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A new mother nearly died after her C-section wound became infected with MRSA - leaving her with a 10-inch hole across her stomach.Gemma Wilby, 30, gave birth to her son Alfie in September 2012 in a south London hospital but soon became aware she hadA  contracted an infection.
Lucky to be alive: Gemma Wilby, 30, gave birth to her son Alfie in September 2012 but her C-section wound became infected with MRSA. Lifesaver: Despite undergoing life-saving surgery, having maggots placed on the wound to eat away the dead flesh and taking a cocktail of daily drugs, the MRSA could not be brought under control and Ms Wilby was warned she could die.
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District energy systems from all over the world were called upon to apply for Global District Energy Award 2013.
The award aims at recognizing the achievements of cities and communities across the globe that demonstrates local district energy leadership in providing clean, sustainable energy solutions. Identifying and recognizing systems that illustrate the overall importance of district energy (heating & cooling) in providing sustainable energy solutions. Offering a platform for sharing successful ideas and efforts and encourage further interest in district energy.

In 2009, Cornell University released the Climate Action Plan, which sets a goal of reducing campus net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.
The Central Energy Plant provides all the centrally produced power and district energy services such as steam and chilled water. She believes the only reason she is alive today is due to copper-infused pyjamas which fought the bug, developed by family friend Amber McCleary (left)She believes the only reason she is here today is because she wore copper-infused pyjamas which killed the infection.
Cornell was awarded the 2013 Global District Energy Climate Awards for Campus-sized systems Global District Energy Climate Awards. The plant serves approximately 150 buildings (13 million sqft) of the central campus and annually produces 215,000,000 killowatt-hrs of electricity, 1,000,000 thousand pounds of steam, and 45,000,000 ton-hrs of chilled water. When she arrived at hospital in labour, she was rushed into theatre as she was suffering from compilcations. Historically, Cornell University burned nearly 60,000 metric tons of coal for campus heating.
The key component in the success of this initiative is the new Combined Heat and Power Plant, which achieved a total operational efficiency of supplied heat and power to the campus of nearly 80% for fiscal year 2012.

The easier and cheaper way would have been to install conventional natural gas boilers, continue using coal, and buy most of our electricity from the grid.
However, Cornell decided that the cost premium over standard practices was the right thing to do and demonstrates a real commitment to promoting sustainability.
The project is based on two new dual fuel Gas Turbine Generators and natural gas duct fired Heat Recovery Steam Generators for the purpose of supplying the Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) campus with electricity and heating steam. The electrical production displaces electricity previously purchased from the local utility company and the heating steam production displaces steam produced by existing boilers. A dedicated (Cornell owned) 3.2 mile long gas line was constructed to meet natural gas needs.
In addition, a major renewal of the electrical substation was needed, increasing the capacity of the substation from 50 MVA to 78 MVA.

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