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To view research on any of the conditions above and much more, click on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Research Library. Besides benefits documented in a broad range of conditions, PEMF has been shown to increase energy and availability of oxygen, enhance transport of ions (calcium, potassium, sodium) across cell membranes, improve circulation, induce sleep, alleviate pain and reduce stress. Joseph Jaros MD is a physician at Enhanced Wellness who specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and Pain Management. These pulses of electromagnetic energy help to reset the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that reside within your cells.
If you are interested in PEMF and would like to request more information, call (505) 323-8100 or request more information online. Introducing the ultimate no-pain, no-drug, no-operation way of improving your well being: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (or PEMF Therapy). More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effect of PEMF, and more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, and well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, PEMF are used in both clinical and home settings, depending on the purpose. The best evidence of your cells are being recharged after exposing to PEMF is viewing them under microscope. The two thermo images below compare the body temperature before and after exposing to PEMF treatment.

There is speculation that regular treatment with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy may increase longevity and quality of life.  PEMF and laser therapies are frequently combined in the clinic and in research, and the combination of both methods may give better effects than either on its own. Jay began her formal training in Chinese medicine at the Tai Hsuan Foundation in Honolulu, and completed her degree at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. One advanced medical technology is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, also known as PEMF or PEMFT. In essence, PEMF utilizes electromagnetic wavelengths to repair your body’s functions. All information presented in this website is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. The science of PEMF is not new, and has been around for many decades and is backed with numerous scientific studies and clinical trials (thousands and counting), and it has been applied both as formal clinical therapy for specific body conditions (especially in the area of pain relief and cells regeneration) and also widely used as an alternative medicine for wider application in improving general well being of a person. Meyers (author of PEMF, The 5th Element of Health), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF therapy) is a research proven, natural, non-invasive form of energy medicine. The blood sample below are taken using dark field microscopy technology showing the blood cells condition before and after the PEMF therapy.
The second image shows the body temperature increased by at least 1-2 Celsius after 8 minutes of treatment, demonstrating the effectiveness of improving blood circulation.
The specific application (therapy) used for the past 60 years in hospitals and in veterinary medicine consist of specific frequency patterns and very high intensities – these applications are limited to specifics treatments (i.e.

With the advent of electricity, our ability to control electromagnetic fields and to use them to diagnose and treat has expanded exponentially.
Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Red blood cells in a non-optimal body condition usually see them clustered together (1st snapshot), restricting their surface area for optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery. The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Immediate after the therapy, the difference is obvious as shown in the 2nd snapshot, where red blood cells are de-clustered.
The benefits are obvious – declustered blood cells are more fluid, allowing them to deliver nutrients and oxygen more effectively, restoring cells optimal efficiency. The result is a fundamental, holistic wellness application that has a direct overall positive effect on the organism (even if we do not feel it immediately).
The result usually can be immediately felt by the person after using the full body PEMF therapy, with an increase dose of vitality and energy.

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