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ModeAudio has launched Magnetic Pulse, a collection of 50 presets for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.
Feel the earth beneath your feet shake as you load up these sounds, each one sending epic waves of sumptuous sound from your speakers and headphones straight to your eardrums. Support rekkerd.orgIf you appreciate this website, you can become a patron below, or make a donation through PayPal (no account required).
Many thanks to James Wiltshire, Richard Hasiba, Pavel Vladykin, and Shannon McDowell for showing their support through Patreon! The Exerpeutic 325 High Capacity Magnetic Elliptical with Pulse works with an elliptical motion that gives a low-impact workout. This release craftily combines the deepest, darkest and smoothest elements of House with razor-sharp, brooding Techno, delivering a mouth-watering range of sonic delights.

This elliptical machine includes eight resistance levels, it has moving arms to include an upper body workout and it can spin forward or backward for different workout goals. From gigantic, subterranean Bass and Sub Bass patches to slamming Synth Leads, driving Synth Chords, uplifting Pads, evolving Arps and frenetic SFX, this pack flips its mood from subtle to extrovert at the drop of the beat!
EMP generators can produce pulses of electromagnetic energy that can destroy the sensitive electronics in computers and microprocessors.
Destabilized LCR circuits can produce multi megawatt pulses by using an explosive wire disruptive switch. These high power pulses can be coupled into antennas, conic sections, horns etc for very directional effects. Research is currently being undertaken to disable vehicles thus avoiding dangerous high speed chases.

The trick is to generate a high enough power pulse to fry the electronic control processor modules. This could be a lot simpler if the vehicle was covered in plastic or fiber glass rather than metal. The shielding of the metal body offers a challenge to the researcher to develop a practical system. A system could be built that could do this but would be costly, large and produce collateral damage to friendly targets.

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