of Union Jack, and wheel trims shaped after the Union Jack, exactly as the final design of Prince Wheeliam.
Hamilton is selected as one of the racers to compete in the World Grand Prix, as to help Miles Axlerod show the entire world about using his new fuel allinol so that they can use alternative energy in the future. At the next race in Porto Corsa, Hamilton qualifies seventh, and gets into sixth place at some point when the racers reach the casino bridge.
Despite the drama, the final race in London takes place, but without the requirement of allinol to be used, allowing all the racers to choose which fuel they will use. Most ancient groups had thriving mystical traditions, and our culture's worldview has divorced us from that continuum.What did you contact consist in? I got her attention when I started raising energy into my heart chakra and was transferring the energy into the crystal. I have been using high frequencies with the iron due to its high Nuclear magnetic resonance (8-25 MHz). I use to run a low frequency beacon on 184.5 KHz years ago (Google LOWFER) and I had many OBEs during that time.
One entity was explaining to me that when you move through density, physical memory is shocked.
I thought you visited Aliens?Just wondering, these 'starships' what did they look like?
It seems that the gray color was chosen after the colors of the McLaren racing team.[5] He was also racing for England solely. His emblem combines the Union Jack and the flag of Grenada – which is on his actual helmet. He also has a yellow stripe on his sides and spoiler, along with having one gap in between his top teeth, and the World Grand Prix logo on his spoiler. At the opening ceremony in Tokyo, he is talking to Jeff Gorvette, and meets up with Lightning McQueen. However, he drops down to ninth behind Gorvette by the time Carla Veloso and Gearsley get their engines blown due to the same reason as in Tokyo. Hamilton starts from fourth on the grid, and is able to get past Miguel Camino for third place on the first lap in his home country.
It's very similar to how a Stargate works but instead of teleporting your physical body you are teleporting your energy body. I'm going to set my digital camera on the timer and try taking pictures and see if I can find any!
They then combined this with an upgraded engine and Izarian avionics to create a low cost fighter aircraft intended to provide air cover for frontline troops and point defense for critical bases and cities.

Immediately, they take notice of McQueen's best friend Mater messing about, to which McQueen leaves to try and sort things out with Mater. On the final lap, Hamilton and Gorvette are both forced to stop when they see a pile-up on the bridge. However, the race is soon stopped after Mater rushes off the track with McQueen grabbing onto him. So, I definitely feel there is a correlation between electromagnetic fields and OBE activity.Where does one obtain those crystals?
I design my experiments by astral projecting to various targets in space and then examine the technology while out of body.
Then I ask them if it would be okay if I examine their propulsion mechanism and computer systems. This, along with later intelligence about the GE-F414 engine resulted in the PRIMA Locust.The primary design criterion is production and operation cost. Soon, Axlerod introduces to the press all of the World Grand Prix racers, though most of them, including Hamilton, are introduced off-screen. Soon, Hamilton is invited along with the other World Grand Prix racers to take part in an unofficial race taking place in Radiator Springs, which he believes would be exciting. She was surprised and asked me why I couldn't see her because apparently she could see me. I have gone aboard several star ships in this solar system and have chatted with the individuals on board. I think what happens is that senses are so changed that the mind does not know how to keep recording the events into memory.
Can you give some detail of what you saw and how they are able to overcome the problem of traveling the great distances in space. At the moment of McQueen being introduced, Hamilton and the other racers watch as Mater, who had been having too much wasabi, rushes to the fountain to cool down. He starts in eighth position, and races beside Jeff, a while before Mater comes and joins them while using a pair of rockets.
This enables multiple Locusts to work together to destroy a technologically superior but much more expensive enemy fighter.Designed for operation in adverse conditions, the Locust can takeoff from unprepared highways or poorly maintained runways. She then told me to raise my energy from my heart and store it into the crystal and then she would convert it into the purple energy I need to help my pineal.
Once I receive the materials my subconscious takes control (usually right when I wake up in the morning) and starts building things. Events are recorded as dream mode, and not continuously connected in time flow to waking state. The next day, Hamilton takes part in the first World Grand Prix race, starting from sixth on the grid. I spent about 5 minutes doing this and then I was out of energy, so then she told me to lay down and put the crystal on my forehead. Maintenance is easy, and electrical repairs can be made using commonly available parts.Airframe and EngineThe airframe is mostly hand riveted 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, though it includes some steel and titanium in critical locations. Then massive surges of electric energy were pulsing through my body and I could see weird designs through my closed eyes.
Based on F-20 plans, the aircraft utilizes a conventional horizontal tail configuration with a high aspect wing and leading edge root extensions. By the time Francesco takes the lead from McQueen, Hamilton has been overtaken by Max Schnell and Nigel Gearsley, but manages to finish sixth after Schnell had his engine blown due to a group of lemon cars using a electromagnetic pulse generator in the form of a TV camera to make the allinol explode.

Then she told me she was done and I got up and felt energized.I have been studying the atomic structure of iron (ferrite) lately and I find it to be a very curious metal. It is the most abundant metal on earth, and is believed to be the tenth most abundant element in the universe. Though no RCS reduction measures have been taken, the aircraft's small size and Y-shaped air intakes give it an RCS of 1m2.PRIMA designed an engine based on the GE F-414 (without any digital controls). The nucleus of iron has the highest binding energy per nucleon, so it is the heaviest element that is produced exothermically through fusion and the lightest through fission. When a star that has sufficient mass to produce iron does so, it can no longer produce energy in its core and a supernova will ensue.When the iron atoms become electromagnetically charged the electron shells become magnetic and a strong field is created and can be sensed by the energy body. The engine intakes have retractable screens to protect the aircraft from foreign object damage (FOD).AvionicsPRIMA was tasked with developing a low cost avionics system with easy servicing and excellent electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance. I found that adding a steel base adds to the magnetic conductivity of the device and really make my hands vibrate! It came up with an avionics system which uses no solid state electronics, instead relying largely on analog processors to limit the need for bulky digital computers.
The crystals too begin to vibrate uncontrollably when the correct resonant frequency of quartz is applied to the scalar coils.
These limited digital computations are performed by computers utilizing vacuum tube and magnetic amplifier circuits.The primary sensor is a multimode X-band (8-10Ghz) mechanically steered twist cassegrain pulse doppler radar.
It utilizes a travelling wave tube wave generator with high frequency agility and spread spectrum capabilities to allow for high jam resistance and low probability of intercept (LPI) against weak radar warning receiver (RWR) systems.
The radar can resolve targets that are separated 2 degrees in azimuth or heading, or 2 km in range. It uses a mercury-cadmium-telluride seeker in a telescopic scanning configuration.A RWR utilizing acousto-optic technology allows for detection (200km+) and approximate location (±5 degrees) of other radars.
The modern acousto-optic technology enables the Locust RWR to detect radars operating in LPI mode. In any case, the pilot will hear an audio representation of the detected radar to assist him in identifying the radar type.
However, these must be installed by the client to give better compatibility with other aircraft and equipment in the client's force.The flight control system is hydro-mechanical with analog stability augmentation.
This hybrid combines the reliability of a conventional control system with the comfort and piloting eas of a fly-by-wire system.CockpitInformation from the aircraft sensors is displayed on a monochrome heads up display (HUD) and a a color cathode ray tube (CRT) multifunction display (MFD). Because both CRTs and VFDs use vacuum tube technology, they provide much more vivid and bright displays than the liquid crystal displays (LCDs) found in most cockpits.
Furthermore, they are far more EMP resistant.The pilot sits on a comfortable zero-zero ejection seat. The control system is designed for hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) usage, with a sliding throttle at the left panel, a control stick in front of the pilot, and sliding rudder pedals and differential brakes at the feet.ArmamentThe Locust is armed with a 23mm machine gun with 200 rounds of ammunition and a rate of fire (ROF) of 1800 rounds per minute. It can mount PRIMA's A-1 and A-2 missiles, and with minor modifications, can mount most general air to air missiles such as the R-series and AIM-series missiles. It carries two A-1 missiles on the wingtips and can carry any mixture of four A-1 or A-2 missiles on the wing pylons. Though it is not designed for the air-to-ground role, it can also carry unguided rockets or bombs on these pylons.

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