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If the substation is immediately next to your home there is little in a practical sense you can do to reduce the magnetic fields.
As if cell phone radiation werena€™t enough of a threat to children, it has now become apparent that we have to consider the danger of how radio-frequency-emitting-baby monitors are affecting infants while they sleep in their cribs.A  As a conscientious parent, you may be using a seemingly harmless baby monitor as a safeguard for your infanta€“to let you know how they are doing while you arena€™t in the room. Baby monitors use a€?Decta€? or digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication technology to transmit signals.
Powerwatch, a watchdog organization for radiation danger, says: A a€?A Dect monitor placed in your babya€™s bedroom will expose them to more pulsing microwave radiation than living near to a mobile phone mast would do. Predictably, marketers of the baby monitors have stated that they do not think there is any danger from their product, saying that they meet international safety standards. Some laboratory specialists in this kind of radiation have recommended placing the monitors at least 10 feet from an infanta€™s crib. Unfortunately for both my kids, who have now been out of nappies for a good many years, we used Dect type baby monitors, just out of ignorance. If it has to be wireless, prefer a low-band 35 to 50 MHz analogue model which does not pulse and remember to keep any baby monitor as far from your baby as possible, I recommend at least 1 metre away.
The safest baby monitor is a fully wired version, linking through the electrical wiring but these are not widely available. Best to change your old cathode-ray monitors (the ones with the deep backs) to any type of flat screen monitor as these give of far less Electromagnetic fields than the old type which thankfully you cana€™t buy any more.
Geobiology explores the relationship between life and the Eartha€™s physical and chemical environment. The history of geobiology in this respect dates back to 1929 when a German aristocrat Baron Gustov Von Pohl, an eminent dowser, made the extraordinary claim that cancer was caused by a€?energy linesa€™ that ran under the beds of the people that had died from the disease. Underground Streams: a€?Water will flow through any underground passage, fracture of fissure. The dark square with flashing white lines is a photographic print of microwaves radiating in the space above an underground watercourse taken in total darkness.
Diagram depicts the flow of underground water and consequential chemical reactions within certain geological features that could be the origin of geopathic stress issues.
The dipolar nature of water molecules can also be part of the origin of electromagnetic fields originating from ground contained water. The electromagnetic spectrum refers to the range of different types of Electromagnetic Radiation.a€?These are usually sorted by the frequency. For visual explanation, NASA have a simple but useful diagram, and there is a far more detailed diagram available from thinkgeek (purchase required). We believe that one of the main reasons that EMFs (particularly microwave frequencies) are potentially bioactive is due to the nature of the signal itself.
We have evolved with the natural levels of EMFs produced by both the sun and world around us. Power frequency (50Hz in the UK) is given off by any appliance or transmission of AC (alternating current) electrity. Childhood leukaemia has been internationally accepted as linked to powerfrequency exposure magnetic fields, with a wealth of literature finding increases in risk to this and other illnesses. It is well documented and generally accepted that over-exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause burning and skin cancer.
There are internationally accepted guidelines by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) that have been designed to limit both residential and occupational exposure to levels that are safely below those that can heat up tissue. However, recently there has been a number of studies showing very specific biological effects far lower than these levels (see our Studies list), and as yet there is no international guidance that has taken any of these studies into effect. Powerfrequency electromagnetic fields are generated by any appliance running off AC (alternating current) power - anything plugged into a main power socket will generate them to some degree. At the moment, health effects primarily associated with powerfrequency EMFs are due to the magnetic component - these include, but are not limited to, Childhood Leukaemia, Adult Leukaemia, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Miscarriage, and Clinical Depression.
There is a fairly brief overview of health risks and evidence in the health concerns section of the electric power transmission article on Wikipedia.
The last type of geopathic disturbance that I want to talk about before we have a look at man-made electromagnetic energies concerns the earth's natural geomagnetic field (the one that makes a compass needles pointA  north). The first geomagnetogram (G1) typically represents the values of the Earths normal geomagnetic field taken by me in a farmer's field near Poynings village not far from where I live.
The second geomagnetogram (G2) was taken above a sprung mattress from a lady suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression, and has a magnetic anomaly of 22,435.4 nT. The Cliff of Tears a€?It is important not to underestimate the value of the earth's natural geomagnetic field (DC Field) which interacts with our bodies in many positive waysA  This DC field rarely shows an anomaly above or below 2% of its normal strength which differs according to the latitude in which you live. Unnatural Alterations in the Earth's Geomagnetic Field a€?A second and equally important influence on the sequence of mitosis is the role in which the normal earth's geomagnetic field (DC field) influences the formation and production of a healthy pregnancy. Health risks due to exposure to electromagnetic fields EMFa€™s in the home were first suggested in America by Wertheimer and Leeper, when they estimated the levels people were exposed to, using a€?wire codesa€™, and the local incidence of childhood leukaemia.
Stress sensitive hormones such as prolactin and thyroxide have been found to be elevated in people at work in high electromagnetic environments.A  Prolactin plays a key role in moderating parts of the neuro-immune system and may also be an important precipitator of auto immune diseases.
It has been scientifically proven for the first time, with a double blind study by means of an electrocardiogram, that the detrimental effects of a€?water veinsa€? and other geopathically disturbing phenomena can cause serious health problems to persons exposed to them. This presentation took place in March 2003 in the large auditorium of the Saint Johanns-hospital Landesklinjken SalzburgA  Germany. At locations where Geopathic stress zones are present, subsurface water plays a predominantrole, either as lakes, slowly moving underground water, or as water streams.
Technical electromagnetic fields can also drastically affect the human body, as soon as certain field strengths are reached.
The electromagnetic spectrum refers to the range of different types of Electromagnetic Radiation.These are usually sorted by the frequency.
The Cliff of Tears It is important not to underestimate the value of the earth's natural geomagnetic field (DC Field) which interacts with our bodies in many positive waysA  This DC field rarely shows an anomaly above or below 2% of its normal strength which differs according to the latitude in which you live. Unnatural Alterations in the Earth's Geomagnetic Field A second and equally important influence on the sequence of mitosis is the role in which the normal earth's geomagnetic field (DC field) influences the formation and production of a healthy pregnancy. A few precautions can dramatically reduce your EMF exposure, while allowing you to stay high-tech. The Bioinitiative 2012 report on electromagnetic fields and health, prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, concluded that existing exposure standards are not sufficient to protect public health.
Is there any scientific basis for saying that EMF's can cause headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia, and so on? Millions of people all over the world have developed the painful and devastating illness of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a direct result of massive global electromagnetic pollution. The dangerous world of technology has made it almost impossible for persons with EMS to be able to survive, since electromagnetic radiations are everywhere, worldwide, in the form of computers, cell phone towers, cell phones, portable phones, power lines, televisions, recorders, remote controls, telephones, car electronics, radios. Contrary to the worldwide public belief that cell towers, cell phones, videogames and computer screens, lap tops, and numerous other wireless technologies do not present any health dangers, they do emit radiations quite hazardous to health, resulting in many diseases, such as EMS, and in an increase in cancerous brain tumors for cell phone users, and in childhood leukemia for those who live near cell phone towers. Mobile phone towers installed by cell phone companies almost at every place, pose a serious threat to human health as these towers emit deadly electro magnetic radiations, which directly affects human brain. DUE TO Information Technology (IT) and new electronic devices, distances are reducing day-by-day but these things are affecting the health of human beings. The EMR not only causes death, damage DNA, tumors and skin cancer but is also very dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies.
Along with communication services, cell phone companies also provide facilities like GPRS, GSM, CDMA services for Internet users, which gives maximum radio frequencies to users 24 x 7 and that is leading to a dangerous impact on human health and behaviour.
This standard fixed by the International Commission of Non-Iodised Radiation is not being followed by mobile phone operators. 300 per cent cases of cancer are reported from people who have been living within a distance upto 400 km from mobile towers for decades compared to those who live far away from these towers.
The only exception to this might be in a situation were cell phone antennas are operated on top of a roof and people are allowed access to that roof top so you can get right up close to the antennas. Some early studies of cell phone usage showed some adverse health effects, a slightly increased risk of brain tumors and cataracts among them. The industry lobbied Congress with $39 million in 1996 to ensure passage of a law which essentially gives them the right to place these towers in our neighborhoods, and makes it next to impossible to oppose them based on health reasons.
The industry lobbied Congress with $39 million in 1996 to pass a law that took away citizen’s rights to oppose cell towers based on health reasons. Also, once a cell tower is erected, it has proved very difficult to verify the radiation is within legal limits. Property values have also been known to drop once a cell tower is erected, due to the perceived risk of negative health effects. There is vast scientific and medical evidence that exposure to cell tower radiation, even at low levels, can have profound adverse effects on biological systems. Scientists and advocacy groups say that the current FCC “safe” standards are based on 1985 research, and fail to consider more recent research that found brain cancer, memory impairment, DNA breakdown, and neurological problems with RF at much lower levels. In 1998 the Vienna Resolution, signed by 16 of the world’s leading bioelectromagnetic researchers, provided a consensus statement that there is scientific agreement that biological effects from low intensity RF exposure are established.
The world’s leading electromagnetic researchers say existing scientific knowledge is inadequate to set reliable exposure standards. Cell phone towers expose the public to involuntary, chronic, cumulative Radio Frequency Radiation. Over 100 physicians and scientists at Harvard and Boston University Schools of Public Health have called cellular towers a radiation hazard. Most of the old cultures knew about the existence of life energy which was called Chi, Prana, Od, vis vitae, bioenergy or orgon. Also many scientists today do only accept phenomena that are measurable with physical devices. It has been proven now, that devices like the Hildegard Orgon Accumulator enhance the life energy within any living organism (it can be also used to charge gemstones!). The water that we are drinking is often poisoned with fluoride and chlorine and is more liable to withdraw life energy from us, then to provide us with it.
The Hildegard Orgon Accumulator has helped already many people with different health problems .
Scientists report radiation exposures from cell phones, WiFi and other wireless devices impact our cognitive function, immune system, neurological system, behavior, stress response, sleep quality, fertility and reproductive system, DNA, can lead to tumors and cancers, and cause fetal and neonatal effects. Fetal exposures in the womb can lead to health effects after birth, such as mood and emotional problems, asthma and obesity. And, childhood exposures are linked to deficits in cognitive function, attention, memory, perception, learning capacity, social skills, reaction time, motor function, as well as to increased distraction, hyperactivity, fatigue and inability to focus on complex and long-term tasks.
Learn how your cells ability to transmit and receive energy, in the form of various natural electromagnetic frequencies, is fundamental to good health, and how man-made radiation with different frequencies, amplitudes, pulses and intensities, interfere with the body’s natural frequencies, disrupting physiological functioning. Learn from top experts about the risks from wireless technologies… and the solutions available today to lessen exposures.
The early warning signs of ‘electrosensitivity’ syndrome (EHS), and which conditions, including several types of tumors, are associated with overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. What levels of exposure are considered safe for children—or excessive—and how exposures can be minimized—from the nursery to the classroom. Why mothers should not use cell phones as pacifiers, or allow a child to sleep with a cell phone or near a baby monitor. Why an old-fashioned hard-wired intercom system used as a baby-monitor or elder-monitor is preferable to wireless monitors. The direct relationship between duration of exposure, and sperm count and sperm quality, and the importance of never placing a cell phone in a pants pocket. Impacts of this radiation on the heart, and on Heart Rate Variability, and why this is important. The increased risk of brain tumors when cell phone or portable phone use begins as a teenager or younger, with children having 4x the risk compared to adults. The rising incidence of brain tumors in many countries from cell phone use, and projections for a possible ‘tsunami’ of brain tumors within 15 years, based on the trend. How wireless devices pose the issue of ‘seduction’ followed by addiction, much the same story as with drugs and tobacco, while causing irreparable harm to people and future generations.
Creating ‘electromagnetically clean’ home environments—learn the 6 fundamental steps of RF reduction in the home. What kind of shielding is effective against wireless communication radiation and how the effectiveness varies with radiation frequency (vibration rate). When looking for an apartment, what are the preferable locations in a building to minimize RF exposure risk, and how does one assess the neighborhood and the neighbors? Within what distance from cell towers have cancer clusters repeatedly been found, and what you can do if you find yourself within a high-risk radius?
What are other nations doing to minimize EMF exposures, such as relocating towers to non-residential areas and away from schools, banning WiFi, calling for information on the scope of electrosensitivity among children, and more?
Why parents need to understand government ‘safety guidelines’ for radiation exposure are flawed in not considering all the health effects and all forms of radiation emitted by wireless devices, and are wholly inadequate for children.
How to rebalance the body and encourage a range of positive physiological changes that will build resilience. Where to obtain summaries of the science showing cell phone effects, and other educational resources, to begin to educate your community and local schools.
Why face-to-face communication is key to healthy emotional and social development (with social media use not being a substitute), and how face-to-face communication is a potent antidote to the negative effects of online time. Discussion of the underlying spiritual issues in the overuse and addiction to cell phones and wireless devices, and the importance of spending time in nature to heal.
Finding the courage to set limits on communications technology use, and to adjust your lifestyle and home environment to optimize your mental and physical health, and your interpersonal relationships and joy. How ‘energy’ or ‘electro’-medicine will be the new frontier in medicine—addressing imbalances and disease, including cancers, at the far more fundamental level of energy—and why these approaches are needed now more than ever.
Camilla Rees, MBA, Founder, and Campaign for Radiation Free Schools (Facebook).

Stephen Sinatra, MD is a board certified cardiologist, nutritionist and anti-aging specialist. Martin Blank, PhD, Special Lecturer and (ret.) Associate Professor, Columbia University, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics. Lawrence Gust, BS, MBA, BBEC is an electrical engineer, certified Building-Biology® Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Faculty & President of the Board, International Institute for Building-Biology® and Ecology. We encourage young Americans, parents, teachers & schools to share this post with interested persons, and encourage all to Register early! Electromagnetic fields from cell phones and wireless technologies create disharmony in the body and mind, and should be minimized by people seeking wellness. Unlike chemical exposures or mold, with electromagnetic fields there is nothing to see or smell to warn a person there may be harm.
Recent attention in the EMF community has been focused on wireless-emitting Smart Meters, also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Contrary to what is commonly claimed, many smart meters transmit wireless radiation continually and at high levels reported to exceed typical home wireless appliances. This power level exceeds the radiation of most home wireless devices, as you can see from the Distance page.
It also exceeds recommended safety standards such as that of the Bioinitiative Working Group and the Seletun Scientific Statement. While utilities no longer have to send meter readers to check readings on analog meters, this benefit comes at the price of continual wireless radiation.
On top of the smart meters, appliances would also be outfitted with transmitting antennae, as part of the smart grid plan. Many people who live in areas with smart meter rollouts have become seriously ill as a result of their exposure. For some buildings, a large number of smart meters may be concentrated in one location, and may result in greater exposure to residents living near this location.
Besides posing a health risk, smart meters also pose concerns for privacy, security, fire, and increased billing rates. Lack of environmental impact study: No environmental impact study was conducted, but plants, bees, and humans all seem to be negatively affected. Lack of UL certification: The smart meters are not UL certified as required by state electrical code. Fire risk: They may be installed by improperly trained personnel, resulting in fire hazards when improperly installed.
Rate Hikes: Electricity bills have reportedly increased significantly, rather than decreasing. Health risk: They pose a risk as a Class 2B carcinogen and many are experiencing health effects attributed to smart meters such as headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus, and sleeping disorders.
Interference: They may interfere with pacemakers as well as other wireless devices in the home.
Lack of energy savings: Some claim they do not actually result in energy savings, but may actually consume more power. Lifespan: The reported lifespan of the smart meter is 12-15 years, much lower than the 50 year lifespan of an analog meter.
Cost: The smart meter also costs more than the analog meter, which can be purchased for approximately $50. Compatibility issues with alternative energy: Smart meters have been reported to be incompatible with solar systems.
Relay meters: Whether one is at a relay location, which relays data from other meters and not just one's own.
Distance from the meters, which may be a problem for small houses or nearby neighbors, and bedrooms on the other side of the wall that has the smart meters.
Building construction: Concrete and brick may offer some protection as compared to little if any protection from wood and drywall. Activation of the smart meter: The wireless transmissions may not be activated immediately upon installation. Where one is situated in the Home Area Network (HAN), Neighborhood Area Network (NAN), or Wide Area Network (WAN). One's Electricity Provider and Device Vendor: It has been noted that smart meters used by different utilities may have different power densities and levels of dirty electricity. Depending on one's personal situation, the pulse might vary from once every 5 minutes to once every second or more. 56 California cities and counties, 15 Michigan cities, and 53 British Columbia cities have moratoriums or resolutions against the smart meters due to public concerns which include health, fire safety, security, privacy, and increased costs to customers.
The opt-out option has been considered, but this does not protect someone from powerful smart meter transmitters on neighboring homes.
Having smart meters with radio off has also been proposed, but experts warn that the switching mode power supply of smart meters still presents a health risk, and that analog meters are safer. Some people may be affected by the voltage spikes smart meters generate on the electric wiring even prior to RF activation. Smart meters have been installed in many places, against homeowners' wishes, and those who refuse them have had to lock their meters to prevent stealth installations. Delay List: Some people have called the delay list to postpone the installation of the smart meter, or put up signs or legal notices refusing smart meters, although stealth installers have sometimes ignored this. According to the Center for Safer Wireless, the US Energy Policy Act of 2005 indicates that utilities should ask customer's permission before smart meter installation, and no federal law mandates smart meters.
Neighborhood Representative: Some people have found smart meters installed when they were away from house. What the utility policy mandates or says is law, may not be what the government really requires. The baby monitor next to their slumbering form is emitting radiation similar to the kind that is given off by a cordless phone and bombarding their not-yet-fully-formed skull with electromagnetic frequency radiation.A  These emissions are a known cause of childhood brain cancer. This kind of pulsing radiation is also used by cordless telephones and has been shown to be more harmful than the kind given off by cell phones.
We have had a number of reports from parents that their babies did not sleep well and cried a lot when they used DECT monitors.a€? The organization pointed out that a wired monitor does not cause the same kind of problems.
Naturally your body voltage should be in harmony and in equilibrium with the eartha€™s natural Schumann based electrical field, which is under 350 mV and normally stable at about 2 mV.
The term was adopted many years ago by some German dowsers, a€?geobiologistsa€™ who specialised in surveying houses for both geopathic and electromagnetic stress using both dowsing and scientific instruments. To test his theory he persuaded the Mayor of the Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg to allow him to survey the town for such energies with his dowsing rod. As it does so it produces its own electromagnetic field often high into microwave frequency.
It has been known for a long time that when there is flowing water under a dwelling the inhabitants always feel more tired, are prone to premature aging and have a loss of vitality than those who sleep above neutral ground. As an extremely dialectic medium, water favours the formation of potential vortices, which immediately after their formation contract swiftly. Background levels of EMFs vary hugely depending on which part of the spectrum being looked for - natural light is an obvious example.
Electrical wiring creates electric and magnetic powerfrequency fields throughout houses and other wired buildings, but these levels are usually very low unless there is a wiring fault. Most areas of science can only deal in probabilities, and that becomes clearer as more scientific studies investigating health effects are produced. There is more disagreement about ill health effects from radiofrequency radiation, which is newer for most of the population, though a well-established 'microwave sickness' has been described. As a result fortunes are spent on protective sun cream and information services as to prudent avoidance of such exposures.
Molecules in the food are vibrated by high levels of microwave frequency Electromagnetic energy, causing it to heat up and subsequently cook.
This, coupled with misleading statements designed to imply that there is currently no published evidence showing a link from organisations such as WHO, are the primary reasons why this topic remains in such hotly-disputed contention. ICNIRP have set guidelines for residential and occupational exposure to powerfrequency magnetic fields, based primarily on electric shock responses and induced currents, currently set at 100 microtesla (AµT) - equivalent to 1 Gauss. The evidence on these is mixed, but the link with Childhood Leukaemia is now considered to be pretty solid, with a doubling in risk at magnetic fields above 0.4 AµT (again far below the guidelines set by ICNIRP). The bottom line is that nature neverA  intended us to sleep on such a disturbed site as shown in figure G2 which has been artificially produced by the bed being placed near to a radiator ( causing the high spike to the right of the graph)A  and the springs causing the rest of the disturbed site. As you can see the magnetic contours of this bed size area (6a€™x4a€™) are very gentle and slightly undulating showing an overall geomagnetic anomaly of 582 nT (nano Tesla). The sprung mattresses I have measured so far over the past two years have had magnetic anomalies between 4,000 and 61,000 nT.
However there are instances in nature where abnormal magnetic anomalies exist usually due to a sudden change in mineralogy or geological structure over a short distance. It appears that the exposure of a dividing cell to an inhomogeneous DC magnetic field causes a physical force to be exerted on the chromosomes or on one of the other microscopic structures associated with mitosis, resulting in structural abnormalities in the chromosomes. Since that time, international research has increased year by year, and the potential health risks have been identified as cancer (especially childhood leukaemia, probably the most studied illness because of the original findings), depression, suicide, miscarriage, some forms of dementia, respiratory and immune system problems.
Research by scientists such as Ross Adey in the USA and Dr Cyril Smith here in Britain is moving the frontier of our understanding. Hubank of Vienna: a€?Speaking at a conference in England paid tribute to a group of Austrian researches composed of medical doctors, physicists and biochemists. There is clear indication that a combination of technical fields and Geopathic stress zones can multiply the effect and therefore become extremely harmful to all living beings.
The disease has spread, and is spreading daily at an alarming rate worldwide, in the US, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, and numerous other countries. People using their cell phones not only put themselves at risk, but like second hand smoke, put other people around them at risk of developing EMS, cancerous brain tumors and other diseases. Therefore, in order to act responsibly, the Chamber of Doctors, in Vienna, Austria, has decided to inform people about potential medical risks”. Almost every electronic device, mobile phones, radios, microwaves, computers pose serious threat to human health. Radio-frequency radiations have started showing its ill-affects on humans, animals, medical investigatory equipments and also on food products.
It is also affecting the stamina and thinking power of humans as these radiations directly attack the brain. What is important to understand is that radio frequency field intensity is related to the inverse of the distance squared. Gerard Hyland, physicist, says existing safety guidelines for cell phone towers are completely inadequate, since they focus only on the thermal effects of exposure. It is no coincidence that EPA funding was also cut in 1996 for electromagnetic radiation health studies.
There are no safety measures in place to ensure that the towers are not emitting higher radiation levels than legally allowed.
Cellular phone frequencies have also seriously disrupted local emergency and law enforcement radio communications. The earlier studies considered only the “thermal”, or heating effects of the radiation – in other words, the level at which the radiation would heat tissue, or “cook” a person, in the same exact manner that a microwave oven works. Low levels of RFR have been shown to be associated with changes in cell proliferation and DNA damage. There are no conclusive studies on the safety of such exposures, and the growing body of scientific evidence reports such bioeffects and adverse health effects are possible, if not probable. And, 33 delegate physicians from 7 countries have declared cell phone towers a “public health emergency”. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is in charge of setting the standards of exposure for the public, and claims that, based on scientific studies, the current levels are safe. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that the electromagnetic radiation they emit, even at low levels, is dangerous to human health. The industry has set what they say are “safe levels” of radiation exposure, but there are a growing number of doctors, physicists, and health officials who strongly disagree, and foresee a public health crisis. It is life energy that is organising all the billions of life functions that are continuously happening in our body. Unfortunately in western societies this knowledge got widely lost as in these countries people are primarily focusing on material objects. Orgon energy is not organised in atoms (our scientist are presently focusing on research related to any appearances based on atomic structures). It consists of several layers of galvanised iron and natural felt (integrated with the right polarity). Learn the difference between meters that detect relative exposures, adequate for consumer use, and those accepted by governments and courts.
How dental issues, chronic infections, nutritional status, stress, hydration, hormone imbalance, lack of exercise, other environmental challenges, and lack of regular connection to the Earth, can play a role in magnifying disregulation from electromagnetic fields, and EMF hypersensitivity. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Nutrition and is Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. For over two decades, through Gust Environmental in Ventura, CA, he has specialized in complete assessments of homes for environmental factors, including electromagnetic fields, from the perspective of the growing human sensitivity to environmental toxins. Digital baby monitors use high frequency pulsed signals, just like mobile phones and wi-fi, and though the power levels are low they are kept close to the child all night so may represent a significant risk.
The Mayor agreed and in January that year Baron Von Pohl accompanied by the Mayor and other officials measured numerous energy lines that ran through the streets and houses of the town. This field will fluctuate depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing or whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy.
While water running beneath a domestic dwelling should be avoided, a stream situated nearby and open to the sky will favourably discharge its negative energies harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Taking its electric charge distribution in to account, turning a water molecule will result in a changed field composition.
The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents). The earth's magnetic fields are static fields, unlike man-made alternating current (AC), which has no natural counterpart. Unfortunately the studies are not always well done, and the flaws in any given study (showing an effect or otherwise) are often not reported. Precautionary levels which will protect us from illness have not been agreed on, as some countries wish the levels to be lower than others. If you stood in front of an operational microwave with no door your insides would slowly be cooked. The reason for these abnormally high magnetic abnormalities is a result of the bed springs intensifying the magnetic flux of these fields, made worse by the interaction of high magnetic fields around the bed and house from numerous electrical appliances, extension cables running under the bed and transformers placed near to the bed. One instance of this is in the USA, at a place called Gyngywamp, near Croton, Connecticut knownA  as 'The Cliff of Tears' where visitors to this site very frequently become depressed, gums start to bleed and nose bleeds occur.
Messages pass between the brain, nerves and organs and even from cell to cell by electro- magnetic signalling.
In the course of several years research using classical medical methods they investigated about 1000 people for the effects of these geopathic interference zones. There were about 400 people present including numerous renowned specialists; physicians, physicists and geologists, in the all-German audience.
Also, metal ions moved by water can induce small intensity broadband electromagnetic fields (EMF).
A  Because there are other causes of these illnesses, it is not clear what role EMFa€™s play in their development.
People, from all over the world report to have developed EMS, following exposures to cell phone towers, installed near their residences, computer screens, cell phones, WiFi videogames and more. But there is a more serious threat on human health by ‘transmission towers’, which emit invisible electro magnetic radiations (EMR). The exposure that you get from being in the vicinity of a cell tower is hundreds of times lower than the exposure you get using a cell phone. Citizens and communities across the country are angered, and are protesting this imposition of involuntary, 24-hour-a-day microwave exposure, without proven safety levels.
One frustrated resident finally spent $7,000 purchasing his own equipment to test a cell phone tower near his home, and found it emitting radiation at levels 250% over the legal limit. The FCC levels may ensure our tissues are not “cooked”, but they fail to address long-term chronic exposure at low levels, or what is called “non-thermal” effects. George Carlo, an epidemiologist who found genetic damage in a $28 million research program, paid for by the industry. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones, to reduce their exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. But it is not a public health agency, and has been criticized as being “an arm of the industry”.
But in recent years a branch of science came into existence, that is able to measure the amount of life energy in organisms and substances: Biophoton research. It contains three powerful symbols and a powder of 7 different ground gemstones (one for each chakra) that have been mined on especially powerful places. His experience includes more than 30 years of clinical practice, research and study, including 8 years as Chief of Cardiology at Manchester Memorial Hospital in CT, and 18 years as director of medical education.
Blank is a leading expert in the effects of electromagnetic fields on DNA and biology, and Past President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. He also consults nationally and internationally on the environmental aspects of the construction and remodeling of homes and offices and is principal in pH Living, a design and construction company specializing in healthy buildings. The erratic nature of the various frequencies is biologically disruptive, interfering with the natural processes that maintain balance and efficient cellular communication.
Many stores are discontinuing analogue baby monitors as the new high frequency DECT models are more versatile and can carry more information. Baron Von Pohla€™s energy lines were then compared with the towna€™s record of houses where people had died from cancer during the last ten years, which showed a remarkable coincidence. Dr WA?rst conducted experiments in several German towns, in the rooms of cancer patients and found unusual amounts of gamma radiation in the houses he surveyed using a Geiger a€“counter.
Interference with the earths natural energy field is particularly marked by the flow of these underground streams especially where two watercourses or other types of energy line cross. If thus in a pipe a hydronamic flow vortex is produced, an electric and magnetic vortex and eddy current, are the result. Microwave frequency exposure is a relatively new phenomenon: 100 years ago the background radiation was millions of times lower than it is now, and it is as recent as the mobile phone boom (~1990's) that the modern, digitally pulsed signals have become ubiquitous in the Western world. Because of this, microwave ovens are stringently designed against leaks, and opening the door operates a safety mechanism which disables the oven, thus removing the risk to the operator.
Within our evolutionary history our bodies own magnetic field has integrated with this magnetic field which is responsible for controlling amongst other things, circadian rhythms, mood changes and certain hormone production such as melatonin and serotonin. Our forefathers sleeping on straw or feathered mattresses in houses devoid of any electrical fields or microwave energy would not have experienced such geomagnetic disturbances. Much of the research in the past 35 years into EMF health effects has concentrated on magnetic fields because they are easier to measure and it was thought they were more likely to interact with our bodiesa€™ cells.
When this is interfered with by outside EMFa€™s problems begin to emerge, as the systems that control and regulate our bodies are impaired. They found that the altered electrical and magnetic field above a geographical distressed zone changed the electrical impulses passing along the nerves of the body.
Because of mobile communication, television transmission, FM radio towers have increased in numbers, which in turn is increasing EMR pollution. Mobile phone towers’ radioactivity can, thus, affect every living thing within a square kilometre range. An additional 4 watts is a significant heat load and it’s not heat that is distributed evenly but rather concentrated near the antenna. Many who work for the FCC are either past, present or future employees of the very industries they are supposed to regulate. The below link will take you to analogue baby monitors that I have found is still available.
Well this surprised the establishment at the time, and knowing Vilsbiburg to have a high degree on cancer victims anywayA  he was asked to repeat the exercise in the City of Stetten which had a far lower incidence of cancer thus ironing out any chance factors. StA¤ngle, who had a very good reputation of locating water bearing fissures in crystalline rock with his dowsing rod developed a stintilisation counter more sensitive and accurate than a Geiger counter and carried out a scientific survey in the French town of Moulins where a local physician, Dr, J Prichard claimed that cancer victims in the town dwelt above geological faults. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside line of a subterranean water course would be at the very top since it is found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases.
You can't see, feel or hear electromagnetic fields, apart from visible light, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each static magnetic field bump or sink on geomagnetogram (G2) may speed up or slow down body fluids (blood and lymphatic) in exposed areas such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, legs etc. Most scientists believe that, although EMFa€™s do not directly cause the illness in most cases, at least, living in fields above 200 nT (nano Tesla) may make a person develop the cancer or other illness, when if they didn't live in this field level, their bodies would be able to repair themselves, or cope with the daily damage from other causes in a healthier way. This wrong or confused information resulted in the dysfunction of individual organs and also explained the high number of diseases.
To satisfy the requirement of consumers, cell phone companies are installing tower almost at every place in small towns, villages and in rural areas also.
Reported health problems include headache, sleep disorders, memory impairment, nosebleeds, an increase in seizures, blood brain barrier leakage problems, increased heart rates, lower sperm counts, and impaired nervous systems. With an explosively emergent $40 billion dollar a year industry at stake, critics have stated “you can bet that their studies are going to show whatever they want them to show”. Popp (Germany) uses light amplifiers to measure the amount of light, that is directly emitted by living cells. In our industrialised world, our food (which should provide us with life energy) gets processed in factories; it gets poisoned on the fields (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) and it gets radiated. It will be charged with life energy – this will allow your organism to assimilate nutrients much more efficient.
Sinatra has authored 12 books, including “Earthing—The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” on the recent breakthrough discovery revealing electrons from the surface of the Earth play an essential role in electrical stability within the body, leading to improved physiological functioning in all systems, and countering the effects of certain electromagnetic fields.
Gust lectures at medical conferences and works closely with physicians to uncover root causes of imbalance located in a patient’s environment. The constant stimuli of non-stop online communication is also leading to technology addictions, underdeveloped interpersonal skills, shallow and disjointed experiences of life, and even brain damage, such as the stunning new condition, “digital dementia’, in children.
Whilst WA?rst and StA¤ngle thought that gamma radiation from fissures could be a significant cause of cancer, more recent studies suggest that this is unlikely as gamma radiation tends to whiz straight through the body rather than causing direct hits on DNA. Sleep time exposure to the same sharp variations of magnetic fields for years may induce some chronic health effect.
Indeed, in the town nearby, doctors and nurses are familiar with this sudden onset of illness in visitors to this old Indian sacred site.
They proved a weakening in the immune system, which interacts with the wrongly programmed nervous system in persons who had been exposed. Using a randomized double blinded trial*, it has been scientifically shown that Geopathic stress zones do cause chronic stress and therefore can weaken the body's defence systems. Finally, this stress, in combination with a possible suppression of certain functions of the immune system. In a recent study that reviewed the histopathology on rats who ate three of the most predominantly consumed GMO genes by humans, the following was surmised:“Our review also discovered an inconsistency in methodology and a lack of defined criteria for outcomes that would be considered toxicologically or pathologically significant.
Harger, chairman of the city's medical scientific association, declared that all such a€?deadly earth currentsa€™ ran beneath the beds of all the 5,348 people who had died from cancer during the last 21 years.
The culprit is thought to be the more pernicious alpha radiation from Radon which is found with high levels of gamma radiation.
The World Health Organization in a health criteria report recognizes interactions between variations in static magnetic fields in cellular tissues to include an induction of electrical potentials and magneto hydrodynamic effects in the circulatory systems and by direct stimulation of nerve and muscle cells even under extremely weak thresholds.
The causation seems to be that within a few meters the geomagnetic DC field varies from 330 milligauss at an 80 degree dip to 700 milligauss at a 59 degree dip.
Confirmation of these experiments continue to appear and links have been, formed with the onset of cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Miscarriages, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other diseases of the central nervous system. In addition, there was a lack of transparency in the methods and results, which made comparisons between the studies difficult. Research in this field continues with an increasing number of sophisticated environmental measuring instruments coming on the market to aid the geobiologist in identifying causative factors to illness and disease.
The very high electric fields associated with high voltage overhead power lines also cause air ionization, charging toxic aerosols so that they become even more dangerous.
Today, in India, there are almost 35crore mobile users and the number is increasing rapidly. She serves on the Advisory Board of the International Institute for Building-Biology® & Ecology and on the Board of Directors of Media in the Public Interest. The evidence reviewed here demonstrates an incomplete picture regarding the toxicity (and safety) of GM products consumed by humans and animals.Therefore, each GM product should be assessed on merit, with appropriate studies performed to indicate the level of safety associated with them. To varying degrees the health consequences of staying above one of these geopathically stressed locations can be replicatedA  in our own homes by the choice of mattresses we use.A  The bottom line is, if you suspect your sleeping site is being disturbed by an unusually high magnetic anomaly then buy a bed that has a wooden base and place there upon a mattress that has no springs and make sure it is not placed near a radiator or other heavy metal object. In the 1930a€™s a French engineer Pierie Cody who lived in the sea-port of Le HavreA knew of local a€?cancer housesa€™ in the port where many people had died from cancer over the years. Detailed guidelines should be developed which will allow for the generation of comparable and reproducible studies.
This equipment known as the Genitron Felix - 3 detects ultra short and radio microwave frequencies with the ability to print them out on a [UKW- Spektrometer und Linienschreiber] This equipment is used in German universities and research institutes that confirms dowsable energy above subterranean water lines. Effects central nervous system and the brain in the ways which effect powerful hormonal mechanisms. After checking large numbers of these dwellings, Cody concluded that the air in these a€?Cancer Housesa€™ were ionized to an unusual degree. Important areas to be aware of are bedrooms, especially where pillows are on beds, because EMFa€™s affect an area of the brain, called the pineal gland, which works to protect the body against illness overnight. From various other tests Cody concluded that the ionization radiation consisted of positively charged Alpha Particles. It is also a good idea to look at places like a favourite armchair, or in front of a computer or TV. Fourteen out of the 21 studies (67%) were general health assessments of the GM crop on rat health. The only known source of alpha particle emission in dwellings was from a radioactive gas called Radon.
It is important that places like these where you are sitting or lying still for a longish period of time should have low EMFa€™s; cells tend to cope better with external fields if the person is moving around.
When you are sitting still and particular cells keep being interfered with by EMFa€™s, there is an increased risk that the damage may become unrepairable. Our review also discovered an inconsistency in methodology and a lack of defined criteria for outcomes that would be considered toxicologically or pathologically significant.”GMOs are not safe. It is worthwhile taking particular precautionary action with regard to childrena€™s living environments. Paid advertising on Conscious Life News may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors.

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