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ELF 984ENERGY PLUSENERGY 984CMP1 PLUS CMP2 PLUSCMP EVO- Consist of two special slides where the two solenoids of different diameters are located. The Curatron system is the only economical priced computerized pulsed signal magnetic therapy system generating sufficient energy to obtain a real therapeutic effect. Ginsberg, in 1955, I became intrigued with the medical possibilities of non-thermal, high frequency, pulsed, high peak power electromagnetic energy. I proceeded to establish research in the United States and at international universities and hospitals to explore the beneficial biological and biophysical effects of this technology.
The effects of Diapulse on the healing of wounds: a double-blind randomised controlled trial in man.

Clinical trials of the application of pulsating electromagnetic energy in the treatment of spinal cord lesions.
Nerve regeneration under the influence of an intermittent electromagnetic energy; An experimental study on rabbits. Effects of high peak pulsed electromagnetic field on degeneration and regeneration of the common peroneal nerve in rats. Effects of high-peak pulsed electromagnetic field on the degeneration and regeneration of the commonperoneal nerve in rats. Evolution, prevention and relief of acute and chronic pain with the application of Diapulse therapy (pulsed high peak power electromagnetic energy). Estudio anatomopatologico de las ulceras por decubito y sus modificaciones con las corrientes electromagneticas pulsatiles de alta frecuencia.

Reduction of capsular contracture with two-stage augmentation mammaplasty and pulsed electromagnetic energy (Diapulse therapy).
Experimental regeneration in peripheral nerves and the spinal cord in laboratory animals exposed to a pulsed electromagnetic field.

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