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Our website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and unable to accept online orders at this time. After a major disaster, the usual services we take for granted such as running water, refrigeration, and telephones, may be unavailable. Having your bag packed well in advance of an emergency will help you use your limited time in case of an evacuation in the most valuable way.
Protecting your Important Documents: A practical guide to keeping your records safe from disaster When a natural disaster strikes, your first priority is to keep your family safe from harm.

If you're a business, organization or government agency, you may qualify for wholesale pricing?
Serves hot lunch to the indigent of the community, no questions asked and provides emergency temporary shelter for men all year long. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross recommend that your emergency kit should include enough supplies to get you through at least three days. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to overlook your most important documents and records.

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