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October 14, 2015 by Terry Tebrugge 1 Comment UPDATE: Westar Energy says that power was fully restored to more than 1,600 customers that lost service due to a blown fuse near the intersection of Iron Avenue and Front Street Wednesday morning. The blown fuse caused a fire within a line of trees and at least one power line was reported to be on the ground in the area.
Outages were reported from as far as just south of Oakdale Park to as far north as the intersection of Santa Fe and Lincoln Avenues and as far west as the intersection of Chicago and Park Streets to as far east as the intersection of Ohio and North Streets. Power was also lost to traffic signals at several intersections in the affected area, including Santa Fe and Ash and 9th and Elm.
Westar Energy is reporting that more 1,600 customers in Salina are without power after a transformer exploded near the intersection of Iron Avenue and Front Street Wednesday morning. Outages have been reported from as far as just south of Oakdale Park to as far north as the intersection of Front Street and Grand Avenue. As a result of the outage, traffic signals at several intersections, including 9th and Elm and Santa Fe and Ash, are currently not working. Comments considered to be trolling or for the sole purpose of angering others will be removed. Scams and schemes are the tricks used to steal your hard-earned money and personal information. Official Notice of York Electric’s Annual MeetingCome celebrate 75 years of proudly serving our members. Bring your current YEC bill or bill stub to the customer service counter and pay with cash or a PIN-based debit card.
To allow adequate time for processing, please check the disconnect date located on your YEC bill.
For payment verification, call (803) 684-4248 and provide the member services representative with the10-digit code printed at the bottom of your Walmart cash payment receipt. Telelink – pay your bill at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by dialing 1-866-374-1234. E-check – allows you to pay your bill by entering in your checking account and bank routing numbers through York Electric’s website. Each monthly bill is the rolling average of your electric usage for the most recent 12 months. This free service allows you to select a designated person that we can contact when your account goes past due.
This option allows you to combine your accounts that are on the same billing cycle, on one bill. If a situation should occur in which you are unable to pay all or a portion of your bill, please notify member services at 803-684-4248 as soon as possible. A Temecula power outage reportedly cut service to more than a thousand customers Saturday, April 18. Currently, I cover the City of Lake Elsinore and breaking news throughout southwest Riverside County. A report estimated Ontario workers lost 18.9 million hours of employment during the power outage in 2003. Ten years after the fact, Kim Warren can still tell you to the minute when the lights went out in Ontario. He was in the hallway just outside the control room, talking to some co-workers, when the lights flickered.

He replied quietly: a€?Give me a minute,a€? just as a call came in to report that the Bruce B nuclear station had disconnected from the grid. While most households had power back within a day, businesses across the province faced mandatory or voluntary power restrictions for a week, forcing cutbacks and shutdowns.
But Warren had more immediate matters on his mind that afternoon a€“ especially when the blackout swiftly turned political. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and state governor George Pataki almost immediately made public statements that they believed the blackout had started in Canada. Those accusations quickly flowed into Warren in the control room, who already had his hands full. The blackouta€™s roots trace back to a string of events in Ohio a€“ some natural, some human. System operators couldna€™t see that with a generator down and a major transmission line out, other lines were overloading, and creating problems for FirstEnergy, the local power company. But system operators were unaware of the developing crisis until they started getting urgent phone calls from generating plants and line crews around the region. Finally another transmission line failed at 4:05, blacking out most of the Cleveland-Akron area. The power system needs power to operate a€“ and emergency back-up supplies turned out to be inadequate. At a Toronto area Hydro One control centre, a backup diesel generator failed to kick in, leaving staff in the dark initially as they tried to assess the problems and resurrect the transmission system. At the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Ottawa, the agencya€™s emergency operations centre couldna€™t function because the building where ita€™s located had no power, and no back-up supply. Even where auxiliary power was not an issue, the nuclear plants were in trouble, because with the electricity grid in a state of collapse, there was no place for them to send their power. The obvious answer is to power them down a€“ but thata€™s not something that nuclear reactors like to do. One of the four reactors at Darlington was able to get back online within hours, but the three others took three to four days. The reduction in output from the nuclear plants left Ontario limping, with appeals to industry and consumers to cut back on power use extending for more than a week after the crash.
During that time, Warren and his teams of operators continued to face the delicate task of reconnecting thousands of kilometres of transmission lines, in concert with Hydro One.
Looking back a decade later, Warren still feels pride in the way Ontario bounced back from the catastrophic outage.
Ita€™s not a question that Bruce Campbell, now chief executive of the IESO, likes to answer. A senior executive at the IESO in 2002, he, too, vividly remembers the night a€“ turning his car around to get back to work just as he started to drive home to help deal with the crisis. But he does point out that the blackout led to changes that make a similar crisis less likely. Part of the problem with the 2003 blackout, Campbell said, was that there were no clearly spelled out and enforced reliability standards for power systems. Ontario already had enforceable standards a€“ with utilities or power agencies liable to fines if they didna€™t make the grade.
The blackout changed that a€“ probably the most important result of the post mortem, he said.

So do the new standards, and the more rigorous training, mean that it cana€™t happen again?
But a€“ as the lengthy blackouts in pockets of the city following Julya€™s floods showed a€“ it still pays to be prepared. This article was edited from a previous version that mistakenly said New York City was spared in the 2003 blackout.As well, the article misstated the name of FirstEnergy, the power company in Ohio where the blackout originated.
Sales in the first quarter of 2016 rose 15.8 per cent from the opening three months of last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. You will need to send in a voided check, and a bank draft form needs to be completed and signed to authorize that YEC can draft money from your account. In order to have your account placed on a levelized budget billing, you need to be a member of YEC at your current residence for one year, have maintained good credit (as defined by YEC), have a zero balance, and pay your bill by the original due date each month.
A person may request to be a designated third-party, but must have the account holder’s permission.
This feature is great for accounts with multiple meters on more than one cycle such as school districts or apartment buildings.
In many neighbourhoods, spontaneous barbecues erupted as householders emerged from their houses in the dusk. That strained generating capacity, and loaded transmission lines a€“ which heated and started dipping lower toward trees that had been allowed to grow up beneath. It also knocked out the ability of the agency called MISO, which controls the power grid in the area, to properly assess the system for the next three and a half hours. Its alarm and control systems had failed, but a€?for over an hour, no one in FEa€™s control room grasped that their computer systems were not operating properly,a€? the task force concluded. As some circuits failed, power surged onto others, overloading them and tripping off circuit breakers. With the electrical grid down, there wasna€™t enough auxiliary power to maintain the pumps in the emergency cooling system. Three of the four were able to throttle back their output without a complete shutdown, then reconnect to the grid within five hours.
The IESO is installing a new simulator where operators can practise responding to a whole variety of typical and non-typical events. YEC will automatically draft your checking account in the amount of your electric bill, and you will receive your monthly statements showing the amount to be drafted. Both the member and this person will be notified by phone or mail that the bill is past due.
They may also be able to provide you with a list of help agencies that can offer additional assistance. 14, 2003, and Warren was the manager of the main control centre for Ontarioa€™s power grid. You can sign up to receive this service by filling out the form and returning it to our office.

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