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Originally published on March 13, 2014 1:44 pm The nation's entire power grid could be blacked out for months if as few as nine of the nation's 55,000 electric substations were put out of commission by saboteurs, The Wall Street Journal writes, citing a "previously unreported" study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. One of history's worst blackouts darkened cities, delayed trains, and forced many to use backup generators for two days.
A barber in Kolkata (Calcutta) cuts a customer's hair by candlelight during Tuesday's blackout.The cause of this week's vast power outages in India is not immediately clear. An electrical short circuit sparked the fire that gutted this train car and killed 32 people in the Indian city of Nellore on Monday.The duration and geographic extent of this week's power outage were unprecedented in India. Indians walk past an electric generator for sale in a market in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, during the second day of this week's blackouts.Power outages in India are commonplace, and residents accept them as a part of daily life.
Muslim girls study by candlelight inside a religious school on the outskirts of New Delhi during Monday's massive power outage.One day after power was largely restored in India following a massive power grid failure, the country was hit by a second, even larger outage on Tuesday.
An employee at a power station near New Delhi scales an electric pylon on June 8.Arup Roy Choudhury, chairperson of the state-run NTPC, India's largest power producer, has blamed the government for chronic fuel shortages that have worsened the country's energy crisis and delayed steps to increase power generation, according to The New York Times.
Extinct in Stockholm less than a century ago, the rebounding rodent is damaging the city's treesa€”and at the same time charming locals. Mountain lions and ants are among the many species great and small figuring out clever ways to live among people. ANN ARBOR, May 7, 2015: Power outage maps for those utility companies that provide it are listed here by state, alphabetically.
The list is known to be incomplete, but the list from Wikipedia (outage management system) is also incomplete.
Wherever possible, I'm also capturing service area or service territory maps, mobile device apps, high capacity transmission interconnection maps, media contact information, regulatory agencies, and regional coordinating bodies.
You might want to have an battery backed emergency sump pump or a water powered backup sump pump, plus a basement water sensor and alarm. August 28, 2012 updates several Louisiana electric cooperatives in advance of Hurricane Isaac, as well as details for Mississippi Power.
January 12, 2012 adds the service alert map from Puget Sound Energy, which serves Washington State.
November 30 - December 1, 2011 looks at the Santa Ana winds that are affecting California (LA Times), causing power outages and a risk of fires. A November 9, 2011 update starts to collect media contact pages, especially for utility companies that do not currently publish maps, and I'm looking at Alaska, Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin. The August 25 and 29, 2011 updates includes nine new maps along the US east coast, covering power outages due to Hurricane Irene. Michigan (Central Upper Peninsula, Ishpeming, Negaunee, Escanaba, Houghton, Hancock): Upper Peninsula Power Compan Current Electric Outages.
Michigan (central, western, northern Lower Peninsula) Consumers Energy: Report an Electric Outage (no outage maps).
The Senate, Thursday, constituted a 13-member ad-hoc committee to conduct investigation into the management of funds appropriated for the power sector by successive governments since 1999. The committee, led by Abubakar Kyari, has a two-week mandate to conduct its investigations and submit its report to the Senate. The investigation is expected to cover the tenures of former President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2007), late President Umaru Yar’Adua (2007-2010) and President Goodluck Jonathan (2010-2015). The Senate took the decision as parts of resolutions that followed a motion by the Majority Leader, Ali Ndume.

The ad-hoc committee will also probe the unbundling of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria by the Federal Government, the Senate resolved. Saying no country can be said to near development without stable power supply, he regretted Nigeria’s production of over 4,000 megawatts for over 160 million population, while South Africa with far lesser population generates 40,000 megawatts.
Danjuma Goje, in his contribution, said “The problem of power was on before 1999, and I am surprised that up till today the power sector is grappling with sufficient power supply. Further, the senate urged the federal government to complete the Mambilla Power Project with the aim of improving electricity supply in the country.
It also asked President Muhammadu Buhari to direct the Transmission Company Of Nigeria to immediately reconnect Maiduguri back to the national grid.
Related Posts (Other Stories You May Like)BOKO HARAM: Christiane Amanpour To Interview President Goodluck Jonathan Today on CNNWitches and demons are behind the failure of power sector – New Nigerian Power ministerWHEN THE THUGS COME OUT!!!! Click Here for a collection of historical news clippings collected by the family of Patrolman Francis "Jack" Lloyd, Jr. A report warns that the national power grid could be knocked out if just a handful of key power stations were sabotaged. The Journal's report follows accounts of what happened last April at a power station near San Jose, Calif. Energy experts warn that such occurrences could become more likelya€”the country's per capita energy consumption is expected to double by 2020.
To be overly comprehensive, if there are screen captures that I can gather, I will; they will not be current when you look at them, but I will time and date stamp them as best I can.
Be aware of approaching weather with a weather alert radio and a hand crank emergency radio. Added load shedding page for Eskom (South Africa) and PGCB (Bangladesh) after large scale power outage in both countires.
Added load graph from ERCOT, map for San Bernard Electric Cooperative, map for AEP Texas, entry for Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, map for Austin Electric. This map is only activated in severe weather; PSE reported 220,000 homes without service due to heavy snowfall. If you don't know who to call to report an emergency associated with a power outage, call 911. Regional coordination of wholesale power transfers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Manitoba. Southern California Edison Outage Center, Outage Maps (new), Outage List View (suitable for mobile use).
The Emera Maine outage map also includes detail on every single outage in the service territory, and a total count of outages system wide.
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office Public Utilities Infrastructure Information for Minnesota. Ndume sought the immediate reconnection of some parts of Borno State back to the National grid in view of the challenges his constituents face as results of the outage. Ndume expressed worry that the disconnection of Maiduguri in Borno State from the national grid, as well as the degeneration of power supply across the country, had affected the economic activities, especially collapse of several industries.
Clicking on a photo will bring you to a full size photo and description on the OldeWebster Servers.
If you are in western Massachusetts, a WMECO ratepayer has built their own outage page suitable for even very dumb mobile phones.

Aggregated information about power outages, their causes, and the relative impact of each one; not real time. In addition to showing customer level problems, Entergy Arkansas also shows lines that are de-energized in its distribution system.
To improve service to you, we are working to enhance our online outage information to include interactive maps in the future. Outage map shows diamond-shaped outage grid, plus a per-county report showing the percentage of customers out in each area. Detail view shown; note that the outage reporting lets you gather detail down to the substation and feeder level. Call (800) 228-8485 with outage reports, or use the Progress Energy outage reporting tool to report online. Georgia Power uses NaviGate from Gatekeeper Systems for visualization of their distribution network (case study). A subscriber has built their own WMECO service outage page suitable for mobile phones. They also fired more than 100 rounds of .30-caliber rifle ammunition into the radiators of 17 electricity transformers. The map below was produced in response to the December 1, 2011 Santa Ana winds and shows over 114,000 customers without power in LA. Progress Energy merged with Duke Energy in 2012; though the Twitter account is still listed on the Duke Energy site, it appears to be down. That attack led former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff to tell NPR and other news outlets that there's a dangerous lack of security around key parts of the nation's power grid. Entergy also serves adjacent Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas customers with outage reporting on the same map. It also became a harsh wake-up call for energy providers, who have since become obsessed with the physical security of their remote power stations. He called for "mitigation measures," including the placement of concrete barriers in front of transformers so that they can't be shot at from outside power stations. Now, there's word from the Journal that the FERC study concludes "that coordinated attacks in each of the nation's three separate electric systems could cause the entire power network to collapse, people familiar with the research said." Such attacks would be especially damaging if they came on a day when the power grid is already under stress — such as a hot summer day when demand for air conditioning is especially high. Also, it and AT&T have each announced separate $250,000 rewards to catch the attackers.Why the alarm? The reason such attacks could do so much damage, the Journal writes, is that "a small number of the country's substations play an outsize role in keeping power flowing across large regions." Regulators believe that "knocking out nine of those key substations could plunge the country into darkness for weeks, if not months," the Journal says.
Transformers are often custom designed, sometimes costing $3 million each -- and replacements are slow. Plus, physical attacks on energy distribution machines are much more effective at taking out the power grid than a computer hack.

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